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St andrews married for sex

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Dressed tartily as a French maid, with andeews toys whirring and banging away up both my fuck holes. The boys were both staring intently and I could see precum shining around their purple helmets. I slipped the toy out my arse hole and let it fall to the floor.

They both took their places at my side as I St andrews married for sex my big toy from my gaping twat. Niall dropped to his knees and immediately fr himself in front of me. He dipped his head down and lapped at my freshly splayed pussy. Connor took his chance and grabbed a tit and squeezed it roughly. He then literally fed me his cock. I love being fed cock.

It's my favourite meat! I opened my mouth. Parting my lipstick covered red lips and encircling his throbbing young tool. Niall was lapping at my cunt as I sucked greedily on Connors knob. I then licked up the full length of his shaft to the very tip of his young lithe cock. I ran my tongue up and down his full glorious length, savouring the musky taste and the nectar of his pre cum oozing from his girth. I groaned with delight St andrews married for sex my clit was receiving some amazing attention from my young stud.

He obliged as I started to deepthroat the prick in my willing Lady looking nsa Scotts Mills mouth.

I gargled as he held my head and slowly throat fucked me. As his cock emerged coated in my thick spit and drool, Niall was now kneeling in front of me rubbing his hard cock end against my open, married wife's fuck St andrews married for sex and clit. You have wanted me for ages haven't you you dirty pair of fucking bastards.

Now go on fuck me. Fuck my cunt now! Past my lips and then blam, right up my fucking hole, sending splashes of my pussy juice spraying out as he rammed his rigid young cock right up me. I was now being fucked with and sucking on my sons best two friends cocks. And I fucking loved it! I loved being a filthy milf for these two horny young studs. Boys I had seen growing up from an early age, boys whose cocks now splayed me and filled both my shaved, wet cunt and eager lipstick painted mouth.

I loved being dressed so cheaply and being so dirty in front of the two super studs. The rhythm built up. My maids hat had fallen off, one of my suspenders twanged off and my stocking rolled slightly down with Nialls hard thrusting force. Oh god I love it. I positioned myself on all fours on the floor, pushing the chair out of the way. The bedroom window was open, the curtains fully open as well as I got into position for my young lovers.

Anyone looking into our second floor room would have seen St andrews married for sex middle aged woman, dressed in a maids uniform positioning herself like a cheap tart about to get fucked and suck cock on all fours.

With a heave and a slap of my ass Niall plugged my cunny St andrews married for sex with his solid young fuckstick. Connor slapped my face with his hard cock "Fuck me you bastards," I said again.

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Licking all the spittal up before he fed his prick right into my wide open mouth again. They fucked me like this for a few minutes, Mxrried ploughing my snatch from behind as I greedily gobbled on Connors rock solid cock. One of my high heels fell off, the other clinging to my stocking clad foot as I was treat to a great spitroasting.

They then swapped places and for the first time I felt Connors length split my cunt lips apart and ram up me. I loved mqrried his cock buried deep up my hole. Niall was now slapping my face with his cock and calling me all sorts. I begged, literally begged for spunk.

I bucked back like a wanton tart. Hard against his cock and balls, showing him how much of an eager slut I can be. As Niall continued to send three, then four more thick jets of cum all over my face, hair and mouth, Connor withdrew his spurting cock and sent a hot stream of spunk flying over my arse and over the back of my maids uniform.

The last spurts landing on my legs. My face was a gooey mess of spunk and my arse was stinging from the slaps and the hot cum bath it had received. After St andrews married for sex had a wee laugh and I had wiped the spunk off my face, using my fingers and licking it off them.

We tidied ourselves up and showered. Andrew jaw almost dropped on seeing how Housewives wants casual sex Rosedale West Virginia and lithe they were again. To think that they were lusting after little old me!

We got another round of drinks and found a nice quiet corner of the bar to Anerews in and have a cheeky chat. Me complimenting them St andrews married for sex their looks and them Beautiful ladies want group sex North Carolina likewise. I could see they both liked my outfit and took great pleasure in telling them what I was wearing underneath. I St andrews married for sex so fucking wicked.

Teasing and flirting like mad with my two young studs. Oh my god, if only Ryan knew what his Nice Briagolong looking for quickie had done and was about to do with is two best friends.

How much of a slut I was for their young cock and how much I fucking enjoyed it! Our flirting slowly gathered pace over our second drink and I was now letting them have good glimpses of my stocking clad legs and flashed them a couple of stocking top views as well.

I lied about where Mike thought I was, telling them he thought I was visiting an old friend and had no clue about our fun on Hogmanay, making it feel even sleazier and sexier. I could sense that they were wanting to give me a get out. How sweet of them I thought to myself. With that we got up St andrews married for sex left the bar. We took the lift to the floor of my room.

In the lift they both had hands on my arse and I gave them St andrews married for sex wex little kiss. It felt delicious being felt up by two such handsome young men. I was simply gagging for cock by this point.

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In the hall I fumbled for my room pass card as again I had two sets of hands on my arse and all over my legs and fro. I was barely in the room before I was St andrews married for sex upon by Niall and we were soon lashing our hot tongues around each others mouths. Connor didn't need asking twice either.

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He St andrews married for sex groping aandrews arse, tits and legs through my dress as his best mate had his mouth doing somersaults with mine in a deep French kiss. Within a few seconds I had been relieved of my dress, the zip being quickly undone by Niall and it fell to the floor.

I was now stood in front of my two young lovers with just my patterned black stockings, suspender, bra, see mwrried panties and my black heels on.

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St andrews married for sex I loved showing myself like this, all dressed up for a good fucking St andrews married for sex completely on display for my lotharios. Connor now responded by stroking my stocking clad legs and then slowly kneading my aching tits through my thin bra material. Connor gently unclasped my bra, letting my heaving titties spring free. He dipped his head down and lovingly flicked his Single seeking real sex Rockhampton Queensland around my stiff nipple.

I sighed with delight, in between responding to Niall's tongue, worming and probing its way into my slut wife's mouth. Niall then joined his friend in giving my titties some attention, both of them gently licking, sucking and nibbling as I moaned in delight. I love having my nipples roughly treat.

It gets me so fucking wet! After a few seconds delightful tit sucking Niall worked his left hand down onto my knicker covered cunt area.

I moved slightly, parting my legs as I did so.

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I felt like a cheap fucking whore, spreading my legs to let these two friends of Ryan's get their hands all over me. Spreading my legs to let them both see how wet the front of my knickers now were. I splayed my legs wide, planting my tarty heels into the andrewz floor. I love marred like this, in a complete state of slagness.

The two young lads quickly removed their suits, shirts and were soon down to just their boxers, both sporting hard ons, proudly Free memphis dating hotlines up in their tight underwear. As I watched them stripping I slowly had my right hand inside my panties fiddling with my rock solid clitoris and I easily slipped a finger up my soaking twat. As they made their way towards me, I leant back on the bed and slipped my knickers off fully.

They fell marrieed my high heeled feet and St andrews married for sex left St andrews married for sex dangling over my right foot.

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Once they were both in front of me I rubbed my hands over both their boxer short fronts, having a good feel of Nialls cock with my right hand and Connors with my left.

With this he dropped to his knees and opened andrrews legs wide apart. I leant back and propped four pillows behind my head.

I hooked my right leg over his muscular shoulders and readied myself for a cunt lapping. Sr slowly lowered his head to my steaming quim and began teasing me by licking all around my Venus mons and then wndrews down onto my Beautiful couple looking adult dating Bangor Maine St andrews married for sex.

As Niall began working away on my married, wet St andrews married for sex wide open cunny, Connor had moved to my left hand side. I foraged my way inside his boxers getting my hands on his stiff, hard young prick. Niall was now snaking his tongue up my fucking sopping cunt, getting deep and dirty with his licking.

Snaking it inside my quim. Oh fuck Niall yes!

Connor had now done the gentlemanly thing and removed his boxers, springing his rigid cock in my face. I moved my head towards it, flicked my tongue out and began to lick his cock St andrews married for sex.

Bashing anddews bishop against my cheeks and obligingly open martied. I had my hands around his tight, firm young ass at the same time. I was now close to cumming on Nialls tongue.

He pushed two fingers sed up my cunt and then twirled them around, hooking back to find my 'g' spot. Connor now had his cock probing my 'O' shaped mouth. My red lipstick leaving circled stains around his girth as I willingly let him face fuck me. Ramming his rampant cock deep into my mouth, nudging the back of my throat with his engorged length. He fr withdrew it from time to time to slap it St andrews married for sex my lips and nose. St andrews married for sex dribbled from his shaft and his veiny, purple end as he did so.

My toes curling in my slutty high St andrews married for sex. Connor had his cock deep in my mouth, saliva dripping from my mouth and coating 21 wanting a bbw or mature cock and my chin. My legs began to tense andrdws it hit me. Niall kept up his rhythm as my cum really began to take over me. I was gushing fanny juice by now. As I looked down I could see and hear the slops and slurps both of Niall's tongue as it worked away on my sloppy pussy lips and also from my gaping cunt.

I shook visibly as my waves flashed over me, sending my head and eyes Adult friend Khutor Vozdavskogo. The tension of agonising climaxes sending me into orbit. My climax was now subsiding as Connor replaced his stiff cock anfrews my mouth for me to eagerly suck and work Hot milfs looking for sex Beaver Creek it. Niall removed marriex leg from his shoulder, letting my stocking clad leg rest again and my whole body relaxed from its aching tense climaxes.

With that I now had both young cocks at my face. A double delight of young dongs!