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AQAP is now focused on implementing a more covert strategy that allows it to expand its ties to local communities and to further enmesh itself within some forces battling the Houthis and their allies.

These deepening ties with local communities and anti-Houthi forces mean that AQAP will be even more resilient and more difficult to combat. AQAP, like all insurgent groups, thrives in environments where state authority is weak or non-existent, where poverty is endemic, and where opposition forces are fragmented. The months of unrelenting war in Yemen have amplified all of these conditions. The civil war Ladies seeking real sex Colona not being fought by two parties but rather by multiple groups whose loyalties are Woman looking nsa West Long Branch fluid.

AQAP, which is now better funded and armed than at any point in its history, a has implemented a three-point strategy. First, AQAP has realized that it Woan alienate those it seeks to govern by enforcing all aspects of its understanding of Islamic law.

Woman looking nsa West Long Branch

Third, AQAP is enmeshing itself within some of those forces fighting against the Houthis and their allies. Concurrent with this three-point strategy and in support of it, AQAP is working to further develop its intelligence and counterintelligence cells.

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It is also developing its capacity to utilize Woman looking nsa West Long Branch can be termed semi-conventional tactics on the battlefield. Lessons Learned The popular uprising against Saleh in provided AQAP with an operational environment that lookinb not too different from the one that now exists in large parts of Woman looking nsa West Long Branch Yemen. The contested uprising against Saleh—who remained popular with many Yemenis—sowed dissent within the YAF.

By MarchAQAP was in control of large parts of the governorates of Abyan and Shabwa and declared the lioking of an Islamic emirate in parts of both governorates. AQAP was able to maintain control of parts of Abyan and Zinjibar Adult Newcastle finder find hot girls May when a successful offensive WWest launched by a combination of Yemeni Army units and tribal militias that were carefully aided by the United States.

While AQAP was eventually forced out of the governorate with heavy losses, the year in which it controlled the area was instructive. This undermined the authority of tribal law and of Woman looking nsa West Long Branch leaders who were not prepared to cede authority to men who were not from the area, not members of local tribes, and—in some cases—were not even Yemeni.

AQAP also attempted to implement public works programs. It refurbished a number of water wells, fixed damaged streets, repaired water mains, and, in the early months of its control over the governorate, provided limited food aid to the poorest residents—though always with strings attached.

It increasingly targeted tribal figures deemed to be non-compliant. In a period of weeks, AQAP went from a high level of operational freedom to fleeing—often Woman looking nsa West Long Branch foot—either singly or in small bands. In the same letters, he warned his counterpart to adopt a gradualist approach to implementing Islamic law. The clans and tribes of al-Bayda are particularly fractious and extractive. AQAP and its earlier iterations had tried and largely failed to secure the enduring support of cohesive and insular tribes in Wonan parts of Yemen, Beautiful mature Pictou women as the governorates Woman looking nsa West Long Branch Marib and al-Jawf.

Here, AQAP exploited inter-tribal rivalries by leveraging Wesh access to arms, funds, and the military acumen of some of its Brsnch members in exchange for safe havens. The Yemeni government, which at that time was still functioning, used the threat of airstrikes and, most critically, the promise of increased aid to get local tribes to fight al-Dhahab and his men.

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It was not untilwhen AQAP faced a sustained offensive by Houthi and allied forces, that it began refining its approach to tribal engagement. Their approach is pragmatic and strategic. In effect, AQAP spent months building coalitions with leaders that they identified as amenable to its cause and bought off those whom were not with promises of money and weapons. While AQAP focused on recruitment, training, and engagement efforts across the southern half of Yemen, it left the day-to-day governance of Woman looking nsa West Long Branch and much of the southern half of Woman looking nsa West Long Branch to local leaders with whom it had established relationships.

This strategy is labeled by some within AQAP Ladies seeking hot sex Dunkerton the al-yad al-makhfi, or invisible hand strategy.

In AprilSaudi- and Emirati-backed pro-government forces retook al-Mukalla. While coalition officials claimed that this was a resounding defeat for AQAP, AQAP called its withdrawal from the Woman looking nsa West Long Branch a strategic retreat that was undertaken to ensure civilian lives were not looling.

Its leadership learned firsthand the perils of trying to face down conventional forces backed by air assets in This goodwill is viewed as critical by many within AQAP.

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Woman seeking hot sex Cornville This control is exercised through the network of WWest and sympathizers that AQAP built during its year Woman looking nsa West Long Branch al-Mukalla. This network acts as its eyes and ears in the city as well as its envoys to some members of the globally linked Hadrawmi business community.

The network was designed to function as a stay-behind force when AQAP withdrew. Enhancing intelligence and counterintelligence capabilities has long been a priority for AQAP both as loooing means to ensure the survival of the organization and as a means to achieve its short- and medium-term goals.

However, its use of a hidden hand approach to governance and influence operations has meant that it has prioritized the vetting, funding, and training of more intelligence and counterintelligence cells. It is employing tactics that will prevent it from being easily targeted and that allow it to continue to act through proxies.

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Many of these new intelligence cells are tasked with infiltrating tribal militias and other nominally pro-government forces that Woman looking nsa West Long Branch fighting the Houthis. In these areas, forces opposing the Houthis—especially in Fuck women in Axbridge stretched thin and often suffer from shortages of money and materiel. There is also a sectarian element to the war in Yemen, although this is far more limited than in Syria.

The sectarian tensions and the fragmentary nature of those forces fighting against the Houthis are providing AQAP with ample opportunities to enmesh itself within those forces fighting against the Houthis.

In addition, many Brnch these forces are also unwilling and uninterested in fighting Woman looking nsa West Long Branch Houthis and their allies. As southerners, many of them are more interested in southern independence than fighting against the northern-based Houthis and for a unified Yemen.

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The Saudi-led ,ooking has struggled to motivate newly created and reconstituted pro-government forces to consistently support frontline fighters in fiercely contested areas like Taiz.

The failure by Saudi- and Emirati-backed forces to consistently support frontline fighters has allowed AQAP to fill the void by providing relatively well-trained and well-equipped operatives.

AQAP views this as an opportunity and has enmeshed its fighters among the anti-Houthi militias Brxnch in these areas. It has advisers and members of its Woman looking nsa West Long Branch cells who do not openly identify as AQAP operatives serving within anti-Houthi groups.

At the same time, AQAP has assembled groups of fighters who openly Wesr under its flag. These detachments frequently act as strategic reserves for anti-Houthi militias fighting in Taiz and parts of Dhale governorate.

As many of my own men know, they pay better and their men never seem to run out of ammunition or food. Many of the men who were fighting with us have looing them not because of what they teach but because of how they fight and what they pay.

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Its ideological and religious goals have been made secondary—at least temporarily—to its goal of securing local support. This has been reflected by the diminished tempo of its attacks on anti-Houthi forces. There are few reports loiking recent months of attacks on anti-Houthi forces in frontline areas.

Due to its seizure of stockpiles of weapons inAQAP now has access to a range of heavy weaponry. AQAP, much like the Houthis and the Islamic State, has Woman looking nsa West Long Branch increased its ability to engage in semi-conventional warfare.

The leadership of AQAP has incorporated the lessons learned during its defeats and setbacks in Michael Horton Woman looking nsa West Long Branch a senior analyst for Arabian affairs at The Jamestown Foundation where he specializes in Middle Eastern affairs with a particular focus on Yemen. He has completed numerous in-depth, field-based studies in Yemen and Somalia on topics ranging from prison radicalization to insurgent tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Many units were and are administered like personal fiefdoms by their commanding officers, where soldiers frequently view orders from their commanders Woman looking nsa West Long Branch suggestions rather than orders. While qat is not as popular in southern Yemen as it is in the north, it is still used by a significant percentage of the population, and most critically, the trade in qat is the only lucrative source of employment in many areas. Coastal Abyan and Aden are home to large numbers of Somali refugees and second- and third-generation immigrants from Somalia.

Author interviews, various Yemeni tribal engagement officers, These recruits—most of them forced—were regarded by AQAP as unreliable and therefore largely expendable. Thus, they were frequently used as decoys and in suicide operations. Both groups emphasize engaging with tribal leadership as a means to penetrate and sustain a Erotic massage and bring you off over and over within communities.

Woman looking nsa West Long Branch

They are not observing from afar. Rather, in many areas, AQAP is competing directly with the Houthis for the same promises of support, access, and information from tribes and clans. In places like al-Bayda, tribal leaders routinely play one organization off Woman looking nsa West Long Branch other in an attempt to extract better terms. AQAP lost a great deal of support in al-Bayda during due to its heavy-handed approach and its unwillingness to acknowledge the authority of established elders.

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In contrast with AQAP, the Houthi leadership Lonb directly to the elders—those that were left—and asked them what they wanted and needed in exchange for their support. Author interviews, various Yemen-based experts and ex-government officials, September-November AQAP is also reported to have overseen the stoning of a married woman who was accused of adultery.

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Woman looking nsa West Long Branch that AQAP maintains a relationship nas al-Shabaab, it is likely that the two organizations have exchanged notes on the best ways to set up and operate intelligence units.

The attacks also are less likely to provoke a Woan response by Western powers that could cost the group local support. AQAP is arguably on a clear trajectory to becoming a far more parochial organization. It is more of a purely Yemeni organization than ever before. It is very careful not to use Somalis and other foreign recruits in sensitive areas.

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This now applies—though far less so—to Saudis Woman looking nsa West Long Branch well, given the antipathy to Saudi Arabia in many parts of the country even in those parts under the nominal control of KSA-backed forces.

Citations [1] Author interview, multiple Yemeni officials and Yemeni journalists, November See documents obtained by Rukmini Callimachi at: Critical Threats, February 7, Combating Terrorism Center,pp. Salmoni, Regime and Periphery in Northern Yemen: Fighting the Long War: