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I d love to be your errand slave I Wanting Dick

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I d love to be your errand slave

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Going to be just sitting around by a fire having a few drinks.

Age: 30
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: I Wants Sex Contacts
City: Broken Arrow, OK
Hair: Dyed black
Relation Type: Lonly Lady Ready Kinky Women

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Will they are gag with a wet rag the used to clean the toilets!

If only they know before? I am currently in punishment my master each night ties me up to the tree in garden naked for 2 hours then comes Women looking hot sex Ellabell with his wife and she canes me and he whips me and because I am cold the punishment is very painful. Watch as Master fucks someone else??? I'd cry inconsolable all heartbroken Would be my reaction as well. It would be enough to know i displeased Him.

Boring punnishments work on me as well. I like most sorts of pain,and i love bondage, relaxes I d love to be your errand slave mind.

Some doms have more than one slave.

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So its not an issue. Its not like your dom is cheating on you.

A lot of that is pleasure to me. If its online then get them to go into the biggest chat room and tell everybody there to punish yiur.

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Then its multiple random punsihments in a row. My first errans was to purchase a thick cucumber, chill it and stick it up my pussy for 5 min. It lofe out i enjoyed it too much so now Master doesn't use that punsihment on me. But my second punishment was ass erdand mouth with anal beads.

I cried with that one. My dom usually has really strong punishments, the first one he used on me was denying orgasms, then I made the I d love to be your errand slave of trying to jerk off right after. The thing was I had a wet dream and cummed, he then made me take an extremely cold shower Housewives looking nsa Forked Island wrote "cum slut" on my stomach. I fill up two cups until they are really full.

Then she has to stand with her legs apart and hald her arms straight out to the side. She has to remain like that while i use a crop on her body.

I Look For Men I d love to be your errand slave

Afterward she recieves an enema with a cup of water for each drop she spills. Then sex while holding it. This is my first time as a Dom and I am uncertain what punishment would work for my sub since he has different sexual preferences and he is prone to punishment but has a major foot and leg fetish.

I would love to give him time-outs during sessions.

I d love to be your errand slave

I enjoy knowing he is craving my attention and have no option but to obey. Then I would make him kneel and beg for etrand after a time while I ignore him.

It is entirely upto me if I would punish him. Until then he need to beg,nomatter the time. I have my pet know I could take away his collar at anytime if he misbehaves.

He loves his collar so he always behaves.

I'm a sub and my dom has made me find 50 punishments I'm up to 27 can u please help they can be mean. Quiet honestly I know my sub hates writing lines, or paragraphs. She hates when i deny her orgasms, or I make her watch me touch myself and she cant touch me or herself.

Slave Opening: Errand Boy -

Horny women in Rockford, AL are the Online friends ones I use. Assign an origami project. Give them a time limit, usually a day or two. If it is not perfect, make them do it again until it is perfect. I d love to be your errand slave done bdsm but fantasize about people doing stuff like this to me: Make sub get it off with teeth, then chew the gum.

Sub lies naked in front of door at bdsm party, guests wipe shoes on sub. The thing with the gum would be potentially dangerous and definitely unhealthy - which breaks the SSSC rules. There's humiliation and there's irresponsibility.

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Squeeze some toothpaste into a container, and mix cum in with the toothpaste. Make the sub use this to brush their teeth. Abrasion play scrubbing with a corse, sponge around rectal area slide in a candy thermometer lubricated with tiger balm. Abrasion to the nipples and to the breasts scrub along under them and near nipples.

Thank you for your comment, we will review it as soon as possible. Then it will show here. What would be discipline for one person, would be a reward for another.

They get nothing and must watch. Take away anything they enjoy or love for x of days etc. If they love their collar, take it away. Do you have any good Find Holyoke ideas? Let me know in the comments! Comments 48 Eric says: Give guys a hand job rerand toothpaste or icy hot. Cabueso to Eric says: Jerk a guy with toothpaste I d love to be your errand slave or Icy hot Ben gay or some tour rub.

Charlie to Erock says: It wont damage em will it? Jobless Bobknob to Charlie says: Make a but plug from ginger or make it smaller and insert in to penis.

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Stick marshmellow in there butt crack make them get dressed and leave them in for 2 hours. Kim to John says: Have them code in assembly! Dave to John says: Robyn to John says: Nice, I like it!

Shawn to John says: Mahri to John says: Annie to John says: Lando to John says: I did assembler for years, Iam masochist? Dat boi to John says: Anon to Dave says: Amrita to Annie says: Butt plug look awesome.

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Daddy Dave to Shawn says: Zapper to Eric says: Theo to Zapper says: My 4 yr old can erradn a milk jug for half a hour so wtf. Public humiliation to MistressRed says: Robyn to Jade says: JessicaRabbit84 to Robyn says: Hello I know this is a late comment but could you elaborate on "triggers" Thank you.

Robyn to Ambrette's Master says: Jaye to Ambrette's Master says: Make that bitch eat till she pukes. Silas to Ambrette's Master says: Slave Tara to Mistesss Riley says: Slaveboy to Mistesss Riley says: I need a mistress. Master Carl to Slave Tara you I would do that and much much more.

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Misxqst to Slaveboy says: Oh God please someone treat me like this - I really need to be nasty dirty slut like this Mhhhh God I love porn like that! I'm so wet right now!!! Nothing hotter than being fucked like that.

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I want a sex slave that i can fuck all day. I miss having one of these lying around the house. I wish I had a sex slave! Ok so I was borderline on whether this was cool or not until the end bit where she admits consent.


Submissive Discipline - 45 BDSM Punishment Ideas

Mag das mal jemand mit mir machen? I need to be owned like this.

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