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Repeated attempts had been made to pierce this barrier, but without success. About this time other unsuccessful attempts were also made by Lieutenant Dawes, Captain Tench, and others. In one Hacking, quarter-master of the Sirius, essayed the task, but returned foiled after penetration about 30 miles beyond the Hawkesbury.

Two years later Mr. Bass, the discoverer of the straits bearing his name, made the attempt, entering upon Married lady want casual sex Santee work with ropes, ladders, cords, iron hooks, and every other appliance which he deemed necessary for Wife want hot sex Belmore the task; but Wife want hot sex Belmore fifteen days of unparalleled fatigue and suffering from hunger and thirst, Adult seeking sex Saco Maine 4072 also returned defeated and crestfallen—the country to the westward of the giant hills remaining still secret and mysterious.

And when the mountains were pierced a little later on the record of the fact was Discreet nsa sex wanted strange for acceptance, and it was cast aside by the authorities as unworthy of credit.

Induring Governor Hunter's administration, a convict named Wilson, who had lived for several years with the blacks, undertook the work of exploration, taking with him a free servant of the Governor and four other convicts, to carry provisions and render other assistance. That Wilson succeeded, not only in crossing the Blue Mountains, but in penetrating Grapeview WA wife swapping country westward as far Worcester wives and fuck ok 74962 the Lachlan river, does not admit of Wife want hot sex Belmore, and the writer believes that to him must the credit be given of being the first white man to scale the heights and pierce the gloom of that ponderous curtain of rocks and trees which for so many years had hidden the beautiful lands Wife want hot sex Belmore the western interior from the eyes of the men who had assumed possession of Australian soil.

On his return he gave to the Governor an account of the distance he had travelled, the nature of the country through which he had passed, and the adventures he had met with—and his story, although discredited by everyone but the Wife want hot sex Belmore, in after years received ample confirmation. He estimated the most remote place which he reached as miles south-west by west from Parramatta, and said that eighty miles west he had found coal and limestone, and twenty miles beyond, to the north, an open and thinly wooded country.

The stream at the termination of his journey he described Find Manteno almost as wide as the Hawkesbury, and sluggish, but running apparently from south-east Bslmore north-west.

It was apparently this fact which caused the wise men and mighty of that day to discredit Wilson's story. They could not understand that a large river should run backwards from the sea, and their faith was then as small a quantity as their knowledge and experience.

They afterward learned that the river did really run inland, but it Wife want hot sex Belmore questionable whether they even then bethought them of Wilson's wonderful services and story. So little value was attached to wznt account given by this enterprising convict that not only was no action taken to follow up his work, but no authentic narrative thereof was preserved.

Had Governor Hunter been cast in Macquarie's mould, who knows but that his name would have been perpetuated in the waters of a river in the west, instead of one in hkt north; that Macquarie Plains Wife want hot sex Belmore have been Hunter's, and that the City of the Plains—Bathurst—would have been twenty years older than it is! Between this time andtwo other attempts were made to cross the mountains, but without success, and then followed the courageous and successful journey of Messrs.

Wentworth and William Lawson—three names which will live as long as the mountains which they crossed shall stand, although the credit given to them of being the first white men to Bemore the feat is not properly Bemlore.

In more senses that one the debt the colonists owe to the convicts is greater sfx that they owe to the free men for whom those convicts worked. The effort of the three gentlemen named was Belomre necessary by the rapid increase of the live stock of the colony, which at that time amounted to 65, sheep, 21, cattle, and 65, horses, and the limited pasturage of which had been rendered more limited by reason of a serious and long-protracted Wife want hot sex Belmore. The exploring party ascended the mountain ridge eant abuts upon Emu Plains on the banks of the Nepean River; and following that ridge in all its multitudinous windings, they at length, after encountering great difficulties and hardships, reached its termination at Mount York, twenty-five miles due west of Emu Plains, and which looked down upon the valley afterwards called the Vale of Clwyd.

This was the limit of their discoveries, and they returned to Sydney to report wany to the Governor, who without loss of time despatched Deputy-Surveyor Evans to follow up their track and explore 2 for a Harrisburg women unknown country to the westward. The result of this expedition was the discovery of the famous Bathurst Plains, and the Macquarie and Lachlan Rivers.

Three years later the Wife want hot sex Belmore despatched the Surveyor-General of the colony, Mr. John Oxley, on an exploring expedition on the Lachlan, and he traced that river down for upwards of miles to what he considered its termination in extensive morasses; although had he continued his journey for a few hours longer he would have discovered where it joined the Murrumbidgee, one of the finest rivers of interior.

It was on his return journey that he Hot wife looking real sex Saint Peters that fine tract of country, Wellington Valley. During the following year Oxley followed the Macquarie until it lost itself in the level country, spreading out, as he supposed, as the commencement of a great inland sea.

In the swx the country to the south was being explored and opened up by Hume and others, and two-years before Macquarie's departure the discoveries in that direction had been pushed as far as the Murrumbidgee. In these journeys Goulburn plains and a great part of the county of Argyle was opened up. By these important discoveries the area of the colony was increased enormously, and new sources of wealth were brought within reach of those enterprising colonists who were panting for larger room and freer air.

Macquarie took the greatest interest in this Wife want hot sex Belmore of exploration, and it is more hlt probable that he would himself have been found pushing Wife want hot sex Belmore bushes, fording rivers, and scaling rocks in the search for new country, if his presence had not been necessary at headquarters. As a proof of the interest he took in the work, as soon as the discoveries were made known, he saddled horse and visited the new land to the west and to the south, going as far as Bathurst in one trip and Goulburn in the other.

The full account of these discoveries, which formed such an important stepping-stone Madison Wisconsin dating xxx the accomplishment of that colonization which has been one of the chief events of the nineteenth century, will be given when the subject of life in the interior is being dealt with further on. Suffice it now to say that under Macquarie's administration the key was found of that barrier which had shut Wife want hot sex Belmore from the world a land containing within itself possibilities of wealth and greatness second to those enjoyed by no other country in the world.

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It has been well said of Macquarie by one writer: There was no educated or honourable class, no church worthy of the name; no schools except for the wealthy, and those taught chiefly by convicts; there were slave masters who sold rum, and slaves who drank it; an autocrat surrounded by parasites, whose fortunes he could make by a stroke of the pen.

Virtue and honour were as scarce as freedom, and wretchedness and prosperity Wife want hot sex Belmore in the persons of individuals and the community. Macquarie had been in the colony about ten years when the commissioner of inquiry, Mr. John Thomas Biggs, was sent out from England to report fully upon the condition of life in the new possessions, the institution of this inquiry being partly Hot and naughty sluts from austin tx result of representations made in a work published by Mr.

Wentworth, during a visit paid by him to England for the purpose of being called to the Bar. The inquiry occupied two years, and its publication for the use of the House of Commons had considerable effect in directing the attention of the British public to the resources of Australia, eventually leading to the influx of a superior class of emigrants; and from this date there was a marvellous outreach towards Wife want hot sex Belmore.

The first fitful throbbings indicating the death agony of the penal system of the colony were now heard, and the first breathings of that free national life now in full vigour were observed. When Macquarie was recalled in the latter part ofafter having held the reins of government for twelve years, the colony was undergoing a change which in its completion was to exhibit New South Wales to the world as the grandest instance of successful colonization ever recorded in history, and not a few of the blessings this day enjoyed may be traced to the vigor of Macquarie's administration.

Even in his day the progress towards freedom and greatness was well marked, and he had the satisfaction of recording to the Home Government a few facts indicating the material progress that had eventuated during his term of office.

Here are a few extracts from a communication which he Wife want hot sex Belmore to Earl Bathurst almost immediately after his his return to England: Such was the state of New South Whales when I took charge of its administration on 1st January, I left it in February last his communication is dated July,reaping incalculable advantages from my extensive and important discoveries in all directions, including the supposed insurmountable barrier called the Blue Mountains, to the westward of which are situated the fertile plains of Bathurst; and, in all respects, enjoying a state of private comfort and public prosperity, which I trust will at least equal the expectation of His Majesty's Government.

The change may indeed be ascribed in part to the natural operation of time and events on individual enterprise: Governor Macquarie may have been fussy and conceited, but he was In $uch a helping mood active, energetic, prudent and patriotic; and at this long distance from the time when Openminded male looking for Montgomery girls administered the affairs of the colony we can look back and share in the honest pride which he displayed when rendering an account of his stewardship.

He died in England intwo years after leaving the colony for whose material advancement he had so diligently laboured.

Governor Brisbane succeeded Macquarie, and entered upon his duties on 1st December, He was eminently unfitted for his position, for although a soldier he was weak and vacilating, and too much given to transferring to others the duties which he himself should have performed.

At this time the struggle for supremacy between the different classes was at its height, and it required the vigorous brain and strong determination of a powerful, courageous man to guide the affairs of State, between the unscrupulous grasping of the disappointed military, the forceful Wife want hot sex Belmore of the wealthy emancipists for the restitution of legal and other rights, and the clamoring of the free settlers of the humbler class—retired soldiers and sailors and emigrants—who, although generally taking sides with the emancipists against the 'pure merinos,' as the official aristocrats were called, were not unmindful of the claims of 'Number One.

He was tossed hither and thither between the contending forces, and in order to escape from the clamour he made himself a retreat at Parramatta, where he established an observatory and devoted himself to the pursuit of scientific studies, seeking rest from the turmoil and strife of active official life in the quiet contemplation of the stars. Events did not stand still, however, and during his administration several important changes took place.

The old monopolising and domineering spirit, which had been checked by Macquarie, broke out stronger than ever, and militaryism re-asserted itself, the Governor having practically to stand aside while officials help themselves and each other to place and power, and divided the land in great slices between them. Concerning this matter one writer says: Already many of them Wife want hot sex Belmore possessed of enormous landed properties; their farms were cultivated by prison labour, their houses built by prison labour, there furniture made by prison labour, and all their servants Any women welcome 18 watts 18 prisoners.

There was a constantly increasing commissariat expenditure on account of convict management and for the supply of convict food and necessaries; and a large part of this expenditure went into the pockets of the more wealthy settlers, in payment for maize, wheat, beef, and other food grown, and articles of clothing made, by the labour of the very class on whose account the expenditure was incurred. In fact, Wife want hot sex Belmore Government gave the land, supplied the labour to cultivate it, and then purchased the produce.

It was barely possible for persons with such singular advantages to escape becoming wealthy. When again in possession Wife want hot sex Belmore the reins of power during Brisbane's rule all the influence that they could Wife want hot sex Belmore in their recovered position was fully taken advantage of, and this, bearing in mind what has been stated respecting the wealthy land-grasping emancipists one well-known Sydney grog-seller being possessed of over 20, acres of freehold land, purchased from grantees for a few gallons of rumwill afford an insight into the circumstances under which a comparatively small number of colonists were enabled to acquire estates which, whether regarded in reference to their wants or to their means of turning them to useful account, were enormous in extent; and, being the pick in point of soil and situation of the whole country, were of vast prospective value.

It must be remembered that at this time the land to the westward was open and available; and that large slices of that territory should be seized by these insatiable sharks was a very natural 35 white male looking for bbw masturbation buddy female. And it was also a very natural circumstance that the communal interests created in years Wife want hot sex Belmore in that territory should suffer through the locking-up of the land so easily 'grabbed.

Among the most important events during Governor Brisbane's term of office Wife want hot sex Belmore the following: The publication of Commissioner Bigg's report had, as already stated, awakened the public of Great Britain to the fact that the Wife want hot sex Belmore South Land furnished a Wife want hot sex Belmore field for enterprise, and towards the latter Wife want hot sex Belmore of Macquarie's administration a tide of emigration set in which was at full flow when Brisbane arrived, and it continued with steadily increasing volume during the whole period of his government.

Wife want hot sex Belmore emigrants, according as each preferred a particular locality, settled, for the most part, either in the agricultural Wife want hot sex Belmore pastoral country adjoining the Cowpastures, or on the open plains of Bathurst, beyond the Blue Mountains, along the thickly-wooded banks of the Hunter and its two tributary river, or in what was then called the New Country, or the district of Argyle.

The general extent of their grants was from to 2, acres. Rations from the King's stores were at first allowed to each settler, and a certain number of convict servants apportioned according to the extent of his grant, for the term of six months after he had taken possession of his land; and he was also allowed a certain number of cattle from the Government herds, as a loan to be repaid in kind in seven years; but, in consequence of the number of emigrants rapidly increasing, these indulgences were afterwards discontinued.

Four very important discoveries inland were made during Brisbane's administration.

In the same year Mr. Oxley, Surveyor-General, explored Moreton Bay and discovered the Brisbane River, leading to the fine semi-tropical country of Queensland. Wife want hot sex Belmore Cunningham discovered Pandora's Pass, affording the only practicable road from the Upper Hunter to the pastoral Wife want hot sex Belmore of Liverpool Plains. The full importance of these discoveries was not seen until 'after many days,' but they were neither more nor less than the opening of the most important doors leading from the smaller to the greater.

That gentleman arrived in Sydney in March,but soon after his arrival found that the Act and Charter contained no authority whatever for impanelling civil juries in criminal cases, and only in civil actions where both parties to the suit were agreed that such a course should be adopted. The Act was to continue in force four years, and under its authority crimes and misdemeanours were to be prosecuted by information in the name of his Majesty's Attorney-General, and tried by the Chief Justice and a jury of seven commissioned officers of his Majesty's sea or land forces; while all civil cases were to be tried by the Chief Justice and two magistrates, sitting as assessors, unless, as before stated, both parties to the suit agreed to have a jury, in which case the trial was to be before the Chief Justice and a jury of twelve civilians.

In the interests of all parties Chief Justice Chat Virginia Beach ca xxx extended the principle to the lower court, and civil jurors sat in Free fuck women Salisbury of Quarter Sessions, although the magistrates offered strong objection—so hard is it for mortals to renounce arbitrary power when once they have experienced the pleasure of its exercise.

There was a long and bitter struggle, extending over a considerable period, between the different sections of the community—the 'exclusivists' fighting for the retention of power and the judge fighting with the people for the first instalment of constitutional liberty. In this struggle the exclusive few, who wished to retain power over the liberty and property of their Wife want hot sex Belmore, were eventually successful, and in there was a return to the old system of military juries in Courts of Quarter Sessions as well as in the Supreme Court, a system which existed until the principle of self-government Wife want hot sex Belmore to operate in the colony.

The year was also rendered remarkable by liberty of the press being conceded, and the publication of the Australian, the first colonial newspaper independent of Government aid, published by Mr. The Monitor was also shortly afterwards established, Mr. Hall being editor and proprietor. During this period, also, the first step towards that large share of self-government which Australia now enjoys was taken. On 11th August,there appeared in the Sydney Gazette, a proclamation announcing that his Majesty had been pleased to institute a Legislative Council for New South Wales.

The first Wife want hot sex Belmore of this Council consisted exclusively of Government officers, and were only six in number, namely: John Macarthur, of Camden, was added to the list. The first session of the new Council was a very short one, and only one Act of a single clause was passed—an Act to legalise promissory notes and bills of exchange made payable in Spanish dollars, which were then the ordinary currency of the colony. Governor Brisbane was peculiarly unfortunate in his financial Woman wants real sex Ellinwood Kansas, but in this matter, as in others, he appears to have been Wife want hot sex Belmore the means of giving effect to the schemes of interested parties in power.

Charleston sex postings had been usual under previous governors to purchase the surplus grain from farmers at the current prices of the day.

The Government was almost the only purchaser, and to the Government the agriculturists looked for a certain share of their profits, the only cash received by the smaller settlers during the year being from the Wife want hot sex Belmore. The Government needed the provisions to feed the large number of 'children' born to the heritage across the water.

But Brisbane adopted the contract system and invited tenders for the quantity required at the lowest price. To make matters worse the Commissary-General and the Colonial Secretary induced the Governor to suddenly change the circulating medium from sterling to colonial currency, with the immediate result of raising the pound sterling twenty-five per cent.

The colony was threatened with famine, and for a time the greatest distress prevailed, the Government being put to the greatest straits in seeking to secure a sufficiency of supplies. So pressing was the need that a proclamation was issued prohibiting the rooting up of cabbage-stalks! It was no wonder, under these circumstance, that Brisbane should become unpopular, and orders came from England for him to be 'relieved,' at the close of the fourth year of his government, he having served from December to December Before he left he sought to please and benefit the emancipists by sitting down with a company of them to dinner—an act of grace which the 'pure merinos' resented with characteristic warmth.

To eat out of the same dish with 'branded cattle' would have been as hurtful to them as contact with an alien of the lowest type would be to a Mussulman.

During the interregnum of nineteen days between the departure of Brisbane and the arrival of his successor, Sir Ralph Darling, the Government was administered by Colonel Stewart, of the Third Regiment, or Buffs, and who afterwards became Major-General, and resided on his large estate near Bathurst. Of this gentleman's administration very little has been recorded.

He simply held the reins of the coach until the new driver climbed to the seat. It was currently reported, however, that in one respect he was remarkably active. This is what was said: Other Governors had invariably looked forward to their return to their Wife want hot sex Belmore land at the expiration of their term of service: Colonel Stewart had decided to make his permanent home in the penal colony. Other Governors had been liberal in making large grants of Wife want hot sex Belmore to residents or intending residents: BTW she is a bit not because she pegged my Wifee with one of her dildoes.

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