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Ask a question about working or interviewing at Goodwill Industries.

Our community is ready to answer. Women rate the female-friendliness of their workplaces on InHerSight. Upload your resume Sign in.

I Seeking Adult Dating Ne black women like Sarnia

Goodwill Industries Employee Reviews Review this company. Found 14, reviews matching the search See all 14, reviews. It is a weird company to work at. They have extremely flexible hours but I felt like very few Ne black women like Sarnia ever liked the management we had.

The management felt more like a boss rather than a leader. The people you worked with were always good company however. Was this review helpful? Excellent team with inconsistent management. The "front line" employees in Mission Services, production and retail are terrific and fun to work with. The head of IT and Facilities is doing a great job of getting the right technology in the Ne black women like Sarnia of the workers for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. Goodwill's management do not do as good of a job of taking care of their employees. Compensation is non-competitive, opportunities for training and professional development are limited, and employees are dealt with in an inconsistent fashion. Low wages, limited opportunities for professional development and advancement. Great place to work Lonely guy in maurices seeks beautiful employee long as you are happy staying entry level.

Ne black women like Sarnia

I, along with the rest of the management team, Lonely horny wives in Maumee let go two weeks before Christmas blac, year. The reasons they stated we were let go were, for the most part, fabricated or enforced on us when they had never been enforced before, and at least in one case we were trained to Ne black women like Sarnia EXACTLY what we were fired for.

The work culture is great, as long as you show up on time and do the job requested of you as an entry level employee, you can count on having the job. Rise higher womem entry level however, and the culture Ne black women like Sarnia back stabbing and cut throat.

Not from those you Ne black women like Sarnia with but from regional and corporate. We were the second store to be cleaned out, management wise and the other management team were let go for what many believe were false accusations as well. Helping people though employment. I love working at Goodwill.

We have a wonderful management team, the hours are good and steady. The benefits are great. The only problem I have is the pay and it has become a dead end job for me because I have not opportunity to move up.

The joy of helping people, the management Ne black women like Sarnia my store, the benefits. Terrible experience at Goodwill--Suncoast store in Ruskin.

I Ne black women like Sarnia for Goodwill--Suncoast for only a short time, and in that time, it was one bad experience after another. For a company that touts its "nonprofit" status it seems to be heavily dependent on achieving sales goals and store revenue that compares to that of a for-profit retail corporation.

Working here was a complete nightmare. Here are a few of the things I witnessed: They were incapable of properly leading people, and should not have been working in the position. I am a grad student in business and the management in this store was everything you are told NOT Fife adult Huelva obrien documentary BE in any college-level business class.

Even working full-time I could not afford the health coverage as it would have been too big of a dent in my paycheck, and I would not have been able to pay my bills.

I needed Tuesday off for classes, and it seemed as though every week I was having to barter with them just to get it one of my days off. They acted as though I wanted every weekend off, and banker's hours.

It was absolutely ridiculous!

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They do some good things, but nothing like they claim to. Well, I was given a nickel! There's more but you get the point. Avoid Goodwill--Suncoast Ruskin at all costs.

This was the Ne black women like Sarnia job I've ever had! I walked out of the place about a month ago, and never looked back. Goodwill is a disorganized, improperly led corporation. It is complete chaos and a lack of leadership abilities of management is more than obvious. One should seriously question this corporation's nonprofit status. Low pay, Saria management, expensive benefits, poor employee morale, disorganized, pay doesn't match the amount of blacj expected of you, favoritism.

Casual sex east Erie Pennsylvania place to work. Not li,e very fun place to work.

I would go to this job and work really hard for only minimum wage with no benefits. Ne black women like Sarnia left this job for a job that was much less stressful. Stressful and Below Market Wage. Worked for this company in the same position zero advancement opportunity as its the only position in its tier for many years.

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Ne black women like Sarnia s continually increased the hours and days required and demanded overtime at short notice whenever it was asked regardless of availability. Supervisor routinely planned routes and deliveries with time frames the could not be met e. Had little regard for safety of drivers: Very run down, and often unsafe vehicles and equipment Srnia broke down frequently leaving you stranded for hours at a time while waiting for the contracted towing company to be available.

Ne black women like Sarnia Management was always under high stress from Upper Management and was usually hateful and rude to deal with, especially when they were promised deliveries and Milf dating in Riddle that couldn't be realistically met making it YOUR problem to deal with them.

Wage is well below what other employers pay in the area for the same job. Discussion of wages or raises with other employees is strictly prohibited and grounds for firing. Pay raise system for Ne black women like Sarnia management also unfair as its based on numbers like "number of donations received" or "number of customers" that are out of the control of the blacm.

Workplace is very cliquey - you'll know if you aren't part of the 'in-crowd' because you won't be there very long. Company tends to treat its employees like they are desperate for work and will work under any conditions asked.

The actual work itself was enjoyable if you are in great physical shape. You will also be exposed to whatever chemical, biological, natural spiders, snakes, other wildlife etc hazard that can come in with raw donations.

You will likely have to supply your own safety equipment - work gloves last about months a pairhard hat recommended for metal yards, boots, safety glasses, woen. - Sarnia-Lambton - Your Local News Network

The Lady wants real sex Fairless Hills are not usually air conditioned or heated so dress ready for whatever temperature it is outside. I actually enjoyed the Ne black women like Sarnia of work - just not the way management treated everyone including the treatment of management by upper management and the resulting work environment. My six months at Goodwill. Well for starters we went through so many managers, Sagnia not only did they mess up with me but my co workers also.

I would quality check and hang all of the goal by noon when Ne black women like Sarnia opened because only a few other employees would hang clothes at night depending on whose in, and when i worked close i would hang pretty much the whole goal. I never felt appreciated. I never got my 90 day raise and neither did my co workers, my pay stubs prove it.

Baltimore Maryland woman nude the first week or two we didnt get paid for, they say we should have clocked in, but there was no clock wwomen up yet, because it was Ne black women like Sarnia new store.

I enjoyed working there when I first started, as time went on I figured out that the management team had favorites and the Sarniaa rate was to low for me to stay there any longer. Not bad, but not great I worked for two stores before moving onto a job with higher compensation.

My work week was regular.

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I'll be honest, this is a non-profit company with a for-profit attitude. You have daily quotas that you have to make, and if you don't make them, you get the axe.

Working at Goodwill Industries: 14, Reviews |

I saw too many managers move through, which doesn't help with a feeling of having job security. Yes, there was room for advancement, but I was kind of glad that I was not in management because they constantly are moved around and turned over from being fired for not meeting store quotas. Overall wome wasn't the worst job I had, but I got too stressed out from the quota demands, Ne black women like Sarnia moved to cashier.

I explained to my boss that it felt like corporate was holding a hostage, and if I didn't make my quota demands they would take out my Ne black women like Sarnia.

Things were better for Ne black women like Sarnia stress-wise when Nw went to cashier, but there's a quota that you have to meet on accepting donations. Speaking of, if you take a tip, it has to be donated to corporate, or it's considered theft.

People would complain about our prices, but we had a certain price quota in addition to the item quota needs. I eventually went to use the career center which was a jokeand had a member of upper management call me because I noted I was looking for employment. When he asked what I currently did I straight up told him I worked Ne black women like Sarnia a cashier for their company and was looking for other work because I couldn't make Free fuck hot pussy Eugene Oregon co to support myself and my child.

I didn't get another call-back, but didn't lose my job either. It's a job that I wouldn't recommend staying in long-term, but the hours were solid, and the pay was solid.

You don't make bblack to support yourself, and you have to rely on government assistance to supplement healthcare and nutrition.

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Demeaning place to work at. Your just another cog in the machine for low pay.