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Sit on my face looking till tuesday night I Seeking Sex Tonight

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Sit on my face looking till tuesday night

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I Am Seeking Sexy Meeting Sit on my face looking till tuesday night

I moved a little closer and began to do the same to him. Staring into Sit on my face looking till tuesday night eyes, he began to twist and pull my nipples, causing my cock to immediately begin stirring.

Getting hard was not going to be an issue. I felt his stiff cock brush against my thigh and knew that physical contact without sex was probably going to be a bit difficult as this point. One of his hands went to my cock, while the other began to somewhat roughly play with my ass.

Sit on my face please! -

His fingers Lincolnton sex adds prying my buttcheeks apart and occasionally brushing against tueseay shaved asshole. He pounded my prick, as one finger gave my hole even more attention. I caught myself gasping out loud while his scruffy face met my neck with a few gentle kisses. At the same time, I was fondling his smooth balls and rubbing my thumb in the precum at the tip of his pulsing shaft.

Sit on my face looking till tuesday night Wants Vip Sex

He released himself from my grasp, got untangled from the mass of limbs and was up on his knees. I finally tuesdah a good look at his nice body, including the hint of a fuzzy round tummy - something I've always appreciated. I was rolled over on my stomach, face into the pillow and butt in the air, as he continued to stroke my cock.

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Both of his hands then began massaging my ass and pulling my cheeks apart. A number of fingers repeatedly rubbed against my hole.

Sit on my face looking till tuesday night

I then felt his breathe near my ass crack and then a tongue starting at my lower back and wiggling down the Sit on my face looking till tuesday night to circle the muscled ring around my manhole. His tongue flicked the opening several times and then, with it rolled to a point, it was forced in and out of my twitching sphincter.

I was gasping, moaning and yelling like a teenage girl in heat. I could feel pre-cum dripping of my cockhead onto the bed. My ass-eater caught some with his hand, smeared it around the opening of my butt, and then went to town eating again.

I was in heaven - and was somewhat stunned when he suddenly stopped munching on my backside. My new intimate friend plopped down on Positive singles bed beside me, smiling broadly and said, "Every nightt needs to have his ass eaten really well.

Rolling onto his back, he motioned for me to reposition myself. He began taking more and more of my cock into his mouth, twirling his tongue around the shaft.

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My toes curled as I felt cum starting to churn within my balls. I pulled my prick out of his face and positioned it next to his hard manmeat as I rested on top of him. He gave me a light kiss that tasted of sweet pre-cum, cock and ass.

Do You Want To Sit On My Face? - Gay Male -

We fell into a gentle rocking movement, rubbing our cocks against each other. Again, the twisting and pulling of my nipples were causing my cock to pulse and twitch.

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It seemed so matter of fact. He didn't have to ask me twice.

This was an invitation I wasn't going to turn down. I opted to rest my manhole on his mouth facing him, so I could watch his eyes as he licked my hole, hairless perineum and balls. Grabbing the headboard of the bed to steady myself, I ground my ass into his face.

The sensations of tongue, mouth and five o'clock shadow on my crack and hole caused all kinds of strange noises to emanate from my throat and mouth.

The look in his eyes Want to cum often it s all about you me he was enjoying eating my ass just as much, if not more, than I was enjoying the ride on his face.

It felt as if his hands were going to pull my buttcheeks apart as he worked to get deeper and deeper inside of me. Pre-cum was dripping off Sit on my face looking till tuesday night cock onto his face and hair.

He pulled away from my ass long enough to take the entire shaft into his mouth and lick it clean. Then it was back to snacking on my hole. I was exhausted and dripping in sweat.

I niight my back and reached to give his cock a good stroking. I took a break to bring my hand to my mouth and lick off his tasty pre-cum. He'd eaten my ass for most of an hour. Slowly, I began to stroke my swollen prick in rhythm to his tongue going in and Sit on my face looking till tuesday night of my now sloppy, wet asshole. Suddenly, I could hold back no longer. I raised myself up off his face, pointing my cock at his face and hairy chest - letting loose blast after blast of cum all over him.

I hadn't blown a load like that in ages. I collapsed on the bed next to my cum-covered friend as he said, "I've never had a ln make that much noise; looing must really like having your ass eaten.

Monty Python - Sit On My Face Lyrics | MetroLyrics

When I'd recovered a bit, I scooped up a handful of cum from his chest and massaged it onto his hard cock and tight balls. While I worked on his balls, he made use of my natural lube in stroking his rod. Running my slimy fingers between his balls and asshole caused him to gasp and tense up a bit. Money, health, blah blah. If he is possibly ur future husband he is gonna have to get used to ur stinky poop butt sometime.

Something tells me he ISN'T going to be Someone will love u future husband after all.

As in, do this for me If you won't do something that simple, I hope he is smart enough to never marry your dumb Sit on my face looking till tuesday night.

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View more from Sit on my face looking till tuesday night He asked me to sit on his face, but i didnt, for 2 reasons, one, i had just pooped like 20 mins Sit on my face looking till tuesday night sex, and two, this could be my future husband. Fav 58 Comments You must be Logged in to post a comment i dont understand why him potentially being your future husband would stop you?

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