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The lack of emphatic syncopation led punk dance to "deviant" forms. The characteristic style was originally the pogo.

Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck

The lack of conventional dance rhythms was a central factor in limiting punk's mainstream commercial impact.

Breaking down the distance between performer and audience is central to the punk ethic. First-wave British punk bands such as the Sex Pistols and the Damned insulted and otherwise goaded the audience into intense reactions. Laing has identified three primary forms of audience physical response to goading: In addition to the numerous fans who have started or joined punk bands, audience members also become important participants via the scene's many amateur-written and informally distributed Teen sluts Bauru England, according to Laing, punk "was the first musical genre to spawn fanzines in any significant numbers".

According to one theory, punk rock all goes back to Ritchie Valens 's " La Bamba. In the early to mids, garage rock bands, often recognized as punk rock's progenitors, began springing up around North America. The Kingsmen had a hit with their version of Richard Berry 's " Louie, Louie ", which has been mentioned as punk Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck defining " ur-text ".

He recorded it between October 9 and 11 as one of his last contributions to Pink Floyd before being replaced by David Gilmour. Though the song remained officially unreleased untilmany think of it as one of the pioneering songs of the Punk Rock genre; It shares many qualities that generally make up a Punk Rock song. From England inlargely Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck the grip of the mod youth movement and beat group explosion, came the Kinks' hit singles, " You Really Got Me " and " All Day and All of the Night ," both influenced by "Louie, Louie".

In Augustthe Stoogesfrom Ann Arborpremiered with a self-titled album. According to critic Greil Marcusthe band, led by singer Iggy Popcreated "the sound of Chuck Berry 's Airmobile —after thieves stripped it for parts". Having earned a reputation as one of the first underground rock bands, the Swinger party today 71360 Underground inspired, directly or indirectly, many of those involved in the creation of punk rock.

At the Coventry club in the New York City borough of Queensthe Dictators used rock as a vehicle for wise-ass attitude and humor. Inan updated garage rock scene began to coalesce around the newly opened Rathskeller club in Kenmore Square. The Electric Eels and Mirrors both broke up, and the Styrenes emerged from the fallout.

Britain's Deviantsin the late s, played in a range of psychedelic styles with a satiric, anarchic edge and a penchant for situationist -style spectacle presaging the Sex Pistols by almost a decade. Rexrejecting hippy values of authenticity and humility in favour of glamorous artifice and arrogance that would ultimately bear fruit in punk attitude and contempt for the earlier hippy generation.

Bythe scene's top act, Dr. Feelgoodwas paving the way for others such as the Stranglers and Cock Sparrer that would play a role in the punk explosion. The pub rock scene created small venues where non-mainstream bands could play and they released low-cost recordings on independent record labels. The combo regularly faced censorship challenges, their live act at least once including onstage masturbation. In Brisbanethe Saints also recalled the raw live sound Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck the British Pretty Thingswho had made a notorious tour of Australia and New Zealand in Between the late 16th and the 18th centuries, punk was a common, coarse synonym for prostitute ; William Shakespeare used it with that meaning in The Merry Wives of Windsor and Measure for Measurepublished in First Folio.

It meant that you were the lowest. The first known use of the phrase punk rock appeared in the Chicago Tribune on March 22,attributed to Ed Sanderscofounder of New York's anarcho-prankster band the Fugs. Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck was quoted describing a solo album of his as "punk rock—redneck sentimentality".

Greg Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck was the first music critic to employ the term punk rock: In the April issue of Rolling Stonehe refers to a Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck by The Guess Who as "good, not too imaginative, punk rock and roll".

Dave Marsh used the term punk rock in the May issue of Creemwhere he described? By Decemberthe term was in circulation to the extent that The New Yorker ' s Ellen Williscontrasting her own tastes with those of Flash and fellow critic Nick Toscheswrote, " Punk-rock has become the favored term of endearment.

I never was a punk. We wanted to get rid of the bullshit, strip it down to rock 'n' roll. We wanted the fun and liveliness back. The origins of New York's punk rock scene can be traced back to such sources as late s trash culture and an early s underground rock movement centered on the Mercer Arts Center in Greenwich Villagewhere the New York Dolls performed. At its core was Televisiondescribed by critic John Walker as "the ultimate garage band with pretensions". Feelgood 's Wilko Johnson.

Out in Forest Hills, Queensseveral miles from lower Manhattan, the members of a newly formed band adopted a common surname. Drawing on sources ranging from the Stooges to the Beatles and the Beach Boys to Herman's Hermits and s girl groupsthe Ramones condensed rock 'n' roll to its primal level: The Dictators' Go Girl Crazy!

That spring, Smith and Television shared a two-month-long weekend residency at CBGB that significantly raised the club's profile. The pairing of Hell and Thunders, in one critical assessment, "inject[ed] a poetic intelligence into mindless self-destruction".

In the words of John Walker, the record was "a turning point for the whole New York scene" if not quite for the punk rock sound itself—Hell's departure had left the band "significantly reduced in fringe aggression". The first album to come out of this downtown scene was released in November Smith's debut, Horsesproduced by John Cale for the major Arista label. Early inHell left the Heartbreakers; he soon formed a new group that would Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck known as the Voidoids"one of the most harshly uncompromising bands" on the scene.

At this early stage, the term punk applied to the scene in Sexy squirt Rome New York, not necessarily a particular stylistic approach as it would later—the early New York punk bands represented a broad variety of influences.

Among them, the Ramones, the Heartbreakers, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, and the Dead Boys were establishing a distinct musical style. Even where they diverged most clearly, in lyrical approach—the Ramones' apparent guilelessness at one extreme, Hell's conscious craft at the Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck was an abrasive attitude in common.

Their shared attributes of Ladies seeking sex Ovapa West Virginia and speed, however, had not yet come to define punk rock.

Chickasha, Oklahoma gave birth to avant garde, glam-punk bands Victoria Vein and the Thunderpunks in and Debris' in whose self-released underground classic Static Disposal was released in They were one of the first U.

Around the turn of the year, White Boy began giving notoriously crazed performances. Among the city's first new acts to be identified with punk rock was DMZ. Like their garage rock predecessors, these local scenes were facilitated by enthusiastic impresarios who operated nightclubs or organized concerts in venues such as schools, garages, or warehouses, advertised via inexpensively printed flyers and fanzines. In some cases, punk's do it yourself ethic reflected an aversion to commercial success, as well as a desire to maintain creative and financial autonomy.

At the same time, a similar music-based subculture was beginning to take shape in various parts of Australia. A scene was developing around Radio Birdman and its main performance venue, the Oxford Tavern later the Oxford Funhouselocated in Sydney's Darlinghurst suburb. The band soon discovered that musicians were exploring similar paths in other parts of the world. Ed Kuepperco-founder of the Saints, later recalled:.

One thing I remember having had a really depressing effect on me was the first Ramones album. When I heard it [in ], I mean it was a great record There was even a chord progression on that album that we used We're going to be labeled as influenced by the Ramones", when nothing could have been further from the truth.

On the other side of Australia, in Perthgerminal punk rock act the Cheap Nastiesfeaturing singer-guitarist Kim Salmonformed in August. As with Patti Smith's debut, the band self-financed, packaged, and distributed the single. By the movement was Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck well established in London and had been growing for a number of years.

The Kings Road clothing store he co-owned, recently renamed Sexwas building a reputation with its outrageous "anti-fashion". In August, the group was seeking a new lead singer. Adopting a new name, the group played its first gig as the Sex Pistols on November 6,at Saint Martin's School of Art [] and soon attracted a small but ardent following.

Rotten announced to one audience, "Bet you don't hate us as much as we hate you! Early inLondon SS broke up before ever performing publicly, spinning off two new bands: Among the approximately forty audience members were the two locals who organised the Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck had formed Buzzcocks after seeing the Sex Pistols in February. Others in the small crowd went on to form Joy Divisionthe Falland—in the s— the Smiths.

In July, the Ramones crossed the Atlantic for two London shows that helped spark the nascent UK punk scene and affected its musical style—"instantly nearly every band speeded up".

On July 5, members of both bands attended a Ramones gig at Dingwalls club. In critic Kurt Loder 's description, the Sex Pistols purveyed a Black ladies hot sex xxx, arty nihilism[while] the Clash were unabashed idealists, proponents of a radical left-wing social critique of a sort that reached back at least to Woody Guthrie in the s".

Its title, Sniffin' Gluederived from a Ramones song. Its subtitle affirmed the connection with what was happening in New York: Another Sex Pistols gig in Manchester on July 20, with a reorganized version of Buzzcocks debuting in support, gave further impetus to the scene there. Eddie and the Hot Rodsa London pub rock group, headlined.

The Sex Pistols, originally scheduled to play, were dropped by the organizers who Ladies seeking sex IL Campbell hill 62916 the band had gone "too far" in demanding top billing and certain amenities; the Clash backed out in solidarity. The only band from the new punk movement to appear was the Damned. Over the next several months, many new punk rock bands formed, often directly inspired by the Sex Pistols.

Farther afield, Sham Wives seeking sex tonight Catharine began practicing in the southeastern town of Hersham. In Durhamthere was Penetrationwith lead singer Pauline Murray. On September 20—21, the Club Punk Festival in London featured the four primary British groups London's big three and Buzzcocksas well as Paris's female-fronted Stinky Toysarguably the first punk rock band from a non- Anglophone country.

Siouxsie and the Banshees and Subway Sect debuted on the Lady looking sex Bainbridge first night; that same Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck, Eater debuted in Manchester.

Press coverage of the incident fueled punk's reputation as a social menace. Some new bands, such as London's Alternative TVEdinburgh's Rezillosand Leamington 's the Shapesidentified with the scene even as they pursued more experimental music.

Others of a comparatively traditional rock 'n' roll bent were also swept up by the movement: Alongside the musical roots shared with their American counterparts and the calculated confrontationalism of the early Whothe British punks also reflected the influence of glam rock and related bands such as SladeT.

Rexand Roxy Music. The latter was hardly a punk song by any stretch, but it was perhaps the first song about punk rock. Jones called Grundy a "dirty fucker" on live television, triggering a media controversy.

Many of the shows Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck cancelled by venue owners in response to the media outrage following the Grundy interview. Bya second wave of the punk rock movement was breaking in the three countries where it had emerged, as well as in many other places. Bands from the same scenes often sounded very different from each other, reflecting the eclectic state of punk music during the era. The California punk scene was in full swing by early In Los Angeles, there were: In Seattle, there Housewives looking sex tonight Greenmountain NorthCarolina 28740 the Lewd.

In eastern Canada, the Toronto protopunk band Dishes had laid the groundwork for another sizable scene, [] and a September concert by the touring Ramones had catalyzed the movement. By mid in downtown Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck York, punk rock was already ceding its cutting-edge status to the anarchic sound of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and Marsspearheads of what became known as no wave[] although several original punk bands continued to perform and new ones emerged on the scene.

They were soon playing regularly at Max's Kansas City. Still developing what would become their signature B movie —inspired style, later dubbed horror punkthey made their first appearance at CBGB in April Leave Homethe Ramones' second album, had come out in January. The Feederz formed in Arizona.

Atlanta had the Fans. The Sex Pistols ' live TV skirmish with Bill Grundy on December 1, was the signal moment in British punk 's transformation into a major media phenomenon, even as some stores refused to stock the records and radio airplay was Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck to come by. In May, the Sex Pistols achieved new heights of controversy and number two on the singles chart with " God Save the Queen ".

The band had recently acquired a new bassist, Sid Viciouswho was seen as exemplifying the punk persona. Though most survived only briefly, perhaps recording a small-label single or two, others set off new trends.

Crass Sexy ladies want sex Aylesbury Vale, from Essexmerged a vehement, straight-ahead punk rock style with a committed anarchist mission, and played a major role in the emerging anarcho-punk movement. These expressly Housewives wants hot sex New Knoxville bands contrasted with others in the second wave that presaged the post-punk phenomenon.

Liverpool's first punk group, Big in Japanmoved in a glam, theatrical direction. Alongside thirteen original songs that would define classic punk rock, the Clash's debut had included a cover of the recent Jamaican reggae hit " Police and Thieves ". The punk rock phenomenon helped spark a full-fledged ska revival movement known as 2 Tonecentered on bands such as the Specialsthe BeatMadnessand the Selecter.

June saw Married women seeking hot sex Kings Beach release of another charting punk album: Recently arrived from Australia, the band was now considered insufficiently "cool" to qualify as punk by much of the British media, though they had been playing a similar brand of music for years.

As punk became a broad-based national phenomenon in the summer ofpunk musicians Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck fans were increasingly subject to violent assaults by Teddy boysfootball yobbosand others.

Inspiring yet another round of controversy, it topped the British charts. In December, one of the first books about punk rock was published: The following month, the Saints relocated again, to Great Britain. The Victims became a short-lived leader of the Perth scene, self-releasing " Television Addict ". Meanwhile, punk rock scenes were emerging around the globe. In France, les punksa Parisian subculture of Lou Reed fans, had already been around for years.

It was perhaps the first non-English-language punk rock record, though as music historian George Gimarc notes, the punk enunciation made that distinction somewhat moot.

These opposing factions were mutually attracted by a view of punk rock as "politically as well as musically Scandinavian punk was propelled early on by tour dates by bands such as the Clash and the Ramones both in Stockholm in Mayand the Sex Pistols' tour through DenmarkSweden and Norway in July the same year. Within a couple of years, hundreds of punk singles were released in Sweden.

Indonesia was a part of the largest punk movement in Southeast Asia, heavily influenced by Green Day, Rancid, and the Offspring. Young people created their own underground sub-culture of punk, which over time developed into a style that was completely different to the original movement. Punk emerged in South Africa as direct opposition to the conservative apartheid government and racial segregation enforcement of the time.

Production and reception of particular texts in a global context of inequality in which Mexican are racialized and objectified generate transnational archives of feelings in relation to migration from Mexico. The cultural memories reflects upon the power relations that affect social categories and social identities.

Zavella, Punks embrace the ethic of do-it-yourself DIYwhich disavows materialism and consumerism and the individualist fame of rock stars.

Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck

Zavella, Being a punk was a form of expressing freedom and not caring of judgement. Bythe hardcore punk movement was emerging in Southern California.

A rivalry developed between adherents of the new sound and the older punk rock crowd. Hardcore, appealing to a younger, more suburban audience, was perceived by some as anti-intellectual, overly violent, and musically limited.

In Los Angeles, the opposing factions were often described Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck "Hollywood punks" and "beach punks", referring to Hollywood's central position in the original L. As hardcore became the dominant punk rock style, many bands of the older California punk rock movement split up. Some early punk bands transformed into hardcore acts.

A few, most notably the Ramones, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, and Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, continued to pursue the Housewives want hot sex SD Wessington sprin 57382 they had helped create. Crossing the lines between "classic" punk, post-punkand hardcore, San Francisco's Flipper was founded in by former members of Negative Trend and the Sleepers.

Radio Birdman broke up in June while touring the UK, [] where the early unity between bohemianmiddle-class punks many with art school backgrounds and working-class punks had disintegrated. Musically in the same aggressive vein as American hardcore, they addressed different constituencies with overlapping but distinct anti-establishment messages.

As described by Dave Laing, "The model for self-proclaimed punk after derived from the Ramones via the eight-to-the-bar rhythms most characteristic of the Vibrators and Clash.

It became essential to sound one particular Housewives looking hot sex Carpenter SouthDakota 57322 to be recognized as a 'punk band' now. If the Sex Pistols' breakup the previous year had marked the end of the original UK punk scene and its promise of cultural transformation, for many the death of Vicious signified that Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck had been doomed from the start.

By the turn of the decade, the punk rock movement had split deeply along cultural and musical lines, leaving a variety of derivative scenes and forms. On one side were new wave and post-punk artists; some adopted more accessible musical styles and gained broad popularity, while some turned in more experimental, less commercial directions.

On the other side, hardcore punk, Oi! The Clash album London Callingreleased in Decemberexemplified the breadth of classic punk's legacy.

In —first in London, then in the United States—"New Wave" was introduced as a complementary label for the formative scenes and groups also known as "punk"; the two terms were essentially interchangeable.

Dave Laing suggests that some punk-identified British acts pursued the new wave label in order to avoid radio censorship and make themselves more palatable to concert bookers. Bringing elements of punk rock music and fashion into more pop-oriented, less "dangerous" styles, new wave artists became very popular on both sides of the Atlantic. However, the music was often derided at the time as being silly Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck disposable.

During —77, in the midst of the original UK punk movement, bands emerged such as Manchester's Joy Divisionthe Falland MagazineLeeds' Gang of Fourand London's the Raincoats that became central post-punk figures.

Some bands classified as post-punk, such as Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltairehad been active well before the punk scene coalesced; [] others, such as the Slits and Siouxsie and the Bansheestransitioned from punk rock into post-punk. Killing Joke formed in These bands were often musically experimental, like certain new wave acts; defining Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck as "post-punk" was a sound that tended to be less pop and more dark and abrasive—sometimes verging on the atonalas with Subway Sect and Wire—and an anti-establishment posture directly related to punk's.

Post-punk brought together a new fraternity of musicians, journalists, managers, and entrepreneurs; the latter, notably Geoff Travis of Rough Trade and Tony Wilson of Factoryhelped to develop the production and distribution infrastructure of the indie music scene that blossomed in the mids.

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Bauhaus was one of Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck formative gothic rock bands. Others, like Gang Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck Four, the Raincoats and Throbbing Gristle, who had little more than cult followings at the time, are seen in retrospect as significant Suoth on modern popular culture. Television's debut album Marquee Moonreleased inis frequently cited as a seminal album in the field.

Led by the Primitive CalculatorsMelbourne's Little Band scene would further explore the possibilities of post-punk.

A distinctive style of punk, characterized by superfast, aggressive beats, screaming vocalsand often politically aware lyrics, began to emerge in among bands scattered around Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck United States and Canada. The first major scene of what came to be known as hardcore punk developed in Southern California in —79, [] initially around such punk bands as the Germs and Fear.

Parents moved their kids out of the cities to these horrible suburbs to save them from the 'reality' of the cities and what they ended up with was this new breed of monster". Among the earliest hardcore bands, regarded as having made the first recordings in the style, were Southern California's Middle Class and Black Flag. Byhardcore was the dominant punk rock style not only in California, but much of the rest of North America as well.

Beastie Boyswho would become famous as a hip-hop group, debuted that year as a hardcore band. Straight edge bands like Ho Threat, Boston 's SS Decontroland Reno, Nevada 's 7 Soyth rejected the self-destructive lifestyles of many of their peers, and built a movement based on positivity and abstinence from cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and casual sex.

Skate punk innovators also pointed in other directions: Big Boys helped establish funkcore, while Venice, California 's Suicidal Tendencies had a formative effect on the heavy metal —influenced crossover thrash style. Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck the middle of the decade, D. Both developed in multiple locations. Following the lead of first-wave British punk bands Cock Sparrer and Sham 69in the late s second-wave units like Cockney CrolinaAngelic Upstartsthe ExploitedAnti-Establishment and the 4-Skins sought to realign punk rock with a working class, street-level following.

The name is partly derived from the Cockney Rejects' habit of shouting "Oi! But Oi was the reality of the punk mythology. In the places where [these bands] came from, it was harder and more aggressive and it produced just as much quality music. It was adopted as an anthem by the groups of disaffected Mexican urban youth known in the s as bandas ; one banda named itself PND, after the song's initials. Racist skinheads sometimes disrupted Oi! Anarcho-punk developed alongside the Oi!

The acts featured ranting vocals, discordant instrumental sounds, primitive production values, and lyrics filled with political and social content, often addressing issues such as class inequalities and military violence. In historian Tim Hll description, they saw "safety pins and Mohicans as little more than ineffectual fashion posturing stimulated by the mainstream media and industry.

Whereas the Sex Pistols would proudly display bad manners and opportunism in their dealings with 'the establishment,' the anarcho-punks kept clear of 'the establishment' altogether". The movement spun off several Adult wants real sex Belspring of a similar political bent. Dischargefounded back inestablished D-beat in Caro,ina early s.

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Other groups in the movement, led by Amebix and Antisectdeveloped the extreme style yo as crust punk. Several of these bands rooted in anarcho-punk such as the Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuckDischarge, and Amebix, along with former Oi!

The anarcho-punk scene also spawned bands such as Napalm DeathCarcassand Extreme Noise Terror that in the mids defined grindcoreincorporating extremely fast tempos and death metal —style guitarwork. With their love of the Beach Boys and late s bubblegum popthe Ramones paved the way to what became known as pop punk.

According to music journalist Ben MyersBad Religion "layered their pissed off, politicized sound with the smoothest of harmonies"; Descendents "wrote almost surfy, Beach Boys-inspired songs about girls and food and being young ish ".

Bands that fused punk with light-hearted pop melodies, such as the Queers and Screeching Weaselbegan appearing around the country, in turn influencing bands like Green Day and the Offspringwho brought pop punk wide Biklni and major Sotuh sales. Bands such as the Vandals and Guttermouth developed a style blending pop melodies with humorous Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck offensive lyrics.

Eventually, the geographically large Midwest U. This particular substrate still maintains Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck identity today. The mainstream pop punk of Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck bands such as Blink is criticized by many punk rock devotees; in critic Christine Di Bella's words, "It's punk taken to its most accessible point, a point where it barely reflects its lineage at all, except in the three-chord song structures.

From on, punk rock crossed lines with many other popular music genres. Los Angeles punk rock bands laid the groundwork for a wide variety of styles: Other bands pointed punk rock toward future rock styles or its Sough foundations. Synth-punk also known as Roc, is a fusion genre that combines elements from electronic rock with punk. It originates from punk musicians between and that swapped their guitars with synthesizers. The term "synth-punk" is a retroactive label coined in by Damien Ramsey.

Garage punk Soith from all over—such as Medway 's Thee Mighty CaesarsChicago's Dwarvesand Adelaide 's Exploding White Mice —pursued a version of punk rock that was Carolins to its roots in s garage rock.

Seattle's Mudhoneyone of the central bands in the development of Wives want sex tonight Simi Valleyhas been described as "garage punk".

The underground punk rock movement inspired countless bands that either evolved from a punk rock sound or brought its outsider spirit to very Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck kinds of music.

The original punk explosion also had a long-term effect on the music industry, spurring the growth of the independent sector. Though commercially successful over an extended period, they maintained an underground-style, subcultural identity. The best of the American punk rockers have moved on. They have learned how to play their instruments. They have Wives seeking nsa TX Asherton 78827 melody, guitar solos and lyrics that are more than shouted political slogans.

Some of them have even discovered the Grateful Dead. Alternative rock encompasses a diverse set of styles—including gothic rockdream popshoegazeand grungeamong others—unified by their debt to punk rock and their origins outside of the musical mainstream.

As American alternative bands like Sonic Youthwhich had grown out of the no wave scene, and Boston's Pixies started to gain larger audiences, major labels sought to capitalize on the underground market that had been sustained by hardcore punk for years. The band's members cited punk rock as a key influence on their style. In its original, mids incarnation, emo was a less musically restrictive style of punk with focus on emotional lyrics, developed by participants in the Washington, D.

Jimmy Eat Woemn took emo in a radio-ready pop punk and indie rock direction, [] and had top ten albums in and In the s, the queercore movement developed around a number of punk bands with gay, lesbian, bisexual, or genderqueer members such as God Is My Co-PilotPansy DivisionTeam Dreschand Sister George. Inspired by openly gay punk musicians of an earlier generation such as Jayne CountyPhrancand Randy Turnerand bands like Nervous Genderthe Screamersand Coilqueercore embraces a variety of punk and other alternative music styles.

Queercore lyrics often treat the themes of prejudice, sexual identitygender identityand individual rights. The movement has continued into the 21st century, supported by festivals such as Queeruption. The Riot Grrrl movement, a significant aspect in the formation of the Third Wave feminist movement, was organized by taking the values and rhetoric of punk and using it to convey feminist messages.

With riot grrrl, they were grounded in girl punk past, but also rooted in modern feminism. Lady Recordsexplains that without Riot Grrrl bands,"[women] would have all starved to death culturally. Bikin Kill's lead singer, Kathleen Hannathe iconic figure of riot grrrl, moved on to form the art punk group Le Tigre in In the late s the genre failed to help the economy, with punk music being anti-conformity and anti-mainstream they failed to get into the commercial music.

By the s, punk rock was sufficiently ingrained in Western culture that punk trappings were often used to market highly commercial bands as "rebels". Marketers capitalized on the style and hipness of punk rock to such an extent that a ad campaign for an automobile, the Subaru Imprezaclaimed that the car was "like punk rock". The next year, Green Day put out Dookiewhich became a huge hit, selling nine million albums in the United States in just over two years. That Lonely girl looking for summer fun, Green Day's " Longview " Hot mom Gurnee xxx number one on Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck ' s Modern Rock Tracks chart and became a top forty airplay hit, arguably the first ever American punk song to do so; just one month later, the Offspring's " Come Out and Play " followed suit.

The original 2 Tone bands had emerged amid punk rock's second wave, but their music was much closer to its Jamaican roots—"ska at 78 rpm ". And Out Come the Wolvesthe album by Rancid—which had Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck out of Operation Ivy—became the first record in this ska revival to be certified gold; [] Sublime's self-titled album was certified platinum early in Green Day and Dookie ' s enormous sales paved the Rovk for a host of bankable North American pop punk bands in the following decade.

The Offspring's album Americanareleased by the major Columbia label, debuted at number two on the album chart. Locall bootleg MP3 of Americana 's Adult looking nsa FL Stuart 34997 single, " Pretty Fly for a White Guy ", made it onto the Internet and was downloaded fukc record 22 million times—illegally.

While they were viewed as Green Day "acolytes", [] critics also found teen pop acts such as Britney Spearsthe Backstreet Boysand 'N Sync suitable points of comparison for Blink's sound and market niche. In NovemberThe New Yorker described how the "giddily puerile" act had "become massively popular with the mainstream audience, a demographic formerly considered untouchable by punk-rock purists. Other new North American pop punk bands, though often critically dismissed, also achieved major sales in the first decade of the s.

The record included the number one U.

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Alternative hit " Fat Lip ", which incorporated verses of what one critic called "brat rap. The effect of commercialization on the music became an increasingly contentious issue. SinceAnti-Flag had been putting progressive politics at the center of its music. The administration of George W.

Bush provided them and similarly minded acts eight years of conservative government to excoriate. Leftist punk band Against Me! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Genre of rock music.

For Bi guy looking for dominant girl original s genre known as "punk" or "punk rock", see Garage rock. For the play by Simon Stephens, see Punk Rock play. Punk subculture and List of punk artists and styles. Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck has been suggested that this section be split out into another article titled Origins of punk rock.

Garage rockProto-punkMod subcultureand Beat music. The original anthem of the punk scene, performed live by Television in orwith Richard Hell on lead vocals. The verse, described by Gary Valentine as defying melody, yields to the chorus, "set to a descending pattern reminiscent of Peggy Lee 's " Fever ". The chorus of the Ramones ' first single "is a primer on the punk take on rock rhythm With what music historian Clinton Heylin described as the "most brutal guitar sound this side of the Stooges ", [] Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck self-released the first single by a West Coast punk band, two songs the B-side Horny sults wanting to chat for free "Baby, You're So Repulsive" in a Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck likened to "revved up, distorted Chuck Berry ".

Sounds magazine in Britain found " I'm Stranded " "so bloody incredible" it provided readers the Australian address Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck which they could mail order it. With its "inflammatory, venomous lyrics [and] crude energy", the Sex Pistols ' debut single " Anarchy in the U.

As inchoate as its name suggests, the Germs ' " Forming " was the first L. With its "near motorik beat The title track of the Clash Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck double album was the band's biggest UK hit on first release. The Fall 's ode to amphetamines. Smith tunelessly screaming", writes Toby Creswellit "mostly resembles the Legendary Stardust Cowboy 's ' Paralysed ' for its live feel and sense of abandon Bad Brains ' debut single, " Pay to Cum "typifying the band's "high-speed playing, rapid-fire lyrics, dramatic pauses, and performance intensity," [] was pivotal in hardcore's emergence as the American punk standard.

For the genre of similar roots, see Electroclash. Alternative rock and grunge. Sex, Media and the Democratization of Desire London: Retrieved August 24, Retrieved on January 17, Power and Meaning in Punk Rock. Several sources incorrectly ascribe the illustration to the leading fanzine of the London punk scene, Sniffin' Glue e. Putnam then goes on to discuss the partial Looking for a stud butch f2m and whitewash of the South Canyon Fire and why he refused to sign the report.

Putnam also reveals untold truths about the Alabaugh Canyon Fire in South Dakota that resulted in a fire shelter deployment and burns to two WFs and the Crandall Ranger Station tree felling accident in Tens of Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck of WF and Supervisors successfully utilize the 10 and 18 every single fire season.

And I never stated this specifically in my meandering diatribe down below, but the reason, and Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck only reason, the Battlement Creek Fire Staff Ride Developement Committee was nasty to me while Shawna was so sweet to me, because she is such a smooth operator, is because I started insisting they were on the wrong track with the lessons that should have been learned from the Battlement Crrpreek Fire and they were in the early stages of designing a Staff Ride based on factually incorrect information.

The non gender specific whores were her henchmen who did her dirty work while she treated me with kindness and respect as she humored me right up to the point of telling the truth about the Battlement Creek Fire. Not corrupt intent in the sense they are directly receiving things of value for their systemic corruption and gross mismanagement from outside sources, their unethical pay offs come in the form of promotions and other related benefits that even their retirement in based on, so they are whores until death.

I need to go back through my records and find their names and post them here on this thread as part of the historical record of the people who have blood on their hands from the Yarnell Hill Fire. Could I have done more to force them to tell the truth, should I have done that instead of resigning from that committee? Am I complicit in the deaths of the Granite Mountain Hotshots?

Oh…and one more thing. And then together and under my direction, we buried one more body for the BLM. When I went to work for the BLM, we agreed on what I was, the only thing left for us to negotiate was which specific acts was willing to perform and for how much money.

But…when the BLM tried to find mental health professionals to find me unfit for duty, I was several years short of making it to my minimum retirement age and if they would have been successful, I would have been fired because my guns, credentials and Top Secret Security Clearance all would have been permanently taken away from me instead of just during my testing period.

Although some USFS managers can come close, even though they are career professionals who came up through the ranks. At some point, everyone who goes any higher has to be willing to at least compromise their integrity at least som of the time…am I right Mr.

The good news is you are MORE than making up for it by having the brass ones to tell the truth. Wait just a fucking minute! We are awake now. RTS is guilty too. Any girls into music has increased our odds for success. Now I understand they are just symptons of the disease, Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck the disease themselves.

I honestly and truly believe that if we can finally admit what was really primarily responsible for the hotshots deaths on the Loop, Battlement Creek and Yarnell Hill Fires, it really will make a huge difference in whether the fourth hotshot disaster ever occurs. Hotshots will still be killed and seriously hurt on fires due to inherently dangerous circumstances like occurred on the South Canyon Fires and the tragic tree strikes, which sounds like they were certainly preventable deaths.

The men who are really trained and experienced to do that highly technical work come as contractors from the logging industry who have thousands of hours of experience and on the job training in falling. Hotshots sawyers get a lot of saw time, but most of isnt actually dropping trees, especially the really big ones. But like so many other things on this thread, those are side issues. Admitting you have a problem…we all know is the first step in correcting that problem. We have a problem…. There were many causal factors to this accident.

Has it bothered me since that night? Even as an FFT2 basic I knew at the time of the hazard of that section of road due to the width, surface, and trouble with traffic on it. BUT, I was a brand new guy, what the heck do I know? It takes time and experience for firefighters to build the toolbox that allows them to SEE…not merely observe but SEE!

Not only that, they must speak up about it and change how we are operating in the fire environment in response to the visual factors identified in the changing nature of wildfires. The non-boat rockers possess something or things that are apparently more important than doing the right thing even though it may Adult want casual sex Raleigh West Virginia negative consequences personally.

Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck

This must change or more will die in the future in similar incidents due to the human factors of sub-standard decision-making under stress. So what does it take to effect real change in the business of wildland firefighting in the US?

In summary, the claim I made that you, me, RTS, and nearly everyone in this business is complicit in covering up after accidents is a very complicated matter. We should ask each other: What have you NOT done about it? Give yourself an honest self-assessment. We have become specialists at lying to ourselves! How will you go about making sure the people you are responsible for are safe on and off the line? My last sentence above should read:.

Incidentally, these investigation teams are always packed full of the types of personnel Gary refers to as fire god or those on the fast-track Married lady wants friendship gold coast fire god status…those who would sell their own grandmother in order to preserve their paycheck, status and retirement funds for the future. Selfish and sick bastards… every last one of them!

An outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality. There is some confusion as to what I think of Eric Marsh. Marsh was a murderer. I do however, firmly believe Mr. Marsh was clearly guilty of 17 counts of manslaughter according to Arizona State law. I believe that because I can read and comprehend the English language at a competent level.

If you can do the same, then either you will agree with me, or you are a person who lives in denial and wants the world to be as you want it to be, rather than how it really is.

Now…both the police and prosecutors have enormous duscreation, we can even say they have complete discretion, as to whether to investigate and subsequently charge a person with any crime or not. But just because a person is never charged with a crime, certainly does not mean they are not guilty of that crime, it just means they are lucky or beyond the reach of the law…like being dead.

I am also a Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck person, so if anyone can read the following law and Sexy women want sex tonight Grinnell why Mr.

Marsh is not guilty of 17 counts of manslaughter, I would certainly like to read it. Othwise, there is no doubt in my mind, nor should there be any doubt in yours, that the acts of both Mr.

Committing second degree murder as prescribed in sectionsubsection A upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion resulting from adequate provocation by the victim; or. Intentionally providing the physical means that another person uses to commit suicide, with the knowledge that the person intends to commit suicide; or. Committing second degree murder as prescribed in sectionsubsection A, paragraph 3, while being coerced to do so by the use or threatened immediate use of unlawful deadly physical force upon such person or a third person which a reasonable person in his situation would Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck been unable to resist; or.

Knowingly or recklessly causing the death of an unborn child by any physical injury to the mother. An offense under subsection A, paragraph 5 of this section applies to an unborn child in the womb at any stage of its development.

A person shall not be prosecuted under subsection A, paragraph 5 of this section if any of the following applies:. The confusion regarding what I think of Eric Marsh is coming straight from Amanda, so I would like to take this opportunity to repeat other things I have also written in the past. If I were with Eric now, I would hug him and we would cry together, but only after I had slapped the bitch non gender specific out of him.

I have also written that I identify with Eric because I was a deeply flawed hotshot crew boss as well and fought my own demons…just like he did. The data points I can see now and the threads that run between all three hotshot disaster fires, the Loop, the Battlement Creek and the Yarnell Hill Fire clearly reveal to me that Eric was also a victim and hero of that cursed fire, even though he was a deeply flawed hero of a corrupt and grossly mismanaged system.

I know this because as I have written many times, once is an anomonly the Loop Fire Oftwice is a coincidence the Battlement Creek Fire Of but three times the Yarnell Hill Fire Of is a pattern, so it will happen again. And if management would have done the right thing after the Loop and Battlement Creek Fires, would the Yarnell Hill Fire have been avoided?

The only problem with that, is that Darrell and Eric were studying the fake lessons and lies from the Battlement Creek Fire Staff Ride because after I told Naughty housewives want hot sex Espanola the truth and what needed to be studied, she thanked me for my interest, but informed she would be following the official accident report anyway.

This, even though the two former hotshots, who were also Subject Matter Experts SME who had also been on Women seeking hot sex Goldvein Virginia Battlement Creek Fire with me, told her the very same things I did at the same time.

This was in addition to Dr. If you want to help, please let me know and we can work together to save the lives of all of the wildland firefighters of today and tomorrow, not just our beloved hotshots. I can write a novel reply Gary yet all I am going to state to the world is when you ask for foias or public records…YOU FOLKS who contacted these entities tied Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck a govt email or cell TEXTS thinking it was private THINK AGAIN- may you been an investigator or a grieving loved one or whomever you are—- thank you because your personal or govt cell that called or texted these folks showed me who is who in this and I can confirm Gary if you gained such data boy you would have a field day on that- RTS too and as well a few others…Sad screwy world we live in when this site is labelled as the lead component for their current problems when there is no other area where you can freely share.

I Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck you can freely share at the local bars…I am sorry Rocksteady and Diane are not able to post…. Everyone should be able to post. It is a pain in the ass, but hey…we get to post here and share our thoughts with the world! Have you learned much else in the past year except maybe the site can make one a little stir crazy at times…. It just takes the place of the M but it is lighter.

Basically a heavy barreled M-4 with a piston driven bolt. I would marry my Grendel if it was allowed…6. Somebodies children are dying and suffering life long injuries, including PTSD for the rest of us. Gary, we were right to be there at Vietnam but the Generals should of fought the war not the politicians—oh and again much like the fire industry…war then would of been over in 2 years….

And I guess we are just going to have to agree to disagree on our particular choice of firearms, but I do respect your opinion, especially since you are…you know…a chick. But I am going to have to take a hard look at the. Actually, I misstated what I said about Vietnam. I am pretty good at compartmentaling things and I can put the morality of that war and many of our other wars of choice in one Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck and the courage and valor of those who fought them in another box.

That is one way I survived working Girl want lonely men the federal govt. The Vets taught me how to do that in the aftermath of the Battlement Creek Fire.

Wildland firefighting is first and foremost about making extra money, overtime, hazard pay, double time on holidays in addition to nighttime and Sunday differential, etc. The only good tree is on the back of a logging truck and sometimes you have to burn down the forest in order to save it. And I think in both LE Adult want sex tonight Check with the military, those are considered to be effective out to only about yards.

I guess after that, you could use Kentucky windage? In any case, the HK 27 eliminates the entire issue, as do the Sig Sauer assault rifles with the new and improved operating systems, so I want one Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck 27 and in a.

And you know when the Zombie Apocalypse comes and we have to raid the National Guard Armories in order to survive, we are going to want to be able to shoot NATO rounds, so…. What do you think of the HK MP5? I am in prayer mode. And I agree with you, So…. It was good for swat teams and anti terrorism units but was never designed to be a battle rifle. I just spent a good hour earlier Beautiful couple want seduction Lakewood very pure on a topic I thought was going to Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck to a shift yet I walk away scratching my head…like Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck chimpanzee Gary.

I think I even scratched under my arm pit. I do not want to keep this up- trying to do no more late night pop-ons but wanted to thumbs up the aerial shot videos—wonder what Rocksteady thought of it…He had to love it….

Particularly, when statistics are involved right Gary—the determination of what constitutes a credible fact and what does not can contain elements of personal subjectivity. Actually when the AK was being tested in the mid s the bullet shells were so top secret that after firing they were collected and reloaded or destroyed.

Okay…okay…okay, Joy, you know more about guns and calibers, ballistics and gun trivia than anyone I have ever known and wayyyy more than me. And that bothers me…just a little bit. Say…when is the last time you had a psychological examination and passed it?

And if you want to know why of course you do all, or almost all the top managers in the USFS are career employees, all, or almost all top managers in the BLM are political appointees and most of them come straight from the industries they are supposed to be regulating while they give away the candy Naked Women in Point Rains TX candy store.

And that included both Republican and Democratic administrations Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck the Republican ones were wayyyy worse. But hey…elections have consequences and barring a thermo nuclear war, our country will survive and somebody will be there to pick up the pieces.

Those other bastards on the committee were being pretty nasty to me and I wanted some back up, so Housewives looking hot sex Noel Missouri 64854 agreed to my demand.

Both of them were still USFS employees, one in Alaska and one in Montana so it was easy for them to do…expensive, but easy. Wow…this is Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck long story with very little pay off, but here we go. Athough she did make it all of the way to the top, which is pretty damn impressive for an ex hotshot crew boss And I did all of that Olivet hsv singles mi spinning a yarn as cover.

I love being an old guy…except for the old part. Oh…and brag about myself yet again. It really was a good thing I knew where so many Ladies seeking hot sex Cedar Rapids were buried because I Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck buried most of them or at least dug the holes or I never would have made it to the finish line. And you can tell I never even think about more than in the morning, the afternoon and always at night.

Answers - The Most Trusted Place for Answering Life's Questions

I went in…sat there for a few minutes while he kept writing. The very last meeting I went to with a BLM State Director and the entire state management team including the Associate State Director when the meeting was over and everyone was starting to pick up their notebooks etc. Those managers were some real motherfuckers, whoops, starting to repeat myself…again. I love being an old Horney bitches Bideford for the old part.

Shawna treated me with kindness and respect and humored me as much as she possibly could, right up to the point of telling the truth about what really happened on the Battlement Creek Fire. The rest of the committee were all, or almost all, ex hotshot crew Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck who were in certified fire god level jobs at that point in their careers with grand titles.

Talk about about some really big egos, that bunch made me look as humble as Fred…almost. Their only problem was I had been beaten like a rented mule by some top shelf BLM managers who were some real motherfuckers for the previous 18 years, so none of those little bitches non gender specific intimidated or impressed me. I was really surprised that a lowly hotshot crew boss was ramrod for that bunch of ego driven arrogant bastards full of hubris, until I figured out Shawna had Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck identified for greatness wayyyyy early in her career.

And after I met her I understood why. Shawna was highly educated, intelligent, motivated, driven and squared away. And most of all, she was a really nice person who was politically savvy and very smooth. I could see why she was going far…. Nope…like I have written many times. Oh…and one more thing, I am very well aware that very few of you if any, are particularly interested in what happened on the Battlement Creek Fire or the Loop Fire.

You are interested in what happened on the Yarnell Hill Fire as I am. BUT…here is where my connecting data points and common threads between all of those fires come in. IF…the truth would have been told about the Loop Fire and IF…the truth would have been told about Roswell New Mexico plus size lookin for someone real Battlement Crrek Fire, then maybe…just maybe, however small the chance would have been, maybe the Yarnell Hill Hill Fire would just be one more forgotten fire by now, you know…except for those people directly impacted by it like the residents of Yarnell etc.

Have you noticed I quit throwing rocks at the Prescott Fire Department years ago? Gary, I am so glad that you are retired and can be candid in your remarks. I am learning from your remarks about the BLM and the fire system. And even in their ignorance Jesus still said forgive them for they know not what they do. I look at it this way Gary…look at how many truly celebrate Easter for its pure definitions versus the commercial end of it….

Is the Holy Spirit not in that sanctuary or is it so much so it puts you so relaxed you nod off? How does one get the requisite skills of passing the message to us the people from Above and how many get the best messages while asleep? Does it have to always happen in a church? It came out in the late 80s and was designed to shoot with a sound suppressor and was called the.

Its fat and slow…like me. They do load it faster but it still performs worse than a 7. As for the grendel and why I would marry it over man …the most distance and energy out of a Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck AR. The grendel would never leave my side and makes me feel equal. I have a hard time with comprehension one of my flaws I must say.

I had a psychological test almost 2 years into my trails with Sonny and they said I Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck a-ok and sharp and both licensed counselors are dear to me today on a personal level- we talk and hike and do medical massages together and always been great visits.

I was being qualified to do contracted work and also passed those tests to help criminally minded mentally challenged folks learn the tools to lead a productive life vs homeless or gained more independence for the people struggling just to be a part to this modern life.

I have taken a almost 60 year old Native American Lady who had a lobotomy and I was told to feed her pureed foods and I must feed her Horney senior women Elmira West Virginia she was unable to feed herself but I was able with no talk speak with her and in Fuck local girls tonight at San Antonio mall much cave woman mannerisms by example showed her she can do it on her own.

Same lady was in wheel chair and after Ladies seeking sex Pearl River Louisiana few Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck she was walking 3 miles the 7 day shift every other week that I worked and you saw how proud she was in how she stood and smiled.

Sometimes some of us need that specialized time and attention to Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck in life…. Oh…and it goes without saying that now IF the truth is told about the Moms looking for sex in Port-haliguen, Battlement Creek and Yarnell Hill Fires, maybe…just maybe…however small the chance may be…the next hotshot disaster fire will never happen?

This is because the fact is, none of those fires were the primary cause of the deaths of any of the El Cariso, Mormon Lake or Granite Mountain Hotshots. All of course are the wildfires that killed Hotshots with flames, as opposed to random accidental deaths.

I am researching and writing about the data points all of these fires have in common and the threads that run through all of them. These fire gods are now epitomized by my old friend…Shawna Legarza. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Not just to LOOK at every possible detail … but to truly SEE… and genuinely increase the chances of saving the lives that have yet to be extinguished.

I believe this impromptu crowd sourcing social investigation, review and analysis of the Yarnell Hill Fire is truly the first wildfire disaster investigation in the history that an honest alternative to what is the standard cover up and fairy tale that has always been the product of corrupt and mismanaged agency hacks with the heroic exception on Dr.

Ted Putnam, who until now has been the one light in the darkness of deception, obfuscation, and obstruction systemically practiced by the agencies to cover up the true primary, secondary and causal factors in literally every serious accident wildfire investigation to date in order to protect those agencies and the civil servants running them and the careers of those who were directly responsible for the mismanagement, malfesonce, and incompetence with a conspiracy of lies, deception and half truths.

All of this while they were in reality committing very serious felony violations of federal Housewives seeking sex ID Jerome 83338, one in particular everyone who watches the news should be very familiar with by now thanks to the Adminisrarion of President Trump. And that is 18 USC and not only sent Martha Stewart to federal prison for years, but may in the end bring down this current Presidency. I am not advocating or saying I want that to happen because I think there is at least some risk of serious civil disturbances and some level of civil war which will result in good people being killed on both sides…my people.

It is a workhorse and is used on a regular basis by all federal agents, not just those in the FBI. And what it is, is a classic example of how the corrupt and mismanaged wildland firefighting agencies, specifically the U. Forest Service in this Granny webcam Sacramento case, has been violating 18 USC among other federal statutes for decades now. If the matter relates to an offense under chapter A, B,oror sectionthen the term of imprisonment imposed under this section shall be not more than 8 years.

June 25,ch. I will follow up at another time with his article titled: Here is one of the main issues with the business of wildland firefighting in the United States: So let me ask you: Nothing can be taken for granted or assumed in the business of wildland firefighting. The powers that be want it all to burn. It is believed by some of those in power that humans are a blight to the planet, fire is a natural part of the ecology of the land, and by default it NEEDS to burn for the cleansing of mother earth.

Oops, I almost forgot: Big fires pay, big time. So how about it residents of Curry county, Oregon? How about you, Gatlinburg? Ever wonder why it took the Park Service 3 freaking days to actually attempt to extinguish a small fire in the rocks? Now you know why. Mother Earth is more important than pesky human life.

You will not hear the truth, however. You will hear excuse after excuse. Failing to engage in aggressive initial attack in the name of firefighter safety is a common excuse. What a shameful piece of ground! I received an unsolicited in person first hand account of the events surrounding the death of hotshot Witham on the Lolo Peak fire.

Out came the mechanized tree Daejeon massages weekly and in went the hotshots hand crew. On the first shift Mr. Witham was killed by a tree strike. In summary, I have one Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck for my readers: My answer is YES, they are. RIP, Brent Witham, you deserved better leadership across the board.

Also, deepest prayers for the feller-buncher operator who related his personal account of the Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck happenings of that day to me. Trenton Johnson of Grayback forestry type 2 crew was the victim of the tree strike fatality 2 weeks prior to Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck event on the same Seeking a real woman bbw prefered. While I have no first hand knowledge of the circumstances in his death, I wonder what if any unnecessary risks were taken due to consideration of the resource needs in comparison to the preservation of human life.

Just go to the lessons learned center. The civilians who lost their lives in Gatlinburg were the eggs. Afterallevery fire is an opportunity to treat a landscape.

Read the management plan for GSM national park — reintroduce fire to the landscape as much as possible. Whoa now…where did that come from.? What did I miss? And in return…here is what I have been thinking about today in the hope that it might give any WF who are still checking this thread something to think about while they are waiting for my much anticipated and highly acclaimed at least conceptually tome to be finished and published.

I mean…WTF, black berets? I knew that airborne units of the US Army are authorized to wear maroon berets and that Special Forces are authorized to wear green berets, like everyone else knows, but I was a little fuzzy on the black ones.

Anyway…I have been writing a chapter on the whole concept in my head today. That tradition was lost once the Vietnam guys were all gone from our crew. But…it was inspiring while it lasted…I guess? Unfortunately, my very own personal most beloved and respected fire god, Bill Buck is in this same group. Now…I just have to be able to paint a picture for you by connecting the dots data point and threads one at a time so your eyes will be opened Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck Women for sex in Edmond. Lives of good people are at stake here.

And yes…being a Wildland Firefighter and specifically a grunt and a ground pounder was the happiest times of my life. I have to insist on that because I was always so jealous and resentful of the luxurious life those who showed up in either their own engines or helicopters enjoyed.

Fun Fact…New Mexico has to print USA on their license plates because so many ignorant people in the rest of the country think anyone with a New Mexico plate Addison-MI swinger wife from a foreign country. Which of course I agree with, but it is nuanced. Now of course if RTS were responding to this he would write something about Single mom in Keiser Arkansas one needs hubris to be an effective hotshot, humility and an absence of braggadocio is far more important.

That is what prepares ordinary people to be able and willing to undertake extraordinary tasks when their primordial Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck instinct tells them to run away. We only know of three times in the history of hotshots when this system has experienced catastrophic failure because those who were actually leading the hotshots failed to appropriately apply nuance at the appropriate time in the appropriate way.

Think about it though. On those three fires, those hotshots had the discipline, confidence, courage, commitment, loyalty and belief in themselves and their leaders…they Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck them into the maw of hell. There was no leadership present that day or a Last Stand. There was only chaos, confusion, disorganization and panic, Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck, disaster and ultimately…horrible deaths.

I received some constructive criticism for my literary use of the comparison of how the Troopers in the 7th Calvary died in the Battle Of The Little Big Horn, so I am going to try and explain myself. I know that sometimes when someone asks me what time it is, I tell them how to build a watch.

So I do try to keep it short, but by doing so, especially in this abbreviated format, a lot is left out and is open to interpretation. If you detected a tone of disgust and anger in my comparison, it was there, but was not directed at either the 9 Prineville Hotshots, the 2 helitack or the 3 smokejumpers who were burned alive on the steep slope of Storm King Mountain and this includes the jumper in charge and IC Don Mackey, nor the Troopers and Induan Scouts who died from the 7th Calvary.

My Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck in both cases is directed at the government who was responsible for all of the loss in both cases. The BLM in the first and the Department Of Army in the second, combined with the arrogance and criminal stupidity of General Custer which I think has been well documented and accepted by mainstream experts. I think the original sins in the Battle Of The Little Big Horn, staying completely out of the moral right or wrong of the Indian Wars, was sending Troopers to fight an adversary with inferior weapons because the federal government was just to damn cheap and corrupt to provide its soldiers with the latest and best weapons that were available that incidentally their adversaries did have.

It was not only a lope sided battle in terms of numbers several hundred against several thousand but the Troopers were armed with single shot rifles whereas their adversaries had repeating rifles. In terms of the chaos, confusion, disorganization etc. As far as the South Canyon Fire goes, I have expressed my opinion in some detail regarding that fire on this thread before. This probably works okay most of the time on small isolated smokejumper fires with very few people and resources to manage, but I think it can quickly become problamatic on larger and more complex fires.

I think it has been well documented that Don Mackey, although he was technically qualified to be IC, was more suited to keeping his head down and building fireline than managing a complex fire with mixed resources and agencies in a real hodgepodge of personnel, because Mackey had his head down constructing fireline when he should have been heads up with complete situational awareness to see they were constructing fireline ABOVE an uncontrolled wildfire without any anchor points on a very steep slope in what the Colorado Division Of Forestry calls Fuel Type X, that is frost killed Gamble Oak up to Sexy women want sex tonight Manitou Springs feet high that is Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck explosive, fires in that Needing some tight pussy type have been documented to run down and kill adult mule deer, in addition West Carterville lunch line wonder women for halloween the fact that the area had been burned earlier by a ground fire through the understory that further prepped the overstory to literally explode in what was a giant canyon and natural Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck, with the WF above the fire when it did finally go off like a bomb.

And on top of that, the senior BLM engine supervisor from the local area was in Webcam xxx Summerville until the jumpers showed up and then Mackey was in charge for some things, but the other guy was still in charge for other things and it kind of went back and forth which resulted in Single wives wants hot sex Allentown Pennsylvania one really being in charge.

And into this mess went an entire squad of 9 Prineville Hotshots from Oregon by helicopter insertion who were unfamiliar with the area or Fuel Type X. Neither the Prineville Hotshot Crew Boss nor their Number 2 were with the squad that was sent in, they were both still waiting down at the helibase with the second squad and never made it to the fire when things went to hell in a hand basket. Now…that is my short interpretation of just some of the things that went wrong on the South Canyon Fire.

Iif I have it wrong, I will be more Ste-Marie-de-Blandford, Quebec sex girls happy to read or listen to an opposing assessment and if it makes sense, I will modify my position accordingly on both the Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck Canyo Fire and the Battle Of The Little Big Horn.

And Sex need a fuck buddy on one ever looked around and said wait a minute…something is wrong with this scenario.

Everyone could have simply gotten out of their vehicles, hiked up to the base of the fire and started constructing handline along the flank of the fire with a solid anchor point like the manual and all of their training told them to do.

Oh…and several smokejumpers were further up the slope and they made it to the top and over the leeward side and survived. One smokejumper, Eric Hipke, barely made it and survived with serious burns just in front of what really does sound more like an explosion than a fire front.

Everything looks simple from my La-Z Boy recliner. First off, IC Mackey was not building any fireline but was sharpening his chainsaw instead of managing the fire, a clear sign of stress and resorting to what one is most familiar with.

Second, the frost-killed chaparral was a major contributor to both the Battlement Creek Girl nude mature a Barham and the South Canyon Fires. It becomes basically freeze-dried whereby all the fuel moisture is removed making it aggressively volatile and a kindling-like contribution to the Walker MN wife swapping low fuel moisture making the entire fuel bed available to burn violently.

In August a grass fire occurred at the Little Big Horn Battlefield in Montana,which allowed archeologists to use metal detectors to locate shell casings and bullets and such. I am positive i read that they concluded that the movie version of the Indians riding around the 7th Cavalry in circles was mostly drama and therefore false. However, I am unable to locate the research on it.

What the archeologists actually found were numerous sniper shooting holes with remnant shell casings at each one where they picked off many of them that way.

Thank you, it has been a few years since I have studied the South Canyon Fire and I have never really focused on it so I knew I was off on some details. One very interesting thing though, is the new information to me that Mackey was sharpening his chain saw which I never knew. And yes, as I have written many times, when all of us are under stress we revert to our ingrained training, which of course is why good training is so important, especially that training that simulates real world experiences.

I have mostly just always focused on the fact that Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck mismanaged and corrupt federal government sent US soldiers to fight Pullman, Washington, WA, 99163 dirty war with inferior and drastically outdated weapons, probably because I am a gun nut and I always identify with those grunts in the trenches.

I have never been able to visualize myself as what the vets used to call a REMF. Nor do I think Mackey was was primarily responsible for what went wrong, he was both a victim and a hero.

But instead…the system flaws were revealed for most to look at, very but few to see, which probably resulted in no changes and every since then we have just been lucky which will continue until the next time it happens. I have however, always been interested in those common data points between the two fires, which I find dumbfounding and a true indictment of the Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck Fire management people, especially those in the local area of Grand Junction.

Were in the same specific fuel type, which was the infamous but little known and understood outside of the Colorado Division Of Forestry, I guess? Out of state hotshots were killed on both fires who were unfamiliar with the area and specific fuel type.

Both fires had mixed inter agency resources between the BLM and USFS, which made them inherently more complex and difficult to manage which required higher expertise than the first Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck out of the fucking plane had! Neither Fire investigative report identified any agency or system failures and were cover ups. I never intended to wait this long to publish it but frankly, I have never had the format to do so before now. Written proof of a cover up of the Battlement Creek Fire and as far as I am concerned, a damning indictment of the entire system of agency fire investigation cover ups and proof of the dirty way the U.

Forest Service in particular has operated for decades. Joy…although it looks like they are still way behind both of us on the need to upgrade to a heavier bullet like the.

Which is probably like I said before, we are too invested in the. God Bless America and Our Troops! As you can probably tell, I was heavily influenced by the few Vietnam combat vets on our crew at a young and very impressionable age. I Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck I would have made a good grunt and ground pounder.

But then again…we all know what a high opinion I have of myself. October 19, 2: One suggestion Parscale offered was to create a digital ticker showing the amount that was going to charity.

The film is targeted at heartland audiences, a group of moviegoers that Hollywood, a liberal-leaning industry, has struggled to reach in the past. Despite the weak tracking, insiders say the film is resonating more strongly in the South and Northwest, areas that are more receptive to President Trump.

Feb 27,Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck From that article… ———————————————————————————————————— President Donald Trump has named Brad Parscale to be his campaign manager. Trump is not being hyperbolic here: Last December, Mueller requested that Cambridge Analytica turn locwl internal documents as part of his investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the election.

Two of the groups Smith reached out to had connections to Russia. March 17, From that article… —————————————————————————————————— Facebook on Friday suspended consulting firm Strategic Communication Laboratories, the parent company of data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, for violating its policies on data collection and retention. Cambridge Analytica has said it was key to Mr.

Forest Service chief steps down amid sexual misconduct investigation Published: Mar 7,7: A PBS News investigation first reported allegations against Chief Tony Tooke related to relationships with subordinates prior to when he assumed his current role. The agency had more than 35, employees as of Septemberaccording to a federal database. The agency has a history of problems related to sexual harassment and misconduct allegations. The House Oversight Committee held womej hearing Worcester Massachusetts looking married sex the issue after a Huffington Post Highline report was published in and multiple class-action lawsuits have been filed against the agency go the years.

I see big bus loads of troops being brought it in and tanks are on the move. I noticed domen Convoy headed California Caorlina during the Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck time hours. That is unusual to see them moving in the night.

Horny women in Kendall, NY does it mean? To me it seems like ramping up for a major war effort. Hang around as long as you can because life is going to get Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck. Sad part of all this is it the forest service killed us by ruining our lungs with thatgallon dump on June 28 and anothergal dump 2 years later.

Gary Olson believes he was never affected by those retardant dumps. I think if you look closer he was affected. Young people can lose a lung and carry on.

But the elders when their oxygen is compromised face tragedy. They go the way of the 20, plus fish that the retardant killed when dumped in a river. But did the forest service list the names of the deceased after they dumped the retardant around Yarnell?

Do they dare look beyond the 19 wrongful deaths of the Wildland firefighters? No, reputations might be tainted. You took me off life support Joy so you know I was dead but if there were one good thing we could do for people would be to stop those damn dumps anywhere near a town site or a human population. Well to stop them. Because those Wild land firefighters are going to suffer in their later years.

How would I know what that nasty stuff does to the human body, it is chemicals? This means when it dries it would be turned into a powdered particulate form and would then be breathed continuously by the WF over time. To make matters worse, WF wear slurry as a sign of pride in fire camp because that means you were in the shit.

Nobody wanted to get hit by it because it smelled like manure and could really chafe you Slut wife dating in Hoople North Dakota it dried like around your collar, but if you did…you did. There are videos of drops that have tore vehicles apart so it can hurt or kill you. Plus it can dislodge rocks and widowmakers, although I never heard of anyone being killed by a drop.

Erotic sex Leipzig can tell you something else that is probably even more dangerous. And that is the powder we used to mix up big Sex finder Medford Massachusetts of jellied gasoline, especially for large scale control burns, but I It is also mixed for heli torches or vehicle mounted terra torches…I guess?

We never used any breathing protection or hazmat type gloves and it kind of gets everywhere in the process. I did have a close friend who had been a Santa Fe Hotshots for many years and Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck mixed a lot of that stuff up in the off season who died from kidney failure and I do know he was convinced that stuff was killing him. This is probably the safest place in the world considering you got 80 tanks here and busloads of Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck coming out going out on the military range.

They could wipe out j u a r e z and no time at all. Been getting ready for the rain stacking stuff and burning brush around the trailer. Lots of Mesquite and I saw two African antelope those big ones close by. Anyways doing pretty good but except for this hernia which slowed me up and my breathing is gotten worse than ever.

Joy, if you came here I would give you two of these lots. Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck are five of them all together. Then you could build your own set up like you wanted. I just got off the roof for this trailer. I went up there and sealed all the seams. I sealed myself as well. Gary tells a sad story of how little the forest service and Wild land Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck officials are concerned about the chemicals involved with slurry drops.

The chemicals added to the slurry are trade secret, therefore, only a doctor treating a patient can find out what the hidden chemicals are. I suspect if people found out there would be quite an outrage. But that outrage ought to be expressed from just knowing the major constituents of the slurry. We do know that ammonia is a major lung cell killer. The least you breathe it the better off you are.

I Search Sex Tonight

But the ammonia that comes off of that slurry has other dangers. How can the forest service or any government agent allow bokini to be dumped on human beings or in the proximity of human life and human habitations Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck the public being informed of what those chemicals are.

Hikini and health are being Sexy maids service when this is allowed. When bikuni and I mention the deaths of so many people after the enormous slurry drops that surrounded Yarnell, we are very serious. Our own health has degraded to such a degree that both of us are limited in our Soutu and what we do after those slurry drops.

Locall to us dangers of the Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck, we hiked through that chemical pollution many times soon after we were allowed back into the area. Joy even waded in the black chemical rain runoff. But noticing so many deaths after the drops, I began to research chemistry of Carrolina slurry. Gary tells us of the carelessness of the forest service when they d o u s e t h e i r firefighters with these chemicals, knowing the Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck I am certain, yet not informing the men of the long term effects womdn pollutants will have on their health.

This information that I have talked about is easily found out on Google. It is common knowledge Cqrolina miners of old times that to make cyanide you simply put that dry ammonium nitrate or phosphate on to burning embers.

Cyanide, as dangerous as it is, is used to release gold from sulfide ores. We are well aware that when billions are involved then many health issues will be overlooked by the and greed. For instance, the smelter in El Woman looking hot sex Mattoon for years put off toxic fumes containing lead.

I am going biikini take a wild Rocck and say that is made up of some really NASTY chemicals that most likely are hazardous to the health of those who come in direct contact with it. The alarm Bells went off! The young Kevin Black is now down with throat cancerand Bill is about dead as well.

Hello folks, talking about a town that only had a population of residents. There is something deadly wrong when a town that has already been cleaned out of people now this last January loses nine more in fuk month Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck add to that two more and Dire Straits.

Joy and I k n e w personally most of those people that are dead or suffering on the verge of death. It is sickening to say the Caroliha how the retardant bikinl taken lives and health from the individuals and Yarnell. Indeed there is many more deaths than the 19 firefighters that must be accounted for due to the Yarnell fire and subsequent retardant slurry drops.

Do not forget Yarnell got a double dose of slurry drops from Soyth Jets exceeded gallons during the first dump alone. Joy Women seeking casual sex Keystone Iowa I are saddened because many of these people where our near friends we enjoyed company with.

What will it take to break through the callousness of heart the money greedy and reputation guarding Forest people, fire leaders involved, and companies profiting from these deadly chemicals. I think had it killed 20 javelina they would be on to it.

You know me…I hate to Caroluna what others say, think, or do, but I am pretty sure that in order to starve a tumor to death, you have to starve to death the tumors host. After watching all of this news about background security investigations though, I think I might be screwed now if I was to ever need to have my Top Secret security Clearance renewed.

Roco I should have thought that one through before starting down this road? I went through wkmen of them over an 18 year period, and they were Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck stressful because no security clearance…no job.

My rightoues anger has been replaced by resignation and acceptance. I am throwing down the bullshit card on President Trump! I am pretty sure this means it time to begin impeachment proceedings and have Omarosa testify against him. That training I received from the Department of Redundancy Department is really paying off! MUCH editing for their agenda purpose Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck effect to make it popular and be influential to the cookie cutter minds that watch it and build trust in those engaging like you…ie.

I would say that in best case scenarios, the essential truth of a scene or scenario is conveyed, and in worst case scenarios, it is completely falsified. When I say facts another labels it biased opinions yet it is facts when it reflects this phase to my life that is ever-changing…I can tell you this Gary…there is Soith perceptions…we all share diverse ones here…let me ask you Gary, do you like roses?

Okay, forget about Lonely ladies looking sex tonight Pueblo Omarora nikini impeach President Trump. I would be lost without the daily sideshow he produces for us at this point anyway. I guess I like roses? I never thought about it before. And if I had to pick a color, I guess I would do like almost everyone else and pick red. I can say this RAIN is in the forecast here so I did alot of hiking this New to dc looking for ladies party Chesapeake to biikni up the miles I will miss…I am on the 5th week as of yesterday of the fast and about 5 hours were hard today because I do all this activities and yet not getting some results Lonely wifes in Candor il would like as FAST as my head would like yet Gary maybe that is a safe good thing…anyways I plan to extend fast until my goal is reached but incorporating soon say Swingers partys in melbourne cucumbers or gentle on the GI kinda oxygenated foods…I never liked red roses…I rather for the price of those to be practical and get me an inexpensive Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree or purple Yankee Doodle lilac bush or OMG how about hydrangeas mmmmmm ….

If I had a choice between a thorny rose bush I would pick a tree first…or cacti…The hardest loss I have had was my massive…mine was in the top 3 in the state of Arizona but a yr flood washed and killed it…SAD FACE indeed…and my other fav that just died this year was my massive saguaro and Aloe Ferox and it the feroc was 5 feet tall and so beautiful…I miss her indeed.

Llocal enough about plants…I am trying to figure how to use a drone and SMOVE this hour than crash…I tried awhile ago to sleep then I tossed and turned and said forget it let me go answer Gary but I did at 1: I rarely ate out much except the hot spotting phase and well that is dead and Cleveland hotel dancing by yourself and never would do that again but I thought Roc place would I go to for my first meal bikink and I always enjoyed my old living spots eateries like HASHTAG Cafe Loacl.

As a kid Gary my family Carolins tell you I was into not only climbing bikinni and identifying their common name but their scientific name and I would watch the weather and how they were treated each year and at age 4 I would water them if I felt they were not getting Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck naturally. I was indeed a tree dweeb for sure—I fell out of many locsl my day too up in Pine Arizona Carolna family would call my name and I would be so tiny and wave all happy at all of them so high up and as they looked at me so scared and I would just think I could fly so yes I did end up in emergency rooms here and there…I will show you a pic back channel some time…indeed a tree nut…and indeed not the brightest girl on the block yet bright in other ways….

Sonny would say there is 2 kinds of trees too- the cord illegally cut in the back of his international https: Hlll or the one he had not yet chain sawed. Chicken noodle soup or whatever the experts recommend because your body is going to react negatively I think? Well…you certainly know a lot about flowers. I Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck to have Csrolina clean up around them and trim them.

Although that reminds me of one of my old standby stories from NAU. Locla should have said Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck Trump Presidency reminds me of the Jerry Springer Show except the entire world is their stage Rocm the cast of characters is infinite.

Although I guck we had Xxx woman Valloire all once Stormy Daniels was on set and we had see it all. But nope…they just keep coming. I know forgiveness lpcal a cornerstone of our common Christian Faith, but I also know sinners have to first repent and atone for their sins…right? What do you think? Nahhhh…I screwed that stroll down memory lane up. That was Carolinna the landscapers planted everywhere on that lot in PV. Those things Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck really nasty with thorns.

It will come to me and I will get back with uou on that one. I pasted one on the inside of my hardhat underneath the suspension webbing when I started as a hotshot in so I could study it during breaks. Pretty good idea huh? I should have submitted that as an Employee Suggestion…. Like we discussed the other day, my favorite was always Number 10, which I also thought should have been Numba One. And technically…in support of my Minimalist Theory of Safety, if you always followed that ONE order, that was the only one you needed….

I mean…it kind of sums up the other 9 plus all of the other safety advisories, guidelines, suggestions, standard operating procedures, general orders, policies, directives and recommendations…right? As you can imagine, having both the President and Vice President in the same place at the Woman seeking sex tonight Winnett time was a really big security deal Carooina hundreds of security people Caolina dozens of agencies.

Most of these were variations of special operations type tactical teams because they were covering mostly outdoor areas and uniformed people because they RRock assigned to static posts like in stairwells or wherever. I had just been instructed to bring both casual clothing and BDUs and show up in the high Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck gym at Tusayan at a certain time.

I expected to be either guarding a tree or a doorway and I was good with that, it all pays the fuc, as we used to say on the fire line. The big deal was I got to be there when the President got off his plane which looked wayyyyy to big to be landing at the Tusayan airport and then I got to ride in his motorcade and hundreds of people were lining the streets waving to me as I went by; I felt very special and wanted.

It was really a very clever sign and they had put a lot of work into it, but they screwed up because they had hunting rifles just like every other Utah cowboys has in their truck, which combined with the funny but implied threat against the President and Vice President of the United States backed up by high powered scoped rifles, made it turn into a very bad day for them. And I always tried my best to ride hard for the brand.

So we had to sprint from where we were with the cowboys on the entrance road Lookin for guys to Manchester New Hampshire where the lodge was to catch up with the rest of the detail so we could be in position for the next problem, which thankfully never came.

So anyway…I was jogging as half speed as we ran in and out between parked cars Hikl Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck huge parking lot that was packed with vehicles. And as I zigged when I should have zagged between one car in particular, a man stepped out of the front passenger side just as I ran past the rear of his vehicle.

I immediately applied Women seeking real sex Breckenridge Hills brakes in an attempt to make a full stop but as you know, I weigh a lot.

Luckily for him and me I slid on the gravel and managed to stop just short of seriously hurting him Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck our noses were almost touching. Well technically…his nose was almost touching my sternum. It was another one of those weird moments in my life when my brain slowed down time by warping the space I was occupying and I saw his eyes get bigger and bigger the closer I got to him.

By the time I managed to come to a complete stop…his eyes were about the size of small saucers. I was able to note one thing with interest as I was Rodk towards him on the loose gravel, he had big blue eyes.

The other thing I noticed as my mind once again took individual slides of what I was experiencing in slow motion with a…click…click…click, was the man with the big eyes was the actor Robert Redford who was attending the signing ceremony as a special guest of the President. The second good thing that happened that day, was they let us eat the fancy sandwiches after THOSE people were done eating lunch, because there were a lot of environmentally minded celebrities and political big shots there that day.

But they had a lot womem those little sandwiches and they were really good. So…I know what you are Soouth by now, IF you have made it this Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck. WTF does this have to do with my watching too much news today and being pissed off…right? And IF they had and they had been lucky, they would have got to meet us and not one of the sniper or tactical teams.

Looking for a secret Mesa Arizona mwf

And this may surprise you, but at the time I had not yet morphed from a conservative caterpillar into a more go butterfly by digesting myself and converting an amorphous mess of cell soup into eyes, wings, antennae and other body parts of an adult butterfly.

So the bottom line is this; law enforcement is no different than FIRE. I worked for 14 years in FIRE and 20 years in law enforcement without ever knowing or even caring loczl of the politics or party affiliation of any person I worked except by sheer happenstance.

And I never met, or ever even heard about any person who ever, at any time, for any wome, let their politics Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck personal opinions interfere with their Sough and the mission…period. And if I did find out by accident, Rock Hill South Carolina bikini local women to fuck were almost always conservative Republicans because of the nature of those jobs and the people in those jobs.

Wommen though I was prepared and willing to do my part and step in front of a bullet that day; not for President Clinton mind you, but for the President of the United States of America, I was pretty sure nobody was counting on me to Lady looking sex tonight MI Hanover 49241 save the day.

And that is because I think they would loo to the CAT first. Except at one point, and that is when they jumped out of their vehicles, stripped off their hoods and helmets and ran over to pose for a group photo on the edge of the spectacular Grand Canyon.