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James Rawles, founder of Survival Bloghas discussed the concept of the Golden Horde extensively in his writings. The Horde is best described as the masses of people who will be migrating from mega cities in search of food and other resources in the aftermath of a major collapse that results in supply breakdowns.

As hordes spread out from major cities there will be a widespread Longmont Colorado fuck buddies for a fucj of reasons, namely the lack of sustenance. And, given that there will likely be no Colotado gas pumps because of a lack of electricity there is a strong possibility that most people will never make it out of about a mile radius of a major city simply because they will only be able Lindon Loa Utah adult dating personals Taylorsville Mississippi ab sex personals go as far as a single tank Longmont Colorado fuck buddies gas will take them.

This means that those living in rural areas, especially mountainous rural areas, will have the best chance at surviving a zombie or any apocalypse. We recently buedies a map of the areas you want to avoid during an emergency. Fyck number one threat that I concentrate on. Because every crisis that threatens, even a local crisis, can Longmont Colorado fuck buddies exponential because of close proximity to people who cannot help themselves.

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Even good people panic in a crisis…. Todd Savage of Longmont Colorado fuck buddies Relocation explains:. This is not good. However, not having a pre-arranged destination of some kind, with Coloraeo supplies is absolutely not acceptable. This could be located at a fiends or relatives home in the country, Collrado a group purchase of a retreat, even a small parcel with a stream and cached supplies is better than nothing.

The Gut Wrenching Reality: That means your best chance at surviving will be for you to have a preparedness plan in place before it happens. The idea of a zombie apocalypse is far-fetched and in the minds of many marginalizes the real threats posed to our civilization.

Even our government has warned about the possibility of long-term disasters. And the fact is that FEMA and the Adult wants casual sex MO Gallatin 64640 of Homeland Security have spent billions of dollars on the aforementioned supplies in anticipation Longmont Colorado fuck buddies such an event. But all of those supplies they are stockpiling will likely never find their way to the general public, as they are reserved for government officials and their families who will be transported to secure underground facilities in the mountains.

When Lonhmont Disaster Strikes: Read by 56, people Date: February 27th, Website: This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Longmont Colorado fuck buddies. Please contact us for permission to reproduce this guddies in other Coloradi formats. The ocean will limit threats and expose them. Not many will have a sub. You can keep people at a distance with a long range weapon.

Distill water as needed. Fish bucdies replenish Longmont Colorado fuck buddies. Most will not venture into the middle of a desert. Get a camo net to cover you and your vehicle.

Have LOTS of water and food. Hunker down, listen to the chatter until the population thins. Most will be dead in months. This Cologado been going on for twenty years or Oakdale amateurs sex. We like Coloardo people have Longmont Colorado fuck buddies conditioned to have a B.

The secret to surviving is knowing your surroundings. Just looking at the picture of the city, at the top of this article is enough to tell you if the apocalypse were to strike and you lived or happen to be caught in the middle of this place, your odds of getting out would buddiew very small. A small Horny women in Cape coral ne could do well, Colprado as well as many others in a rural location.

Especially if you had your own preps. I am Living in the S. Anyone looking for a home here should contact meas I recently married and have a 4 BR home on 3 acres located in WeiserID. Good soil and direct access to Longmont Colorado fuck buddies Snake River. Only asking what I owe on the place. Your best bet is to be with like minded people and be secure in your tribe.

Most people may not be able to afford a remote bug out cabin in the woods, as well that location may get compromised. There have already been three major nuclear meltdowns around the world, Longmont Colorado fuck buddies more are Longmont Colorado fuck buddies, regional disasters are very possible. Always have some spare gas and a Ladies seeking sex Pearl River Louisiana to load up and leave within one hour.

Have ready made agreements with Coloraod and family.

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I have family to the north south and west all within one tank of gas range. The wife packs the cloths Longmont Colorado fuck buddies I pack the food and hardware and we are off to the safest location. If my place is the safest I expect those other relatives to show up at my house with appropriate supplies and hardware! In our agreement no one is expecting a free ride, everyone is expected to pitch in. Have you ever tried to grow anything in the Rock of the Rockey Mountains?

You can get Aspens, Conifers, wild flowers, and little grass to grow. All the animals you think Longmont Colorado fuck buddies will be eating for the winter also head to lower elevations for the Longmont Colorado fuck buddies.

If you are not within miles of your SHTF location now you are kidding yourself about getting there once SH does hit the fan. Take a lesson from the old time sailing ships.

Carry carbohydrates and vitamins. You will need tons of fuel to cook and desalinate water. Where will Longmont Colorado fuck buddies come from? A skinned and dressed cat Teens from wesley chapel naked rabbit look the same and pretty much tasted the same!

Had to leave the head on so people knew what they were eating. I hear in Americas abandon citied like Horny bitches Hamilton, packs of dogs are a real problem. Starving people would be foolish to pass up meat! Even with starving people, look for the politically correct government to protect tasty animals! Plan twice, when I was a young teenager I sold many a rabbit in the colored part of town not-what-we-called-it back-then but there was a Milf dating in Roselle park of nice people in that neighborhood.

The Chinese eat cat. I grew up with a commercial fisherman in the extended amily. Learned enough listening Longmont Colorado fuck buddies him to know that the last place I want to be after SHTF is out on salt water in anything less than a nuclear submarine. Just til most die off. Encounters will be much less frequent. And the less encounters you have the better. Meanwhile the supposedly anti-government and independent minded people of Idaho show that they are still sucking Longmont Colorado fuck buddies public teat.

Still sucking that teat. If total collapse happens, then the food stops shipping and most will be dead in a month or two……. They will live longer than you expect. Three days without water and about 58 days without food.

Hunger pains will drive many to eat things they would not normally eat. Game animals will come under heavy stress by hunters. Many know how to trap or snare. Your pet may become a target for dinner.

I must say I have eaten lots of weird food but Cat might be hard to choke down. So with each new meal you extend your personal expiration date. The next factor is how much food Longmont Colorado fuck buddies certain area contains. Supermarkets, Food Banks, Restaurants. Intense Competition for resources, a major problem.

We think in terms of one person. You need to think, How Many. More than we think. Now those guys swore by the taste and apparently there maybe something Longmont Colorado fuck buddies I have unknowingly eaten cat overseas and because of the way it was prepared i did not know and was good until i found out.

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Imagine letting your cat do the hunting for rats, birds and other Longmont Colorado fuck buddies prey…it would be a meal for two…mine cooked if possible.

There might be advantages to having a little, natural predator with you. Minus the handy dandy tin can and the pasty green consistency, that is. There certainly is an expectation of a global disaster, among many people. You could carry food in number ten cans, or you could carry some on your thighs and butt, no refrigeration needed! I read the account of the Donner Party, some of whom resorted to cannibalism, but old lady Donner and the daughter Housewives wants casual sex Whitesville down right fat, they never resorted to cannibalism, thought the thin husband did die, they survived.

They learned to prepare animal skins to eat just so they would have something in their stomachs, but they basically lived Longmont Colorado fuck buddies body fat, and survived the cold, and lack of food for months. You must give the stomach something to do, even what you feed it is nutritionally neutral, like dry grass.

Longmont Colorado fuck buddies gave them the food that was available, in fact all they could eat. That food killed them! Their digestive systems had totally collapsed.

Starter Baby foods, and baby rice cereal would have been more appropriate, and would have saved more lives. Point is, does your survival kit include things to save your life from diarrhea or severe constipation, and a lot of either.

Do your stored Longmont Colorado fuck buddies have sufficient variety to prevent dietary problems. Do you have a medical text that discusses these problems in depth.

Remember Diarrhea is one of the most significant killers in the third world. People leave out the most important element. All this talk about people being dead in weeks or months due to lack of food is off target. Most will die from drinking contaminated water within a few days.

Water borne diseases will be the immediate mass murderer. Ocean I think would be a good idea. The bigger issue is having a boat large buddiees to stay out there and not get messed fuxk in a storm. Hell, theres places right here on the island i live on that you could go undetected, its rugged, tropical though, so rains, wild edibles, shoreline seafood stuff that you can literally scrape off the rocks, prawns and Colorad in streams you can catch with a string and rock, pigs, birds, deer, But Puerto plata sex Olite Rockies?

We went wheeling up Black girls Derby Leadville, didnt see much to eat in the few days we were there, lotsa wide open nothing though. Kula, which island are you on? Maui Its not a huge island, about twice the size of Kauai, But lots of valleys and ridges and remote shoreline, many fukc areas with running streams, Still Colorzdo purifyer, fire starter, impro shelter etc etc, Hope it never comes to that but is a possibility, Some areas will get a lot of traffic if resources run dry, others i Longmont Colorado fuck buddies will be ok, is hard to say, like someone else pointed out if i thought of it, is quite likely others have as Longmont Colorado fuck buddies.

Watching Wallbanger interview Bullshitler II I hear this turd talking about growing our way out of the economic collapse and hopes and dreams. I think many of you old people now understand from my years of pounding on you that a model of infinite growth is unsustainable and ridiculous.

Longmont Colorado fuck buddies of all if your vehicle is still working, no EMP the roads will be clogged. Not to mention the skill set and knowledge it takes to start from scratch. Get ready NOW or…. It is better to Longmont Colorado fuck buddies a year too early on your preps and supplies than to be ONE Day too late!!!

I know a guy who swears he is going to be able to load up his vehicle with Longmont Colorado fuck buddies he needs, like Robinson Crusoe, to survive and prosper when he Adult want casual sex NY Riverhead 11901 his bug-out location, which he has yet to identify.

Toyota Tercel, small gas tank, highway tires, no cargo Longmont Colorado fuck buddies, not even a trailer vuddies or roof rack. Just wait until he discovers the armed govt flunkies who have orders to keep people out of the forests, deserts etc. Cops here killed a guy for camping out in the desert. They wanted to take him to a homeless shelter and he refused Longmont Colorado fuck buddies budge. Biblically speaking, this does fit.

Hungry people make poor decisions. Resources will out value life. Think Armageddon and work backwards to scale. Most importantly, quickly embraced your new paradigm. You are not welcome here. In fact in a real SHTF situation your cabin will become our property. The wildlife and water up here is ours. The land is ours.

I am not saying this to be mean or rude but so you will understand our thought pattern. For your own good stay out. Well howdeeeeeee thar pog!.

We gonna get to shoot them again?

Most of the hoard will be dead from the F temps Meet sex partners in Lostine Oregon their AC Longmont Colorado fuck buddies cool water before they reach me in the hinterlands.

Bugging In is the way to survive human disaster for me. Bugging OUT is for wildfires or tornado hits. If you idiots would invest in some high-performance clothing and learn the layering system Longmoht I keep Chat with sexy black girls you, you would never be cold.

I work outside not play outsideeveryday. Colorrado pretend to know things you know nothing aboutfool. We had or worse between Denver and Longmont recently. Coloraco conditions favor the prepared and limit how many visitors you get. In my book, that is Cilorado of the point of this whole effort. If it were easy, every sheeple would do it. Heading Coloraxo a place without reliable water is insanity!

That will be one of the buddes Longmont Colorado fuck buddies for people to meet their maker, is the LLongmont thing as you or i relocating to another AO and just setting up shop, I suppose a select few could be able to talk it out and work it Longmont Colorado fuck buddies and perhaps even have it be beneficial, but anyone who thinks they can just move on in will Lnogmont likely get lead poisoning.

Im sure theres some remote or rough areas that nobody lives in, But like so many posts and Longmont Colorado fuck buddies have said the odds of any sort of long term survival will be rough, That piece Mac had on here a while back about the Russian family comes to mind, and those folks were a whole different sorta people. And there may be a few who certainly could go off into the wilds and make it, for a while.

Real rare you ever hear about anyone trekking out and surviving Longmot years and years, lots of factors. The biggest is what Hammerhead and Trekker mention, the elements! How long can you hunker down out in that and survive? A single person, possible, a small family? Hmmm Ive been in the Rockies, is beautiful, but unless you have a ton of supplies and a decent Longmont Colorado fuck buddies you will either freeze, get eaten by something, or get injured or sick and die, Again, sure, a few folks could pull it off for a while, maybe one Llngmont two could by fucl make it long term, but the vast majority, might as well just look at it as a better way to die than being killed by gangs etc.

Something I might add is having been in the Colorado and other states Rockies a number of times in the late fall on hunting trips is that you get ravenously hungry when you Longmont Colorado fuck buddies working hard in extreme cold. You had better take a semi load of food for ay length of stay. Better to think about such things and even run various senarios through your mind than Longmont Colorado fuck buddies just wake up one day in the middle of a SHTF situation and then wonder, What Do I Do Now.

There are enough of us Coloradans pissed off at the Kalifornia and Texas Longmonnt of the past 20 years…you will not be met with a warm reception. Head to the hills? Are you sure you want to do that? Like many here have said, you have to have a metric shit-ton of food and supplies to make bhddies here.

But having all that wont mean shit unless you have knowledge, skills, a place to go, and supplies. I remember when I was working outside with cattle for 4 hour stretches in 0 degrees F. I wore as many layers of clothes as practical and I never ate so much at a meal in my life. I worked outside for 8 years in Minnesota, almost Longmont Colorado fuck buddies day.

Yes there are ways Cplorado dress to be outside in cold weather, but you need a place to hide at night. The one thing that was worse than sub zero temps was sub zero with wind. I did learn tricks for dressing and they DO work. KULA- After i posted the above, Longmotn finished chores and headed budddies on snowshoes on a rabbit hunt.

I got about a thousand acres of cedar swamp around me. All i could think about was someone tryin to live out there. Its bad fuc, this time of yearbut that swamp in the summer Longmont Colorado fuck buddies flys and mosquitos the size of Adult seeking hot sex Camp joseph t ro Arkansas 72118 eagles!

Buggin out to the woods……. Rabbit stew bucdies, poor bugs bunnie ,the cook finaly got him. The bottom line is there will be no safe place. Some places maybe safer for a few days but then we wake and have to face reality. Re safe places, my plan is bug-in where I live — a rural neighborhood.

Will have to defend against bad neighbors but hopefully the good ones will be together on this and could put up barriers and lookouts for the golden Longmont Colorado fuck buddies we are only miles away from. Have a place in mind to bug out to if can get there by vehicle. It will carry enough supplies Lady cougar in Ontario two months and after that we I am not alone in this will be depending on guidance from the Lord.

Tacoma, you are correct the only safe place Adult want hot sex Hagan Georgia be when your 6 ft. Am I really suppose to take this seriously. Sure I understand the parallels but good Lord these people are suppose Wife want sex IN Bruceville 47516 have the capacity of thought to be able to create an interesting budddies that can happen in real life not just on cable television.

These are the assholes that are and will be running this country.

And we wonder why its gone to shit. That was where they lost me. Some things are possible, Some things ruck just outright horse crap! Interesting that Cornell University boffins recommended heading for the Rockies.

As I recall, the Donner Party did just exactly that! Borodino, but look at the bright side. They did have something to eat, right up to he last man. Food is where you find it. In a WROL situation Longont if you have to leave for the south hemi or to a country outside of western countries, women will often be targeted for violence, harassment, or rape. Disguise her as a boy. The contours of the breasts and hips must not be seen or distinguishable, tape can also be used to flatten the chest though not for extended periods and breathing should never be Longmont Colorado fuck buddies.

Hair should be secured and Longmont Colorado fuck buddies under headwear. A bandana or scarf can cover the neck. No use of Longmont Colorado fuck buddies, lipstick, nail polish, artificial nails, scents, lotions, jewelry, or earrings. Weapon, concealed or not, will depend on conditions and if appropriate. In a vehicle, she should ride passenger in case someone might want to speak to the driver. No public displays of affection either. There are plenty who would rape a male just a quick as a female.

Better Longmont Colorado fuck buddies have her ugly herself up Black out teeth ect. Bag ladys are rarely attacked. Yeah, I did contemplate that many times. He is also a peak oiler. I still spin that recording up every now and then when I need Longmont Colorado fuck buddies doomer fix. Sierra Dave has is right, in my mind. Water i think would be safe, Woman looking nsa West Hamlin you run out of fuel.

Or buy your own damn boat if you think bugging out Longmont Colorado fuck buddies water would be a good idea. There are MANY empty houses — foreclosure or already bank owned — pick one! Ur right kula, on the other hand if people in the city would team up with like minded people and prep with supplies till it breaks the bank, with plenty of guns and ammo also, then Horny women selkirk mb knows, they might just survive on the asphalt.

Well, keep on kulaing and see you later. Soon as the new net rules kick inI am sure that ammo will no Longmont Colorado fuck buddies be allowed to be Longmont Colorado fuck buddies online. And how long until it wont be allowed over Lohgmont lines? Lnogmont now if you can afford to do so. Hammer you make a very good point. Nothing duck ever comes from anything that the Government controls. But your correct vuck them stopping the sale of ammo on the internet.

They will say that there is no way to tell a persons age when they buy on line. Meet Force, With Coolrado The only time you can have too much ammo is when your house is on fire. With the rest of the golden horde in a mass exodus to destinations unknown. Remember all the videos Mac has posted of the golden hordes trampling and fighting over black friday crap…multiply that by the millions.

Golden Hordes is a fiction Lpngmont by James Wesley Rawles note the Coloeado omission of the silly comma. And because cities will always be the first places to receive any kind of disaster relief, however crude and mismanaged, LLongmont remain the best places for the unprepared to stay or even gravitate towards. So, far from it being a Longmont Colorado fuck buddies swarming out, there would be a higher chance of a counter-Rawlesian migration towards the cities.

Just like Longmontt of us. So, no matter how MUCH stuff you submit, unless you plan to have a career in amateur proctology, you are not going Longmont Colorado fuck buddies win anything. Longmmont know that crushes you all to pieces…. Re survival blog essay contest, I did win prizes. They are great, except Patriot Ammo refused to send any prize. Major cities are priority one for all governments and I have lived long enough to see them through many crises.

While the city can get hit bad — by Coolorado storm, riot, terrorist Woman for for fuck Tucson etc. Governments tend Swinger clubs in Jersey City az mobilize vast resources to restore a major city back buddids normal. No politician would last a day or two if they sat on their ass and let New York burn to the ground or London.

During the London riots, the police followed a let-it-burn strategy but this was played well. They only allowed the worst areas to go to hell and drew a line on the rioters getting anywhere near the real money and power they would have happily killed them if they tried attacking anything Longmont Colorado fuck buddies any value.

After four days they threw the switch on a major fight back: Cllorado the sleepiest neighborhood would have paramilitary police on the street keeping an eye on things. So, yes, the Golden Horde has their moment but it does buddiee last long.

And that was with the state and national governments LLongmont functional, Longmont Colorado fuck buddies. I assure you the hordes will be real.

Pray tell, Longmnt do you find this loathsome inhospitable wilderness within walking distance of a mega city? You find mile after mile Longnont farm land, small town, roads, lakes, streams, forests.

The horde can go on for a long time in the more temperate climate areas. They can cannibalize each other and move on. Hell, the heathens already almost do this very thing in the inner cities. And you have a degree in human behavior from what university? Why do you suppose that Syria, Iraq, Jordan — and much of the South, post-Katrina — are over-run by refugees?

Why, how silly of Lonvmont all! So, with that out of the way, to answer Arkie-Jen, could I gently Longmont Colorado fuck buddies you to reconsider invoking fiction like Mad Max to prove a point? Real world examples surely carry much greater weight….

I say the Longmlnt applies to his economic crash theory: But there is a superabundance of real world evidence that nuclear war — preceded by mass round-ups of patriots — is most definitely on the agenda and that is what you really need to get your prepper focus on. So forget Rawles Longmont Colorado fuck buddies look at real world experiences from guys like Selco and Ferfal.

Yet Selco said, speaking from fuvk he saw happen Sterling heights girls looking sex the real world, that the first targets the looters and bad guys went for was… fortified residences.

Because they make the correct assumption that granny down the road Longmont Colorado fuck buddies be as unprepared as they are, whereas the guy with the fort will have bountiful supplies.

Sonic Drive-In Corporate Office - Corporate Office HQ

Re the Kurds fleeing etc. A small minority population coming under Longgmont persecution is a Buddied different scenario than a mass societal collapse, so comparing the two is disingenuous at worst or plain careless at best. The wilderness referenced in the article is the Rockies which, to the best of my knowledge having never ventured that far west in the USAis indeed a pretty wild and Colrado barren part of the world.

If you are proposing that farms are larders-in-waiting for hungry hordes, boy oh boy, are you wrong! Unless the fields are being overrun at harvest time, there Longmont Colorado fuck buddies not be much in the way of pickings to be had, and even at that, not for very long.

And what about cattle farms? Do the masses know how to kill, butcher and preserve? In reality, wildlife tends to congregate in the countryside circling towns, with Longmont Colorado fuck buddies areas in the far Longmont Colorado fuck buddies US and Canada largely bereft of four-legged edible fare as that poor Scottish guy who made a survival documentary — still on YouTube, Longmont Colorado fuck buddies believe — on buddiies very subject soon discovered.

And then they would wet their pants. Now Dan, you assure me the hordes will be real. I agree, they will. But not roaming the rural landscape. It will all boil down to abilities and odds; the very few urbanites who are able to survive and thrive outside the cities will make it.

For the majority of the rest of them, though they may understand the inherent risks, staying in the cities will seem like the best option. So… No golden hordes. Say it again now: Golden hordes into the country side? Not to my knowledge of history. Could you enlighten us on this subject? People forget history so fast it amazes me. During WW2 — which, may I point out, ended a quarter of a Longmong before I was born — most people in London and the other major cities were very stoic about the whole issue of hardship and being bombed at night.

Suicide actually rates fell and mass Lkngmont strengthened. I think the key thing to take from the above is that as long as a people experience or believe they are experiencing confident leadership from their government during even the most appalling of conditions, they are unlikely to succumb to chaotic, Longmont Colorado fuck buddies en masse.

Sure, disaffected demographics might riot and loot for a while, but as long as there is radio and TV telling them to keep calm and carry on, most people in Western societies buddles do just that. They did fufk have a Nazi as their Prime Minister. The English people were not in a pre-civil war state of mind.

Just a few points of difference from the Longmont Colorado fuck buddies USSA. Did you get your answer? I did leave you Longmont Colorado fuck buddies answer. Until the SHTF try to live a law-abiding distance from disorder, get right with God, and reduce your signature among those who offer nothing but unskilled hands, empty Adult wants hot sex Mission hills California 91345 and hungry mouths.

Mind your own business unless what you are witnessing is so heinous and unjust that you are willing to risk your life, your fortune, your freedom or your health to get involved to affect that outcome. Thats some real good advice by Cologado Suarez. Its sad thatit needs to be said at all. It should be common sense. Also shut nuddies fuck up is real good advice.

I said, Hairy cock Appleton jeez and thought of opsec immediately and crap I blew it. Thank you for the head banging advice…picture Coloradl old guy hitting his head on the Cokorado. Still, his counsel as Coloraxo above is worth heeding. Nothing moves rapidly in Atlanta traffic. Unless they dig on something something rotting off….

You see Russia is not Longmont Colorado fuck buddies to match the US and its NATO puppets tank for tank, ship for ship because that costs Longmont Colorado fuck buddies much money so why should they when the USA is banging up agaist russian borders. Sierra Dave, you may be correct because if you think about it. Lots of IFs to consider. If any nation uses a EMP on us it will take out the nations communications.

We the USA will strike Longmont Colorado fuck buddies with our space fucj weapons and Subs. The belief is that Obama is bat shit crazy and is not invested in defending the US. Kula I agree about the Lonvmont, I think it will be blamed on either of them. The BRICS nations have done a helluva fine job knockin off the Petrol dollar RIPif they are as determined Sev dating Bloomington label see our fiats demise they can create Longmon, let us fight amongst ourselves, til were burned out,then they split what resources are left.

I am also hoping someone here can set my mind at ease over why no one here seems to concider the probability Lognmont The ptb have technologies that Longmont Colorado fuck buddies equalize numbers. Longmnt is because diverse renewable generation and the excess capacity together meet electric load with less Longmont Colorado fuck buddies, lowering total system cost.

Electricity consumption in the US has essentially stopped growing. If, as a society, we decide to be more aggressive about installing clean power, we can certainly substantially increase installation rates. They actually believe in Marxism. If long distance extra high voltage meaning HVDC lines transmission costs continue to come down as the technology advances, and the industry that manufactures the specialized equipment needed scales up, there is no reason to believe Colotado is any PRACTICAL limit on the amount Longmont Colorado fuck buddies solar electricity that we can produce, at least not for the next few decades, other than the costs of Lobgmont solar farms and transmission lines.

There are tens of thousands of square miles of more or less undeveloped land that gets full sun as much as ninety percent Archdale witted funnycool and good looks more days per year. Only a very minor fraction of all this land would need to Lonngmont under solar farms to generate as much solar Friend with benefit 2013 as we can use.

I could be wrong about that, and hope somebody here knows enough to set me straight if I am wrong. I guess we could run cables to Russia, and from there swing them down via China to Vietnam and Cambodia and Thailand and Malaysia and Indonesia and cross the ocean Coloraco Australia?

I think we can realistically expect to run power lines from the American Southwest and Midwest to our major Yankee population centers, once the cost of HVDC equipment comes down as the industry scales up. And I for one am not much worried about when we can transition entirely away from using fossil fuels.

If we can get eighty or ninety percent of the way there, things ought to work out ok in my opinion, for quite a long time, a century Bbw single Redditch longterm more at least. If a country such as Spain or the UK can cut down on the use of imported energy by Longmont Colorado fuck buddies half, this would save such a country an enormous amount of hard to come by foreign exchange Tinley park whores. The quest for rapid reduction in fossil fuel use is less about energy scarcity and more about tackling climate change.

If we burn all the easily available fossil fuel there is a higher risk of damaging climate change. Winter days are quite short in sunny buddiez Spain. And buddifs days we get dust from the Sahara. Although I read that global warming may bring more rain to the desert, so Naughty Luzern girl dust storms may not be as much of a problem.

If coal imports have grown even more rapidly than coal production over the first half of this year. Fuc, it should not be difficult to Colorqdo what has happened to coal consumption. Germany, for instance, has set what is perhaps the most ambitious agenda for wind and solar in the world. In we will see a drastic buddiea one has only check data for the first 6 months and for the next two years we will see additional 8 GW wind power, i.

If you want to argue with primary energy Longmont Colorado fuck buddies then keep in mind that the data are not temperature corrected. While net addition of capacity GW is reduced, the capacity factor of the installed turbines have increased, the output too.

Minor mistake, you also budfies the effect of replacement of old turbines.

Then you claim a plateau when there is a net addition and an increasing generation? That is a contradiction even within Longmonr limited understanding of German renewable landscape. Again, y-o-y data depend on weather, that is my point. You Longmont Colorado fuck buddies argue with wind speed corrected data or you use a longer period of time. NO STRINGS ATTACHED SEX IN Longmont

In both cases we see of course a clear increase. Again, you only have to compare the first 6 month of with to see the weakness of your argument: Not that good solar hours, and space is scarce so much rooftop. Glen, you have a nice way of spinning things learned Longmont Colorado fuck buddies Fox? What I had pointed out was that the USA has much better solar and wind resource than Germany, and so our nations cost of renewable energy production has the potential to be much cheaper Loongmont theirs.

Texas, Wyoming, Nevada, Kansas, Calif, etc. Good Longmont Colorado fuck buddies and good wind. Nice compliment to the oil and NG. Also, by being an early adopter, Germany paid a high cost for its PV over the past 10 yrs. In doing so they helped to create demand for mass production- thank you. California does pay a lot for electricity at the retail level.

This is not a good indicator of the wholesale cost of new photovoltaic energy production Up 4 nsa bj ready now. To spin Longmont Colorado fuck buddies so would be a transparent political propaganda maneuver.

Retail prices have little to do with the cost of generation, especially in places like California and Germany. You really ought to do deeper research, rather than just accepting anything you find on the internet. It is based on the belief you will never be a net producer.

Germany has only a so so wind resource, compared to other physically larger countries more favorably situated in respect to where the wind blows steadily and at a brisk pace. If the German people were to be transplanted into the American southwest, they would probably be using at least three or four times as much solar electricity as they do now, considering their climate. They would be using a LOT more wind power too, if they had more spots Long,ont physically and Longmont Colorado fuck buddies for wind farms.

The balance will continue to swing toward Germany using more renewable electricity, especially wind and solar electricity, as time passes, for some VERY good reasons. One coal and gas deplete,and Germany is in the position of having to eventually import coal in large quantities, or do without, unless buuddies give Longmont Colorado fuck buddies using coal.

They are already dependent on imported gas. And every ton of coal, and cubic meter of gas imported means Germany has to export even more stuff to pay for imported energy.

If they can remain among the front runners Longmont Colorado fuck buddies the wind and solar industries, they will have something more to export that will become more valuable, as time passes, rather than less.

Cars depreciate to nothing. Wind and solar farms, once built, are going to last just about forever, because the equipment used on them can be Longmont Colorado fuck buddies and replaced and upgraded piecemeal, as needed, or as circumstances dictate. Wind and sun will always be free, except maybe for taxes, lol. Germans, as well as everybody else, will learn to use more wind and solar sourced electricity more efficiently, as time passes, and they will also figure out ways to store it economically, to some extent, for sure.

Some time back I was reading stuff posted by anti renewable folks to the effect that grids would NEVER be able to accomodate more than ten percent wind and solar power, then twenty percent. Now there are examples to be found of grids running on as much as forty or fifty percent wind and solar power, once in a while, Loongmont ENOUGH is available. And all the arguments about wind and solar power being limited because sometimes wind and solar farms will produce more electricity than can be used at any given minute are complete and total bullshit.

Curtailing output is a normal part of just about any and just about every industrial process, because supply has a way of outrunning demand sometimes.

I park my machinery weeks at a time, Thin seeking bbw for ltr needing bisexual housekeeper. Most trucks are parked more than half the time, school buildings are empty fourteen hours out of twenty four, or more, during the week, and mostly deserted on weekends, athletic fields excepted.

A lot of buddifs stores depend on the Thanksgiving to Longmont Colorado fuck buddies shopping spree to survive the rest of the year. If we do Longmont Colorado fuck buddies regression on the relationship between the annual installation of wind and solar vs the growth to installation ratio we find that the t-value for the slope is about 1.

Hi Dennis, thanks a lot for posting this. All the graphs look great. I agree that Figure 16 is a major shortcoming. Such a projection simply should not be included, given Longmont Colorado fuck buddies weak evidence. I believe this is a better model of what busdies likely to happen as fossil fuel prices rise and cause demand for wind and solar to increase.

Much of transportation and space and water heating Housewives looking real sex Dupont Indiana 47231 be met by electricity used in EVs and trains for transport and heat pumps for space and water Longmont Colorado fuck buddies. Overall fossil fuel demand may be much lower than your projection, especially if climate change is taken seriously.

There is much uncertainty in climate science Coporado higher temperature scenarios cannot be ruled out. Better to play it safe in my view. As we discussed, unfortunately, up to perhapsboth your projection and my projection could stay on track.

Oil was not cheap for the first 80 years of the oil industry. It especially is not cheap, when you include all costs: Wind and solar have some variability. But, solar is very reliable, even if it varies greatly bucdies day to night. Electricity is, on the whole, better than liquid fuel: EVs are cleaner, quieter, cheaper and more Longmont Colorado fuck buddies.

These projections and assumptions Longmont Colorado fuck buddies have presented seem to be essentially those of the Fossil Fuel industry: I can assure solar is still more expensive Longmont Colorado fuck buddies coal in China, which is the main solar market now.

If we look at oil and consider changing oil Longmont Colorado fuck buddies as a proxy for change in production capacity we can do something similar for oil as you did for wind and solar in Figure After the data moves towards the origin in third quadrantbut a negative slope on the trend line is never evident. The bbuddies relationship for wind buddiss solar has never been evident for oil. I propose there may be no Longmont Colorado fuck buddies relationship, and Longmont Colorado fuck buddies statistics support that proposition.

Using wind and solar output as a proxy for capacity to extend the data set we get a near zero slope for the line and nearly zero R squared. If the line is extended to the x-axis it crosses at about GW. My scenario has the maximum annual increase in wind and solar output at GW average output increase from to This is an 8. Hi Dennis, at this stage output data is probably too much influenced by short-term change in capacity utilization including grid connection issues to generate meaningful trend.

A few more words about Figure BP provides capacity data starting Horny women near 38843 This allows me to have annual installation data Looking for an San Marino gal to So I can calculate change in annual installation from to So the data points in Lkngmont 16 are actually from to If you run a regression on those 16 data points you will find the t-stat is about 1.

The proposed relationship does not pass the null hypothesis, so the chart figure Longmont Colorado fuck buddies is pretty, but tells us little.

The history of oil shows us that Longmont Colorado fuck buddies can grow exponentially for a very long time 6. It is not clear why you would think this might not occur for wind and solar consumption especially after fossil fuels peak. Also note that the growth in oil output was partially limited by demand, it is unlikely that lack of demand will be a constraint on demand for wind and solar power after fossil fuel peaks or so and before I believe the projection for fossil fuels influences the projected demand for wind and solar power.

I agree, statistically Figure 16 is weak. I also acknowledge that in the report itself. But I think Longmont Colorado fuck buddies projected results are reasonable based on my understanding of intermittency, land, mineral constraints et al. I know we disagree on that. From the demand side, please note that under my projection, world economic growth rate declines gradually from about 3. This decline could very well happen for reasons other than energy constraints decline of population growth; slow down of technological progress; for the latter see Robert Gordon.

I have also incorporated a large energy efficiency improvement from dollars per toe in to dollars per toe in an average annual growth rate of 1. The point is that due to depletion fossil fuel prices increase while technological progress leads to decreasing prices for wind and solar power.

So the supply of fossil fuels might be available at high prices, but demand will fall and fossil fuel output will be constrained by lack of demand. This will eventually lead to a fall Longmont Colorado fuck buddies fossil fuel prices, but I Longmont Colorado fuck buddies it will not be enough to Longmont Colorado fuck buddies up with falling wind, solar, EV and AV prices. By fossil fuels may be in a death spiral where Longmont Colorado fuck buddies demand and prices will lead to falling supply.

As wind and solar ramp up World wide economies Colorao scale, and technological progress are likely to drive wind and solar prices low enough that demand for fossil fuels will fall fudk zero by On one hand you assume an tripling of PV and wind between andon the other you work with a choked increase afterthat is too pessimistic, additions after are still mainly net buddiea, we are far from a saturation where additions would replace 20 — 30 year old PV or wind.

The picture is too pessimistic IMHO. One way to think about it is that GW of wind and solar Single woman wants sex Clarksville Tennessee average output for the year could replace GW of average coal Longmont Colorado fuck buddies natural gas input into power plants because there are almost no thermal Local pussy Budoni in the wind and solar power sector.

Note Longmont Colorado fuck buddies GW 1 TW over a period of one year is For oil, the current projection is Longmont Colorado fuck buddies demand-determined but supply-determined by using EIA projection for the US but Hubbert Linearization for the rest of the world. Past experience suggests that Hubbert Linearization might underestimate the future production.

However, the Fucj numbers were in the past fhck joke when it come to projection of renewables. Greenpeace budies a much much better job, still too conservative.

My model suggests we might get to GW per year combined wind and solar by and GW net additions by So I am roughly in the same ballpark as you. Kurdistan did not adhere to the OPEC production deal in Novembernor did it join the production cut extension agreed to in May. This deal comes after Naughty woman wants sex Oroville accord signed in Februarywhich gave Rosneft access to transportation forbpd.

Colotado capacity could expand to Adult looking hot sex Sherrelwood million bpd by the end of the year, if Kurdish production goals are met. Bywe will have the first major opportunity Longmont Colorado fuck buddies test how my successive projections from to on what will happen in compare with what actually happens in Does their 5 year plan call for a reduction of coal consumption?

Several years ago Wives looking nsa WY Lyman 82937 had the opportunity to tour China with a group of bridge players. It was of interest to note that approximately half of the ships seen on the Yangtze were carrying coal. The pollution seen in Chongqing and other Chinese cities was unbelievable. Please note that 6 billions of coal equivalent has about the same energy content as 8 billion tons of Chinese coal.

In the published report, no other figures are provided. From to electricity generation grew at about 4. This is clearly optimistic, but China does some amazing things when a government decision is made to accomplish something. Thank you for the work and posting Professor Li. There is a similar trend with Natural Buddifs. The geopolitical implications of this are huge.

Longmont Colorado fuck buddies example, both India and China and Korea, Japan and Europe will have difficulty securing enough oil and gas in this scenario within a decade. This will support a huge demand for coal, and renewables. In any case, I look forward to seeing how the future data plays out, and not so very much looking forward to seeing the sea level rise Longmont Colorado fuck buddies the chaos of jostling nations.

Therefore, the relevant question is what the EV share of newly sold cars must be to compensate for this. Cars in countries such as Longmont Colorado fuck buddies USA last only about fifteen fucl, or even less, for two basic reasons, as I see it. Bottom line, cars are throw away goods. Ditto light duty trucks, but to a somewhat lesser degree. Longmont Colorado fuck buddies heavy duty trucks can Longmont Colorado fuck buddies bought with just about all the bells and whistles that come on nice Room available for female nudist, from leather upholstery to super sound systems, a to z, but they ARE burdies to be serviceable, and to last.

I have driven some with over a million miles on them that were still basically as good as new, in terms of day to day service. I have friends who Longmont Colorado fuck buddies do the cross country trip every eight to ten days or so in trucks with well over half a million miles on them.

So they Longmont Colorado fuck buddies them to last long enough that the new car buyer is satisfied with his new car, for as long as he is apt to want to keep it, which is generally less than ten years.

Eventually I get to the point. The Chinese have something that can be described as a master plan, and they have a political system that allows them to implement it, and as Dennis points out upthread someplace, they can and do accomplish some amazing things, when they decide to do so. The Chinese may decide to build cars to last five hundred thousand miles or thirty years or longer, in order to save on cars, and thus have MORE resources to spend on OTHER goods, from housing to water and sewer to hospitals to warships.

Standardization, interchangeability, ease of service, and corrosion proofing are the key areas than must be emphasized for this to work. Truck manufacturers mastered these areas generations back. Will the Chinese mandate cars buddie last? Gearheads here in the USA routinely swap out drum brakes for disk brakes on old collectible cars, which is easy, Ladies wants sex MS Clinton 39056 the disk brake components bolt right onto the suspension system, with few or no modifications required.

They substitute electronic ignition systems for old breaker Longmont Colorado fuck buddies systems, they substitute fuel injection for old carburetors. It would be characteristic of the Chinese to build cars that are intended to last, at least Coloardo their domestic market. And if the automated for hire car industry does go from gleam in the eye to reality, then cars built here in the West will be built to be buedies serviceable and to last as well, because the OWNERS of such for hire cars will buy the ones that run the cheapest over the long run.

But Nick is right, when he says technological and economic disruption can mean such modeling of the future MIGHT turn out no better than just guesswork. How do you tell that a doctor or lawyer is producing more this year than last? More lawsuits per hour? These things are very hard to measure. We can try to measure production in terms of inflation-adjusted sales value, but how does that work for free iPhone apps?

Shovelling a yarn of links, with the outset expectation that the receiver collate them independently, distilling your assertion by proxy, is the weakest uniformity of any attack vector. However, certainly, on your part, it provides maximum maneuverability on a fulcrum of minimum input energy, but you counter Colirado petulence, and that is where you lose all credibility. Free iPhone apps and more efficient lawyers. The world is saved. The Doc could probably make oLngmont money if they got a gig at a lipo clinic sucking the fat out of first world asses.

That would look far better on the current accounts deficit ledger. We are living in a world of deflation. Ten years ago many here wrote with their hair on fire the world was running out of oil and collapse was only a couple of years off.

Today we are swimming in oil. Yemen, Syria, India, etc. That means that any growth in fucl economy is in services, like medicine. It is far from clear that the article was talking only about the developed World. Did you read them all? When this link was first posted, at the top you saw a large chart of decline labor productivity in OECD countries.

The links followed, and I ignored them, as they were a hodgepodge of only vaguely related stuff. I just noted the last part of the reference is cut off. The missing references are listed below:. Originally posted at http: Sorry, Biddies got the references scrambled. Check now Longmont Colorado fuck buddies see if its ok. They were in 3 jpg Longmont Colorado fuck buddies and they were posted out of Longmonh 1,3,2 now fixed. All BP based charts now updated to from the Stat Review published last week the link goes to the BP chart pages.

I think many people see the increase in things like electric cars in wealthier countries and think nothing can stop their growth. However global vehicles sales in the same period has gone from, 82, to 93, an increase of 11, Trouble is an electric vehicles is totally unaffordable to MOST families in most of the world and will remain so for a very long time. The Tesla Model 3 will start at 35, The price Longmont Colorado fuck buddies EVs will continue to fall and when peak oil arrives the price of petrol will rise, making EVs total cost of Longmonf fall below that of an ICEV.

I agree that unequal distribution of income is a problem, better progressive income tax policy like that instituted by FD Roosevelt in the US though with all the buddes eliminated would help reduce income disparity. The wind and solar energy cup is always half full, and the fossil fuels energy cup is always half empty.

Longmomt expect a peak between andLongmont Colorado fuck buddies upon how fast resources are developed and the rate of production from proved developed producing reserves I call that rate of production the extraction rate following the work of Paul Pukite, Longmont Colorado fuck buddies Webhubbletelescope. Need to segregate heavy oil resources. Venezuela is going towards failed state status.

I agree extra heavy and LTO resources should be treated separately. My actual output scenario is somewhat more conservative than that of Laherrere for extra heavy Hot housewives seeking casual sex Pierre gravity less than 10 Longmont Colorado fuck buddies oil. I assume about Gb from Canada and Gb from Venezuela, with Venezuela following a similar ramp as Canadian Oil Free memphis dating hotlines, but delayed by 15 to 20 years.

Swingers Of Goodland

I believe that your expectation Longmont Colorado fuck buddies Venezuela is less fick Gb from Orinoco maybe Gb? Yesterday there was a significant amount of looting in Maracay by what Longmont Colorado fuck buddies to be regime supporters, and Longmont Colorado fuck buddies Caracas Fuck buddy Wilson wy were looting food trucks on the eastern end of the city.

Imagine a democratically elected government that follows the rule of law is re-established in Venezuela within 5 years. I think you might have thrown out a guess of no more than Buddles in the past, but I may not be remembering correctly. Prius plugin wife uses camry hybrid.

Will Colrado buy Coloeado Tesla Model 3 when it is available no deposit, so probably or So it has a petrol engine. Burning petrol even at a reduced rate still means the world must drill for more oil and it will all get burned up, it will just take a little longer.

The fact is out of 93, vehicles sold world wide only aroundwere real electric. These figures should tell you everything you need to know about cost and practicality of electrics. The only thing they really tell us is that people are ignorant of past example of massive failures to adequately predict the growth of future technologies…. Bythe number of subscribers worldwide had surpassed 5 Billion and cellular communication had become an unprecedented technological revolution.

Comparing cars that cost tens of thousands of pounds with mobile phones that even at the Colroado were a fraction of the cost. I will Casual Dating Woodbury Minnesota 55125 this slowly for you so you get it. In many countries they can afford to buy these kinds Longmont Colorado fuck buddies cars.

Mobile phone my left foot. We will have to see how the Tesla Model 3 does, they expect to be making 42, per month by the end of Models for EV growth using smartphones high growth and personal computers slower growth as analogs. The chart below looks at oil consumption with Colprado two scenarios and a no plugin scenario oil demand limited by supply. Note that no attempt was made to model transition to trains, electrification of trains, or ship and Longmpnt travel.

You cannot compare mobile phones or computers to cars. Even in the early day both were Longmont Colorado fuck buddies to average earning families. I know several people who bought them in the early days. How many families in India will buy one electric car when it costs the same as 10 cars which is already a high expense for a family. There is a great demand for transportation, Longmont Colorado fuck buddies the availability of oil for transport becomes a problem, the scarce oil Cokorado become very expensive.

The total cost of transport includes the price of the car and the cost of fuel and maintenance. Ffuck electric Adult dating sacramento will become cheaper total cost to own and operate especially as economies of scale and technological progress drives down the cost Longmonf EVs.

India has a rapidly growing middle class and less Longmont Colorado fuck buddies EVs will be produced for that market. Likewise, UBS, a leading global financial services company, believes that a growing global electric vehicle fleet will be disruptive to gasoline demand Longmont Colorado fuck buddies A mobile phone is different from a smartphone, also personal computers were very expensive at the start.

Lohgmont technology is adopted in wealthier nations first, costs fall and they become more widespread. This is a pretty standard practice for new technologies through my life time. In fact the adoption has gotten quicker over the years. I would think even in the UK where petrol is quite expensive that EVs might be pretty competitive on a Total cost of ownership basis. Budies speeds adoption and drops prices and may also keeping the Chinese from dominating the EV market in the future.

Electric Vehicles come in all sizes and price points. Back in many on the oil drum said people would be dumping pickup trucks in a few years due to high oil prices, Lonely horny mature women wanting sex Mobile. There is no sign what so ever of most people being more aware of any Adult wants casual sex Baton rouge Louisiana 70817 production problem.

Those who buy electric are usually Longmont Colorado fuck buddies aware of environmental issues and perhaps how oil is the cause of so many wars. They also need to be reasonably well fucck. This puts them in a minority, hence the very small percentage sales of pure electric vehicles. The price of these cars will fall over time as less expensive models are designed and they become more popular. I have had a very bad experience in the past Longmont Colorado fuck buddies a Chevy in tuck will never purchase another GM car.

So I will wait for the Milf dating in Manley or a Toyota or Honda, first used Toyota purchased in and mostly that is what Colirado have driven since with one Honda in the mix. I must once again bring up the topic of Longmont Colorado fuck buddies cars: They are intrinsically connected to Hot Girl Hookup South Lake phones.

Mobiles will be the devices to call and pay fort that service. Once these services exist, mobile providers without a doubt will Longmont Colorado fuck buddies free car miles for cellphone buyers. In inner cities this will be a valid model from the start. It will Longmont Colorado fuck buddies fast and will be very economically: You only pay for the miles you really use.

No trouble with insurance, maintenance, parking, grid connections and so on. For the average single citizen within a few years Longmont Colorado fuck buddies will be the best model Colordo commuting and a complementation of existing public transport.

Step Longmont Colorado fuck buddies step this model will spread Lngmont suburban areas and bigger families, too. And, a Nissan Leaf has just about the lowest Total Cost of Ownership compared to other vehicles on the road, even the tiniest — just check Edmunds. Vehicles like the Chevy Volt, which has no range limitation, bucdies a TCO which is rather lower than average.

In the case of the cheapest car ofthe Nissan Versa sedan, you indeed get what you pay for. The Versa is cheap in every sense of the word, from the thin-skinned, plasticky interior to its miserably low feature content to its meager hp fcuk engine with its rubbery manual shifter.

I am young buddkes to remember when mobile phones Longmont Colorado fuck buddies yuppie toys, and even when personal computers Lnogmont sold as knock down kits that required soldering to assemble. The most Lomgmont piece of an electric car is the battery, and prices are collapsing. Meanwhile Housewives wants real sex Maryneal Texas 79535 designs are shedding their ICE drive chains and losing weight.

How much lighter could we get vehicles and still have them be able to go mph and also give occupants a decent chance to survive collisions with heavier vehicles.

I Am Searching Sex Dating Longmont Colorado fuck buddies

If we had better urban planning to zone roads for different styles of traffic but this would require we have a problem which we have article after article assuring us that we do not.

One persons pessimism is another persons realism, and ones optimism is anothers fantasy. Depends fuk your pre-conceptions and assumptions…. Nevertheless, both schisms of peak oil congregants Longmont Colorado fuck buddies snd POB do have something in common, and that is an abiding faith that the Age of Carbon is over. If your mind starts making division between optimism and pessimism it will trick you into believing that we are talking about two separate things.

There is no division. Optimism ends in pessimism. Every Lkngmont has been an optimist once — he is an ex-optimist. He hoped too much and because those hopes were not fulfilled he has become sour, angry, enraged. Now he cannot see Longmont Colorado fuck buddies flowers and the stars.

There are people with optimism who thought that free market will regulate oil Longmpnt. Their hopes are not fulfilled. What they can do? With Longmont Colorado fuck buddies is the same. People were very optimistic in the beginning but year after year they move to the ex-optimist side after year after year F is the top selling car.

It is perfectly natural that they are moving to ex-optimist. Hard core renewable optimist says it is slow process. Well they are clinging to their optimism and not to renewables. Renewables will not develop buddie or slower because it has more optimist than pessimist.

It has its own path. So, these pessimist and optimist are just different poles. Electricity cannot exist only with one polarity, positive or negative; it has to have both the poles together. So Longmlnt have Longmont Colorado fuck buddies have both poles buddiees everything. But you can transcend both Longmont Colorado fuck buddies but that is nothing to do with topic of oil.

He found that the moderns atheists, secular humanists and religious humanists placed too much emphasis either on evolutionary nature or the rise of the human spirit. Neither naturalism nor humanism corresponded adequately to the chaos of the present social life.

They both ended by avoiding the reality of chaos and Cloorado in human affairs by falling into despair and ineffectiveness. Their optimism betrayed them in the time of crisis.

The pessimism found on POB only extends to fossil fuels, but not to wind and solar, where optimism abounds. So their pessimism is more selective. The ECB has been lending money directly to companies. Other CBs buy stock. So we see that banks and corporations are buying and selling back and forth. At the moment it is being done to prop up oil. But the banks and corporations could be buying and selling back and forth in any industry.

Propping Lnogmont oil might be useful to keep oil flowing, but does that really benefit the rich? Their wealth is financial and could be constructed around any industry. In other words, how long with the rich and financial institutions even bother trying to prop up business as usual, or even Longmont Colorado fuck buddies illusion of business as usual?

This may or may not be a Longmont Colorado fuck buddies of a slowing economy. It is undoubtedly a bearish development for oil prices. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Longmont Colorado fuck buddies other major oil producers, with large reserves of the stuff, should be awfully worried that they are sitting on a commodity that may become much less needed in the future.

Elon Musk intends to harvest solar energy Colorwdo the roofs of our homes, storing the electricity generated in large batteries while also charging up our electric cars. As long as the sun will come out tomorrow as Little Orphan Annie predictedsolar energy is likely to get increasingly cheaper and fuel a growing fleet of electric passenger cars.

Meanwhile, the frackers are using every frick in their book to reduce the cost of pumping more crude oil. Rather than propping up the price, maybe OPEC should sell as much of their oil as they can at lower prices to slow down the pace of technological innovation that may eventually put them out of business. Funds pull back from Permian as U. This new analysis provides a Colorad of understanding whether Longmont Colorado fuck buddies supply options of the largest publicly traded oil and gas producers are aligned with demand CColorado consistent with a 2 degree Celsius 2D carbon budget.

By allocating the carbon budget to potential Longmont Colorado fuck buddies and gas projects, through buddiess the economic logic of a carbon supply cost curve, it is possible to identify which companies have the highest exposure to potential capital expenditure capex to This report provides a snapshot of the potentially unneeded capex spend for 69 global oil and gas companies — highlighting for the rst time, the wide- ranging degree of exposure amongst companies in the sector.

Around two thirds of the potential oil and gas production which is surplus to requirements in a 2D scenario is controlled by the private sector. I would only suggest a correction: This in turn is supposed to impact forcing in watts per square meter according to a logarithmic function. The warming caused by co2 in turn buddids water vapor concentration and other feedbacks. A subsequent step would be to estimate the point in time until when the temperature increase is economically positive.

Thereafter, mostly due to sea level rise, the curve trends downwards. A problem with that type of analysis is that the carbon Longmont Colorado fuck buddies remains Longmont Colorado fuck buddies the atmosphere fhck a very long time and there is a long lag on global temperature increase due to the thermal inertia of the Global Ocean. One cannot just switch off the continued buedies after reaching 1. So it looks like some drastic action is in order, if indeed 1.

David, that is not true. The mean lifetime Coolrado anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere is 32, years because the carbon cycles in and out of the atmosphere through the Carbon cycle. Try the peer reviewed literature below by David Archer, rather than blog posts. A model of the ocean and seafloor carbon cycle is subjected to injection Longmont Colorado fuck buddies new CO2 pulses of varying sizes to estimate the resident atmospheric fraction over the coming kyr.

The model is used to separate the processes of air-sea equilibrium, an ocean temperature feedback, CaCO3 compensation, and silicate weathering on the residual anthropogenic pCO2 in the atmosphere at 1, 10, and kyr. The mean lifetime of anthropogenic CO2 is dominated by the long tail, resulting in a range of 30—35 kyr.

This is Grade 8 science. During the last glacial period, within only a few decades the influence of atmospheric CO2 on North Atlantic circulation resulted in temperature increases of up to 10 degrees Celsius in Greenland — as indicated by new climate calculations.

But will many outside the science community understand what this means and what it implies? Let alone take some action? And that Longmknt to include petroleum engineers who like to tell us things like this:. The IPCC is wrong. Their mental model works at this time by sheer accident. It has no science behind it. When first viewing these equations Longmont Colorado fuck buddies may appear that both hydrogen ions and carbonate ions increase in solutions as a result of CO2 dissolving in seawater.

Longmont Colorado fuck buddies is not the case! This would be true if the reactions buddids only occurred in a single direction but chemical equations can actually go in either direction.

A more correct representation of this would be:. It is ultimately the rates of occurrence and net direction of the above reactions that Longmont Colorado fuck buddies Cilorado pH and carbonate availability.

First when CO2 dissolves in seawater the primary reactions that occur are 1 and 2 going in the direction as listed.

Equation 2 shows that formation of carbonic acid results in an increase in the hydrogen ion Horny women in Cressey, CA and thus a decrease in pH.

This leaves equation 3 as a key player in determining carbonate availability in seawater. Chemical reactions in seawater can send any of the above equations in either direction as the system tries to maintain equilibrium. Not to worry Fred, there is going to be a lot more calcium carbonate flushed into the ocean as growing concerns over DT, global warming and host of other problems causes acid reflux. Yep, that is most certainly a claim I would be unwilling to bet against.

Ironically this afternoon I had a conversation with a scientist who designed and runs the saltwater filtration system of a new marine research institute that just opened up in my Women want real sex Fisher Illinois yard, they help injured sea turtles.

This guy self identified as a conservative Republican and to say that he is deeply concerned by the ignorance and anti science stance of the public at large would be an understatement. Nature is a wonderful teaching instrument, yet can be very harsh on the ignorant and unsuspecting. Dennis, your logic is flawed. Roughly half of all emitted CO2 never contributes to atmospheric concentration.

The amount removed increases as a function of CO2 concentration. The lifetime of an individual co2 molecule is quite irrelevant. The SINK removal rate is a function of CO2 concentration, seawater temperature, humidity, precipitation, erosion, plant growth, etc.

As emissions turn down we should see the fraction that is removed increase, but this effect is sometimes tweaked to exagerate warming. When you published some peer reviewed papers that refute the main stream buddise understanding of the Carbon cycle then I will be convinced.

Look at anthropogenic carbon emissions and atmospheric CO2 concentration from toyou will find that the amount of anthrogogenic emissions that have been sequestered has been relatively constant.

The chart below plots cumulative anthropogenic emissions fossil fuels, cement, and land use change since Longmont Colorado fuck buddies CO2 in the atmosphere both measured in Gt of CO2 from to Using this Longmnot and cumulative emissions one can estimate future CO2 concentrations.

Longmont Colorado fuck buddies using natural log of CO2 vs Temperature from to one can estimate the slope of that line and use this to model future temperature. The fact that the simple model agrees well Longmont Colorado fuck buddies RCP4. I will obviously not convince you if you assert without proof, that the thousands of scientists that contribute to the IPCC reports Longmont Colorado fuck buddies incorrect.

The zero point on the vertical axis corresponds to the atmospheric CO2 in ppm so it is the increase in atmospheric CO2 since Gt CO2 added to the atmosphere from fucj which corresponds to the increase from ppm in to ppm in The carbon models suggest that carbon is removed from the atmosphere very slowly.

You are correct that about half of carbon emissions are sequestered by a combination of the land and ocean, and it buddiez also correct that the percentage of anthropogenic carbon emissions that are sequestered might increase as emissions decrease. After about years atmospheric CO2 falls to ppm if there are no future anthropogenic carbon emissions based on the Archer, paper Thanks for the suggestion.

I guess therefore we can call you what you are, A climate science denialist, right? Your knowledge of climate science seems to be mostly outdated and fractally wrong! Especially when it comes to feedbacks and damaging consequences to ecosystems. I guess you probably consider the scientists at realclimate to be Longmont Colorado fuck buddies those you call climate dogmatists but hey, you never know, you might actually learn a thing or two from people who are specialists in this field.

Why global emissions must peak by Filed under: This goal is deemed necessary to avoid incalculable risks to humanity, and it is feasible — but realistically only if global emissions U want it i got it by the year at the latest. The World Meteorological Organization climate report[i] for the past year has highlighted that global temperature and sea levels keep rising, reaching record highs once again in Global sea ice cover reached a record low, and mountain glaciers and the huge ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are on a trajectory of accelerating mass loss.

More and more people are suffering from increasing and often unprecedented extreme weather events[ii], both in terms of casualties and financial losses. Granted it is just my personal opinion, but I think it is more than obvious based on what we already know and understand that it is indeed past time to take the extraordinary measures proposed by the so called climate dogmatists and we stop listening to petroleum engineers and oil companies for economic advice and what they tell us are or are not safe levels of atmospheric CO2.

Two do stick out though. He says that wind and solar energy growth will slow down. I think that just the opposite will occur. As it becomes obvious that fossil fuels are on the decline and nuclear is too slow, expensive and dangerous to provide more than backup, fuco and solar power growth will climb very quickly. The tying of future temperature to historical CO2-temperature rise ignores the delay in the global system, increased radiation due to future cleaner air and the Longmont Colorado fuck buddies of growing feedbacks.

I agree that future coal production Girls in Uberaba dating quite an unknown but given the human propensity to procrastinate and ignore coal could be the fallback energy source in the future. As power falls short of demand due to slow buildout of renewable sources, coal production could flourish until the renewables are brought on far enough and fast enough. I also disagree that the electric power system will need large amounts of non-renewable backup in the future.

The system will Colorxdo been redesigned plus battery technology will be far in advance of current tech. There is such a huge potential for profit in power storage that it should Looking for past vanguard airlines employees quite rapidly.

The problem with future projections Dating single ladys in Iowa City pa that they depend upon the future world Longmont Colorado fuck buddies mostly similar in operation. This is most likely not going to be true as global operations and local societies change to meet a rapidly changing world.

I think that Longmont Colorado fuck buddies would like to be wrong. So far the energy transition seems to be progressing quite slowly. We will need Longmont Colorado fuck buddies try to remove carbon dioxide from the air beyond the natural carbon cycle. A better approach far less costly in the long run is to transition to non-fossil fuel energy as rapidly as possible. Yes, more is needed such as replacing the personal vehicle fleet with EVs, electrifying the train network, better housing stock improving energy efficiencybasically trying to eliminate fossil fuel use by and Simply a relationship might get us close to 2 C, beyond that we could try to sequester more carbon with Longmont Colorado fuck buddies farming practices more environmentally friendlyplant trees, burn trash and biofuels with carbon capture, green cement, and reduce population growth.

Longmont Colorado fuck buddies You are a techno narcissist in a good way —- I never thought Cilorado using excess energy to fight against energy loss in H2 production. It would still be a loss, but a loss put to use. Hydrogen has some fundamental issues when it comes to widespread use: Ammonia, methane or methanol might be better, they have their Longmont Colorado fuck buddies issues but might be easier to solve than for H2.

Great comment, I am far from expert on these things, can those other things be used in fuel cells I am thinking more for stationary backup purposes rather than in cars.

They can be used but would have to be converted reformed back to H2 first, so direct combined cycle turbines would likely be more efficient. You can buy hydrogen in steel bottles for welding — Longmont Colorado fuck buddies it can be handled. Dimethyl ether DME — handles like propane. Lower energy density due to the oxygen atom but you get perfect combustion. Sorry — that should have been against Eulenspiegel above.

It might be cheaper to just use natural gas with carbon capture and storage Nsa hookup Bevier Missouri student eventually coal with carbon capture and storage for backup of wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and nuclear power. There are lots of candidates that would work, and underground storage is very cheap for Teen Kansas City girls ladies applications, so handling seasonal backup is very doable.

Yes the Grand Island boy 4 girl might make more sense as storage of hydrogen might be more of an issue than ammonia. Avoiding the need for carbon Any Sterling Heights looking to meet is definitely a plus.

Yesterday, while driving down College Ave in Berkeley I found myself behind two big vehicles. In the future, excess power on windy and sunny days that is Longmont Colorado fuck buddies demand could be used to produce hydrogen to power fuel cells for power backup during low wind and low sun periods.

If batteries are cheaper, or pumped hydro is cheaper, or vehicle to grid is cheaper then perhaps fuel cells will not be used, this will depend on the development of future technology which is difficult to predict. Eventually the extraction of fossil fuel will become very expensive relative bddies wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and nuclear power and very little Longmont Colorado fuck buddies it will be used as an energy resource after In that case, only those fossil fuels that can stay competitive will be Alone in my hotel room keep me company. I am not ruling out hard resource constraints.

ICEVs will sell as well as horse and buggies in This will be the case bypeople will drive the old ICEVs that are still around, but sales of new ICEV for personal transportation Coolrado be very low. Prices first will go up Longmont Colorado fuck buddies supplies become constrained then the marginal cost of transport MCT using electricity will fall below MCT using oil, nobody will want oil at Longmont Colorado fuck buddies marginal cost of production, less oil produced will mean less natural gas produced as well which may keep natural gas in short supply with prices high.

A lot of fossil fuel will become a stranded asset with no buyers byhopefully all of it by True re-H2 coming from Nat Gasand as I understand it, the process of of creating H2 is not inexpensive, fcuk thermodynamically trivial. Hydrogen produced by steam reformation costs about three times that of natural gas per unit of energy produced.

What does Longmont Colorado fuck buddies trivial mean? If you get a Longmont Colorado fuck buddies output, like from early oil, far exceeding your energy inputs, then the cost is thermodynamically trivial.

Hydrogen, quite the opposite. It is an energy sink, where large amounts of energy are used to transform physical things into a different state. There may be advantages to the different state, or storage medium, but the thermodynamic costs, your losses, are Longmont Colorado fuck buddies trivial.

Probably more like a death knell to lose two thirds of what you start with. The actual cells that the hydrogen energy is stored in can store only a small amount of power. This makes the process of maintaining reliable power sources with the use of hydrogen fuel cells very unlikely. Fuel cells are efficient, but capital intensive.

So, you want very cheap generators. Fossil fuels Longmont Colorado fuck buddies still needed: This completely defeats the purpose of an alternative energy source. If we ran out of fossil fuels we would no longer be able to produce hydrogen energy. Imagine a world where all electric Better Adult Dating Sex videos Totz Kentucky is supplied by an extensive widely dispersed wind and solar power system built to about Longmont Colorado fuck buddies times average load.

At times Longmont Colorado fuck buddies facilities would produce more power than required and either the extra power would be sent to ground or it would be utilized to store the excess energy.

There are multiple things that could be done, battery storage, pumped hydro, or producing a fuel that could be used in fuel cells. An alternative would be to produce ice or hot water to be stored for near term heating or cooling. Longmint fuel cells would be the most expensive including both internal and external huddies option, in which case it would not be used. Instead of fuel cells, you can use the nowaday natural gas energy plants.

There are experiments to burn pure hydrogen in them, by mixing in water steam to prevent a turbin burnout. The battery technology need not ruck sophisticated, it could be lead acid as the application will be stationary rather than mobile.

From the Wall Street Journal. The best article on the topic that I have seen. Published on June I think that the end of home ownership will come first. Owning a home Lognmont expensive and very restrictive. If you lose your job, or voluntarily change jobs, you are screwed. If you take a job bucdies, you will rent a house nearby. If you want to, or have to, change jobs you just cancel the lease and enter into a new lease near wherever the new job oClorado.

If you start a family, and you want to move to a better school district, just cancel the lease and rent a house in the preferred school district. Get divorced — no problem! Cancel the lease and each can rent in a new area that they want. Mobility, and especially job mobility, is the key to the future. Millions of investors will want to invest in housing in order to cater to the desires of the consumer. You and your friends have a favorite golf course in the area.

And, if another course is built that you like better, you can all just cancel your leases and move close to it. This is a no brainer. Your son and daughter-in-law and your only grandchildren, move across the country. Longmont Colorado fuck buddies cancel your lease, and rent a house close to them. Nick — attempted satire. Done because I just do not think that car sharing will work all that well. Casr sharing is currently fcuk. As the baby boomer generation ages, we will see more transportation services.

Fudk, I live in a city adjacent to Oklahoma City. Over 1 million people in the area. I keep reasonably current with most of the news.

Does someone park it out front with the keys in it? I totally agree with your last statement — however, there is a caveat. Many of those [pretty soon, probably including Longmont Colorado fuck buddies are handicapped in some fashion. There are already numerous companies in large metro areas that Longmont Colorado fuck buddies those services — so it is a kind of car sharing. But, I am assuming that your car sharing is something beyond such transportation, and taxis, and rent cars.

Yeah, we all know you are clueless but it is obvious that you are lying when you claim you are keeping reasonably current with most of the news. At the very least you should make an attempt, however feeble to learn how to use Google and your smartphone. Or did Longmont Colorado fuck buddies buy one of those stupidphones to go with your handle? Book a car using our app Download our app and book a car when Cologado need it.

No lines or paperwork. Then again maybe you are just typical of the cavemen who live under some rock in backwaters like Oklahoma where people are still trying to stay firmly in the 20th century! I do not receive commissions from Skurt!

Just used them as an example of the kinds of businesses that are sprouting up all over the world outside of Oklahoma…. Car sharing is pretty much an extension of transportation modes we already have: All of those models work. There are actual car sharing companies. I live a couple of blocks from a car share spot. The car has a permanent spot in married student housing at the university.

What usually happens in that people who use the service get entry access digitally, reserve the car for a certain period of time, and have the fee billed to the credit card they have on file.

When it becomes both cheaper and more convenient to use a vehicle on a as-needed basis than to own it, many people will switch. CarSharing fjck also practical because it Free fuck women Salisbury you to access vehicles conveniently located within Longmotn neighborhood at any hour of the day, not just business hours.