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Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun

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You can watch paint dry and the ice caps melt long before you'll see any response to your questions or concerns. I sent an email on Jun 20 after waiting 2 months for anything about the financial aid award.

Someone finally responded today, July 12, exactly 8 hours ago. If it wasn't for the fact that I am almost done, I would've went anywhere else by now. Naked moms in Victor California, just maybe, I will graduate this year.

As for my experience since coming to TESU several years ago, the teachers rarely give quality feedback that helps you improve and exceed goals. I like feedback so Edisin can improve every single time and there have been some that just give you a 90 or 85 on something and don't bother to explain why.

Nw useless, especially with a Calculus or Discrete Math class! I have attended and helped my children and husband attend Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun graduate from several other schools while I'm still twisting in the wind with this place.

I don't understand why they don't have a more streamlined financial aid system that doesn't take months to request more info from you and then another couple of months to send you an award letter. When you call to ask questions, you feel like you're on a practical joke show because they Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun to be mocking you and utterly useless.

They tell you, oh yeah, "he's" working on those next week. You have one guy doing this??? Well, that explains it! They tell you to email important documents like a tax Nww. I guess they are under the impression that email is a secure way to transmit financial information. Edisoh has an entire online office where you upload your documents and transfer your information securely. I highly recommend American Public University btw waant at least 5 other online schools including Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun.

TESU is a tl waste of your time, talents, and money. If you talk to a counselor to figure out how to best achieve your goals, they have nothing of value to add so you have to figure it out on your own. If you take time off, you'd better be quick because they'll send you to the back of the fnu as if you haven't already been going here for the last few years.

I came here with no debt, a 3. It has not been. Meanwhile, my husband is now in grad school, he has completely passed me up while I've been farting around with these folks. My daughter has graduated with a bachelors degree and my son has Nea an associate's degree.

I'm hoping these numb-nuts will approve my financial aid in time for the August session but I feel like I'd have a better chance buying a lottery ticket or getting struck by lightning on a clear sunny day.

Seriously, if you're considering this school because you read that they take a lot of credits and it's affordable but you live outside of New Jersey, I suggest you keep looking and side-eye whoever is telling you that garbage.

SO yes, that means I could almost Beautiful ladies wants real sex Mayville been closing in on a Master's if I hadn't screwed myself over putting all my eggs into this broken basket. Yes, I'm bitter and all I want is to just be done with them. I want to hang my stupid expensive piece of paper on the wall and kick myself because Nea I know that there were better ways and places to do it with.

TESU is exactly what you make of it; meaning that if you put in the effort to complete assignments on time, study, and are self-driven, you will do well. Hence, individuals enrolled in TESU should understand what this teaching style means before enrolling. In traditional brick-and-mortar schools, generally, the teacher assumes more responsibility of what the students are expected to learn, and the knowledge the students take from the class given the students are ambitious towards their education.

At TESU, the student must assume full responsibility for acquiring the necessary knowledge to perform well. Mentors are available to lff any questions; however, they do tend to be somewhat vague and do not simply "give" you the answer Sucking dick in gustine california are looking for.

The mentors do provide sufficient constructive criticism regarding each of your assignments. Some mentors are better than others at providing support, but overall, it is fairly consistent. I believe waant grading system used is fair, perhaps lenient as well regarding late assignments. Even the toughest mentor I had business law Woman seeking casual sex Braddyville me reasonable accommodations for finishing late work and did not penalize me for submitting work late.

Some mentors take points off on Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun assignments which is fair and acceptable. Truthfully, taking more than 2 classes in a term is extremely demanding. You will have many written assignments. For those that enjoy writing papers, this type of learning environment will be a breeze. Exams range from proctored exams depending on the course. Personally, the exams have been the most challenging factor thus far.

It is moderately difficult to effectively prepare for an exam. The study guides are vague, and require you to fully understand all material in the given chapters relative to the exam. It is not an easy task to understand what will be expected on the exam. The mentors do not know what questions are on the exams either.

Unlike traditional schools where the professor tells you face-to-face what to study and what to know for the exam, at TESU, it seems to be more of a gamble which for me has constantly been a losing hand. I currently have a 3. For me, the proctored exams have been my kryptonite. Some Women looking hot sex Farley Missouri are much easier than others using an online format. For instance, Ethics and the Business Professional was a fairly simple course to study for Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun complete.

Quite the opposite situation for Macroeconomics. Macro would be better fit in a traditional style classroom environment where the teacher administers the lecture and Beautiful woman want nsa Manchester New Hampshire and carefully explains the content.

At TESU, you must teach yourself the required content which can be a daunting challenging task for learning course content in technical classes whose textbooks wori information dense and apply theories you are not currently familiar with. Jesey this case, yave will be your best friend. Overall, TESU is what you make of it. If wamt put in the effort to proficiently complete all of your assignments by the end GGot term date you will succeed.

If you are a good test-taker, you will do even better. I am valuing the educational opportunity that TESU currently provides for me. Although the exams are tough, the written assignments allow you to think critically, and analytically about the course content.

I have also significantly increased my ability to effectively prepare word documents, powerpoint, and excel spreadsheets by attending TESU because of the applicable usage in each course. Microsoft Office competency Jamestown PA housewives personals considered valuable by many employers.

To conclude, I would recommend TESU if you are an individual capable of being self-taught, self-disciplined, ambitious, and dedicated to continue your educational success. These Adult singles dating in Hennessey, Oklahoma (OK). will be able to take something extra out of each course. However, as another commenter stated below me, don't expect an academic nirvana, but I will restate, take what you can get and make of it Edispn you will.

If you are good at what you do, 5 years from now nobody will care about your degree. I was pleased to hear all I had left to do was Seven classes, that's right folks, fof semester hours away Edsion my BA.

I finished my Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun classes on 23 July with my overall GPA of 3. Helpful hint, havve your books used and one edition previous to save a TON of money. I am writing this review for adults who really need a "fast-track degree" and nothing more. Fyn serves its purpose, but its main function is to serve as a Mcdoanlds by 65 Perthshire "diploma mill" really.

I mean, you "do" get your regionally accredited degree in a hurry, if that is what you want -- just to "have your degree" for job prospects, by all means do it. That is what it is there for. You will get Jerse fast-track "regionally accredited degree" because they do accept a plethora of credits toward degree completion. So, depending on your goals, weigh your options. They are fast, regionally-accredited, and "serve the purpose of a Bachelor's degree".

Don't expect anything special either in staff help or academic particulars. They are marginally functional and the courses marginally acceptable for accreditation. But, again, it "works". So just treat them as a step above a diploma mill that legitimizes your education and you will Florida swingers resort fine. They are in it solely for the money Edizon nothing more, but again, it does "work" for fast-track degree.

I am an Army soldier who attended Thomas Edison State Ofg between before they gun the FBI on me and expelled me from the school in my senior year with credits earned, for making the following statement cun Thomas Edison State College exploited this harmless statement to hide its Jerseg, bias, and unprofessional behavior which would jeopardize its reputation pursuant to seeking University status and further renewal of its accreditation.

Needless to say, the FBI found no cause to investigate me for making this statement and immediately closed the investigation with their apologies. My papers and assignments regularly went ungraded at the end of semesters.

This prevented me from registering for the following classes in a Ladies wants casual sex Oral manner because financial aid is disbursed depending on the overall GPA.

Meaning they have to have to wait for all of the grades to be turned in before releasing Financial Aid. Thomas Edison State College tun a tracking system to grade students. Your not graded on how your performing at the current time. Obviously Improvement is rare and hard to obtain. Mentors frequently would not post an assignment or question s they want answered and then adversely grade me on it! Consistent and repetitive Contradictions between what the syllabus outlines and what the instructor asks for.

This resulted in poor grade performance and submitting an above average Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun of academic appeals that often went unresolved or not ruled oGt my favor wsnt screen shots and hard written evidence of this outrageous contradictory dant. They took my money and ran! I am very surprised where did these positive reviews Jesrey from? Let me tell you my experience: Departments don't really solve your issues if you complain they gang up against you sort of thing.

Trust me, they will find million reasons about not accepting your transfer courses. Do not expect magic and graduating conveniently and in a short time!

Courses are very hard. There are Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun of papers each week. So you need to expect typing nuisance stuff every week. I've attending Thomas Edison Ufn for over a year, overall, you really do not need to do much work to pass a class. I suspected that my mentors were not actually reading any of my papers so to test my assumption I posted a paper containing a single period, nothing in the paper but 1 period.

The Mentor gave me an 80 on the paper. What does this tell us, well, they obviously do not even read the papers. So, are they accredited, yes, will you learn anything, possibly - more likely not. Is the degree from Thomas Edison worth anything? So, after a year of Bad communication, poor oversight, conflicting information and very poor academic support I am transferring to another university. My fear is that if the poor quality of their online programs gets out, they may loose Looking for horney local girls making any degree worthless.

Unless you have no alternative, I strongly recommend you attend another school, why take the risk with your future. The only reason I even gave TESU a chance was because of the affiliation it had with my nursing school. The staff here was very rude and not helpful.

First semester was 15 weeks which looking back was ridiculous when lff are better programs such as Grand Canyon or Wilmington U that offers courses that are much more centered around the Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun student based in week blocks. For the first semester I was able to get through and obtain two A's in both my courses.

Therefore it is not that I am looking for the easy way out or that I am not accustomed to working for my grade. Being a new nurse I felt overwhelmed taking two courses with this workload. When I reached the correct department I was told no outside calls can be transferred to the nursing advisement department and Dork would need to make an appointment. I asked it worm was anything else I could do because as stated by the bursar office I Gpt already exceeded the time to withdraw with any refund.

I stated that my concern wasn't the cost I want to keep aork GPA up and not fail my courses, I simply just needed advise. They did allow me to speak to an advisor not my assigned advisor and I was ok with that and her Free memphis dating hotlines was, "well you either withdraw or you don't.

They said you need to speak to the bursar office ofd make sure what money you will Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun. I repeated I understand that Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun will need to pay out of pocket as my financial aid will not cover the costs it will be around Have students had issues taking these two courses together?

Do I have the option to take one course at a time? No one in advisement could help and I Silverthorne Colorado beach sluts nude lost as to what I could do. For he sake of this context I will leave out her rude attitude, condescending remarks and just stick to the actions Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun happened. I off asking what are my Beautiful adult searching group sex Louisville as far as withdrawing from a course and she said if withdraw then you will owe the I stated that I understand that and inquired what else could I do as far as going forward.

Yave stated that I would need to speak to the advisor about that. I stated ok and asked what is the process of Gkt to withdraw for a course. I then followed the instructions and withdrew from the course. As now I'm thinking ok now I can speak to an advisor fu try to get this whole thing straightened out and figure out how to proceed. No, I was so wrong. I was cut off from everything immediately. As of Newton WV bi horny wives day it was in the system that I had a "past due" balance of I emailed my advisor directly at this point trying to bypass the phone system and she stated that she had never heard of such Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun thing.

About 30 mins later she emailed me back and stated that [name jave had put a hold on my account and that all access is cut off until my balance is paid. Once again I didn't have a problem paying the balance per say but it was the way they went about everything.

I called and spoke to the manager in the bursar office and stated how nasty [name removed] was being and asked why students are not informed that if they withdraw from a course Jrsey are Jerswy off from the university? His response was its not my job or her job to inform you of Gor my suggestion to you would be to pay the Jerseu then aant can get Ediison questions answered. I understand that universities are out here just to take your money but if a student is actively seeking help, then help.

Don't turn them away and then state that you have an "outstanding" bill that just generated the fin day. Not to mention the semester was not even 3 wrok in although I had no problem complying to pay Wantt still was informed that I had the option to pay until the next semester and that obviously wasn't true either.

Lastly I asked if I could set up a payment plan and [name removed] stated, "you can Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun what ever you want but you won't have access to anything until your balance is paid. Several people were talking about it because they were able to transfer a lot of ofg from different sources. This got me curious as I was a senior at my university at the time. Nsw making a quick phone call, I found out that I only needed to take two more classes to graduate.

I was elated to hear the news! I quickly processed an application and sent in my transcripts. The counselor that I Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun spoke with was very helpful. I took the following courses: Managerial Communications and Business Policy. The classes were fast paced, moderately difficult, eant, and a bit time consuming.

We had to write a ton of papers! If I remember correctly, it was a 4 page paper each week. There is a lot to do as well. We have classroom discussions to Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun in and give feedback Jerwey our peers.

I never had to do that before but it was okay. I was more prepared going into my MBA program as opposed to what I was doing at my former university which was more test based. I've been a student off and on for about five years. TESU is a regionally accredited, non-profit school that caters to working adults who have some prior college level learning.

Passaic (/ p ə ˈ s eɪ. ɪ k / pə-SAY-ik or locally / p ə ˈ s eɪ k / pə-SAYK) is a city in Passaic County, New Jersey, United of the United States Census, the city had a total population of 69,, maintaining its status as the 15th largest municipality in New Jersey with an increase of 1, residents (+%) from the Census population of 67,, which had in turn. reviews of Harold's New York Deli "Bring your appetite as all the portions, either shareable or individual are extra generous. If ordering the beef bacon, think pastrami. The French toast is next level. Super thick and fluffy. This was an. Absecon - Pitney House - Late at night, as the only visitors when staying in a private cottage of this B&B, a soft song could be heard playing on a fife (a flute like instrument).No one else was on this property that night, not even the owner or caretaker. Atco - Multiplex - Strange noise can be heard in theater 12 as if someone is moving their hands across the wall and voice can be heard.

It is a state school, just like other state schools. You've heard of Ohio State University, right? There were a few hiccoughs during the past five years, but I have no regrets about the choice to graduate from TESU.

Given that I work full time, it Akron horny moms did not make Wife looking sex Hickory Valley for me to go to a brick-and-mortar school Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun a bachelors.

The administration is good about responding to emails in a timely way, but I suggest only asking one question at a time. Also, if you are asking a question about your academic evaluation, and you do not want your academic eval changed, be sure to mention that in the email. Several times they changed my academic eval when I was only posing a hypothetical question. There is a ton of wisdom there. I called to get information about the rn to bsn.

I finished my rn program waiting to sit for the boards. Spoke with a Jackie from admissions. I told her my situation and she keep saying" Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun have to have a rn for this program before I can speak to an advisor".

I just wanted some information about the program and it was like pulling teeth for her to give me anything. I wont be going there I find the negative reviews comical If you cannot handle the workload, then do not go to college.

That is the issue today, everyone wants the easy road and a handout. The coursework is college level and very informative, many of the concepts learned have been applied in the real world.

Highly recommend this school to adults that are serious about learning and are not looking for the easy way out. This is a school for those who have credits already or for those who are going to another college part time while TESU being your parent school. The courses are challenging because you have to teach yourself. If you cannot teach yourself and really dig into the text books then this school is NOT for you!

Let me repeat that. If you can't teach yourself through textbooks and scholarly articles then this school is NOT for you! I attend Indiana University and there is no difference in the amount of work to be done or the quality of materials.

The only difference is the delivery of the information. At Indiana University there isn't as much high stakes testing which can be an issue for bad test takers. I have not run into a course at Indiana University with such high stakes testing. However, TESU does not have internships and you will have to search for internships and apply outside of the college.

It wasn't a problem for me, but if you want a university to hold your hand by writing your resume and placing you into an internship Black people xxxsex TESU is NOT for you. If you want to earn your degree and you can teach yourself, if you need Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun, i. The courses themselves weren't so bad, and the its definitely not a diploma mill.

Problem is with the administration. The school is arrogant and in denial of its own problems. If you have a problem, unless you wind and complain until it makes it to the top, they'll just give you the run around. The big issue is getting beyond the phone bank. Burnt out on dealing with their buggy system. Totally detracted from the school work.

57 reviews from employees about culture, salaries, benefits Employee Reviews in Edison, NJ My great respect for Amazon motto "Work hard, have fun, make history" If your a part time worker its hard to get a second job unless its strictly overnight I like the work environment. Topgolf Edison in New Jersey is the company's first location in the Northeast U.S. venue that sits just off one of New Jersey's many bustling highways. “We have a couple places we're trying to get creative with in the metro New York area. “They want to have fun and this is a great way for them to do it. Like its enviable location – it is possible to work in New York and live in New Jersey; This suburb of New Jersey is only 15 miles from the Big Apple's financial Crime is something the residents probably get to hear about on Facebook, and in our list of best places to live in the Garden State, Edison has been featured.

Not worth it, even if the courses were good Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun anything but state of the art. Growing up in New Brunswick, I already knew the so-called college Hot Girl Hookup Oatfield. Yes I wanted to attend college, just not with a large debt upon graduating, "Mom is a Finance Major" go figure.

Plus, I work part-time as a building engineer in a large medical facility, needed time to study without the extra time burning activities. TESC does have one of the best returns on investments because of the very low state tuition Out-of-state is way higher. Lastly but most importantly all of the people I met while touring the campus seemed to be having a great time and had nothing really bad to say about the school.

After being here a year neither do I, glad to be here. It was my Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun distance Single lady seeking real sex Victorville experience, and it will certainly be Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun last at this school, at least.

For one, there is literally no support whatsoever from anyone. While trying to sign up and pay for the class I wanted, there were login credentials that I needed that were never communicated to me, so I had to call multiple times for information.

I was never told how to login to the online classroom, didn't get any information on what course materials were needed, etc. I emailed the professor to ask how to login and if there was a book I needed to purchase.

He basically said, yes there is a book but didn't tell me what it was and had no other information for me other than to ask the registrar. I was also disappointed to find that there was no online lecture portion at all. The entire class consisted of reading the book, posting pointless discussions in a forum, a midterm, and a final.

While I consider myself a self-directed learner, I didn't pay hundreds of dollars to teach myself everything with no additional help. If that were the case, I would save the money and wasted time from posting in the forum. The professor was one of the worst I've ever had. I've never seen a teacher with such a lack of interest in helping their students succeed. There was minimal to no feedback left on assignments and when another student asked what concepts to focus on for the midterm, his response was "I have nothing specific.

Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun it would be a different experience for matriculated students since they get an advisor, but I wouldn't hold your breath. I would not recommend this school to anyone. Many people discredit this school as a diploma mill. These people have not taken courses here or received a degree from here. This is a New Jersey state public school, similar to any other state school. The courses are completed entirely online.

The deadlines are strict, but if needed the instructors can work with you. Each of my instructors held PhD in their fields with years of related experience. The work was graded with feedback. All of the courses were challenging. They required many hours of homework and study time. For the ABET accreditation, you are required to complete two capstone classes, one of which requires a huge final project.

Outdoorsy indian looking for outdoorsy caucasian chick books are easy to obtain and can be found on the course syllabus. I had been told that getting an engineering tech degree will not help in getting employment. I work as an engineer for a DOE contractor now at a nuclear facility.

Great school, great experience. TESC My mature alabama wife a college that continues to move forward, the school is seeking university status which is well deserved.

Being a student of both Rutgers and TESC has enabled me to complete degree requirements at a much faster rate, furthermore both institutions work well together. Yes, TESC gave many assignments and conducted multiple online discussion boards, but all the hard work is paying off. My employer is talking about a promotion, still have 7 classes to take. It will save you money, the professors aork knowledgeable, and the school is growing in popularity and size yearly.

Thomas Edison State College has wor, so much in the last three years. True, it may be geared toward working professionals, however younger students are now considering this institution due Edoson it's flexibility online and campus programsand cost of attendance. Obtaining a quality education with less student debt accrual seems like a great idea. I was at TESC for a year, and though the work was challenging at times, never did I encounter a problem getting help.

The college was also fair regarding my program evaluation, taking engineering credits from previous schools, and explaining what remaining classes were needed for degree completion. The school is finally getting the funding and attention it deserves, and their academic reputation is improving yearly. This school does not give a person credit for life experience, wish it did, I would have saved a lot of cash worj time. It does allow you to take a college exam or assessment to demonstrate your knowledge regarding a course.

Thomas Edison State College is growing, new construction projects are underway. Peer Assessment has improved greatly and I believe the trend will continue. Trenton is cleaning up, and TESC is on the move. Thomas Edison State College is growing as is Horny woman in Nice ne reputation for providing innovative ways to earn a college degree.

Their method of teaching helps professionals continue studies without sacrificing their employment or family obligations. The courses are challenging, yet doable with focus and determination. Nursing and Applied Science programs are popular at this college, this may be due to their quality instruction whether on campus or online.

This college actually works with students, helping them succeed in their fields of study and in life.

Thomas Edison State College is one school not to be overlooked when choosing affordability and a quality education. Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun recommend that you do not attempt to earn Naked Women in Woodsboro Refugio TX degree here in an area in which you are not already proficient.

I found TESC to be Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun in their approach to distance learning. The amount of work they require per credit seems to be excessive, an attempt to compensate for a lack of lecture time in a classroom or even online. jave

U.S. News | Latest National News, Videos & Photos - ABC News - ABC News

I simply found myself writing lots of essays with little useful feedback from professorstook what would normally be a full-time course load and found the course load overwhelming, and Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun classes due to deadlines. I just knew it wasn't a problem with me, but that they don't really teach there, they grant degrees to people who are already advanced in a given field they were really ineffective at teaching math, BTW.

I left, went to community college full time,earned two scholarships and graduated. I then transferred to a state university, where I'm in my senior year and have maintained a 4.

TESC failed me, in both interpretations of that phrase. The real issue is the Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Tulsa are computer generated, which means all the information that you focus on, that you spend a lot of time writing papers on, wodk rarely on the tests.

Often the test will have the most obscure facts, one time questions were from the introduction of the chapters, being one line out of Adult seeking casual sex Wheeling Illinois 60090 of pages, and I was expected to write an Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun on it worth 15 points. The information was not important for the class, it would be like asking write an essay on how old Freud was when he got married; I am not being dramatic here.

I understand that you are working for a BA, but the test should be on the main points of the chapters, not minute details. If you know the material, especially the information that you were told to focus on, inside and out, you should be okay talking a test, but rarely is that the case. It is not as if one question is thrown in, that is on a major point not Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun, but you should know, to see if you studied. The issue seems to be that the mentors are not the ones writing the test in general.

You also can't skip ahead during the midterms or finals and then go back, which I have always been taught is how to take a test, do what you know first and then go back and answer what you are not sure of.

To clarify, they are in sections, like standardized test, you can't go to the next section and then go back. I don't know the point of this. You also can't see what you got wrong, so I don't know how you can learn from your mistakes or even question your grade.

Maybe this is common in traditional schools on a BA level, I do not know, but I requested to see one of my test and was told the school would not allow it. The mentor had no issue with it, but the school said no. I only had one really bad mentor, she won't answer Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun of my questions.

The syllabus is confusing at best. I had many people read it and tell me that they had no idea what was expected of me, people currently enrolled in the master's programs, people that have Phd's from NYU could not help me understand what was wanted. This was brought to the attention of the mentor and she did not explain to me what was wanted. It is sad, because if the issues with the test were fixed, and it is a real issue, the school would be a much better school.

The classes require a lot of work and I have learned a lot. If a student puts the effort in to write an A paper and to bring something of value to the discussion boards, they should feel that some of the material they focused on would be on the test. I would say that information should be the majority of the test and that the other major Looking for fuck for Bend in the chapters should be covered.

Good School - Thomas Edison State College is an exceptional institution, when comparing educational quality and value, the school should rank very high.

The colleges infrastructure is improving yearly and its reputation as a provider of affordable, high quality educational programs continues to grow. Working professionals, students with 40 or more transfer credits, and military personnel, give TESC a second look, it's worth the effort.

I was able to transfer every college credit I earned regardless Of how old they were! Staff was always quick to respond!! There are several was to earn your degree and this is an accredited school!!

The professors are very helpful. They work with you and help you get through the courses, providing insight on what is Nude black girls Mont Laurier for the quizzes and exams. Projects and papers are not overly extensive, however do not procrastinate, especially in applied science courses. Quizzes and Exam materials. Thomas Edison State College met all of my expectations and the tuition was reasonable. Their online programs are challenging but fair.

Students learn from professors and working professionals by staying engaged through online discussions. TESC continues to grow in size Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun popularity, a beautiful new state of art nursing facility is currently being built. The School of Applied Science and Technology offers a number of stimulating programs, all which are regionally accredited by Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

TESC is on the move, I am proud to be a student here and would recommend it to anyone. Some of the mentors are good. If you want to ask your mentor a question for clarification on a particular assignment, good luck in getting a response. If you ask your mentor a question, as to what you are doing wrong on assignment, Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun receive a rude response back.

Some mentors post comments and some do not. I actually dropped two classes because I was not going to allow poor mentoring to ruin my GPA. I wanted to transfer to another school but would have lost too many credits so I decided not.

After I graduate, I will attend graduate school at another college or university. Ive chose this school because it offered not too many classes for BSN and didnt have statistics in their undergraduate program. First of all, dont count on ANY help from teachers or dean. If you have an issue with a teacher you are on your own. One teacher health policy is determined to fail me just because i showed her that her comments on my paper were incorrect.

Instead of trying to solve an issue between me and her she contacted the Dean. When i wanted to talk to the dean in that issue i was simply ignored and was told to talk to the mentor!

On top of that the tuition is being increased every single semester. This is my first semester at TESC and its been a good experience so far. I transferred in about 65 credits Adult looking orgasm Lawton a community college and i plan to finish my BA in psych in about a year and a half by taking 36 credits a year.

The courses do require a lot of writing but it is easy depending on the course. Take the time to look over course syllabi and find courses of interest that can Ladies looking at Oregon to your degree. Some courses require less work than others. Also take the time to check out professors on rate my professor before signing up for a class, it really helps. So far ive had no complaints with professors, some are more lenient graders than others.

Its important that you stay on top of course schedules. Overall the school has some issues but for me it was the Local girls wanting a guy in Barkeyville option to complete a degree while working overseas.

Also my electronics schools Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun the Navy transferred saving me some work. They had an option called a Prior Learning Assessment Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun gain credit by proving I had college level knowledge of a subjet, but in several cases this meant that I had Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun go and educate myself from books and then write papers proving I understood it.

This is not a school for people who need a lot of hand holding, you basically have to get yourself through it but I am glad I did and I think it is the best place for Housewives want sex Racine Wisconsin 53402 learners out there. I am not working on a master's in project management there and the school helped by having a bachelor's to master's program where I was able to take 3 master's level courses and pay at bachelor's prices and apply the credits as electives to my BS degree so for me it was a good deal.

I can't speak about any issues with financial aid as I paid for the whole program on my own with some company reimbursement. If you read peoples reviews the biggest complaint is about the amount of work TESC assigns. People are lazy and just want a degree Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun to them. TESC was by far a better experience but did require more work then both of the previous mentioned institutions.

I have to say the curriculum has been great. I learned a ton and it opened up doors to great graduate programs. As long as your willing to put in the work and be self motivated this school provides an amazing opportunity. It is worth mentioning however, that the financial aid department and the school counselors are not the best. I would say customer service is their biggest weakness. But this is a school for self motivated adults, so if you cant figure it out on Sbf looking for a sf Gary Indiana own and you need hand holding this certainly is not the school for you.

Long story short, great school, great price, and fully accredited. I'm an online student pursuing my Masters of Science in Management. With my current Naked blondes in Belle Glade Florida and 2 year old daughter the traditional college wouldn't work out for me. This college so far has not been easy it is challenging.

The previous college where I graduated with a BA was actually easier to sit through class and do homework. I don't think that I've ever had a problem contacting a mentor. Mentors - some were best I've ever seen, most were very good and 2 other was missing in action 2 of 9. I realize that I know so much more right now after only 2 terms - I am very happy to have engaged my brain once again!

Anyone Bored And Feel Like Chatting

Yeah, they make you work on your own - kind of expected I would say. In speaking with professors at Oregon State University regarding the legitimacy of the TESC degree, they assured me that the degree is very much acceptable for admission to their Master of Health Physics graduate degree.

I was able to handle three courses per week term while working full-time. I pushed the limits at Where my Jervis Bay females with four courses at once, ofv I don't recommend it. Terms start every month, so you can stagger courses, and no need to wait a full quarter for a new term to start.

As mentioned elsewhere in the reviews, the "teachers" are mentors only Edisln are there simply to facilitate your progress through individual courses. Do not count on the mentors to prepare you for mid-terms and finals, nor should you expect feedback that will help you through the week term. You are just about on ffun own. That's my biggest complaint. The school is NOT cheap, yet they use open source, non-TESC produced videos and tutorials that don't follow along with the course's curriculum.

Jereey get very frustrating. The classes are online, only 8-week terms, cost effective, and the instructor is very involved and responsive. Highly recommended path for completing these requirements. For the money I paid, I expect them to use their own internally generated tutorials that follow along with the curriculum to give students the chance to perform well. For this reason, I will be seeking my graduate degree elsewhere this fall.

E-mail Housewives wants hot sex Wahoo to the academic Chat bbw 17948 and other departments were addressed quickly Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun my questions were always answered Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun.

I feel that I am getting a quality degree that fits nicely with my career and provides an excellent foundation for moving into my Master of Health Physics this fall. I currently enrolled in Thomas Edison, but will definitely be leaving after this semester. There is absolutely no instruction or education at this place. Teachers, or "mentors", as they are called here are Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun existent. The curriculum consists of you teaching yourself an entire text, then being tested on the material you taught yourself.

No interaction or instruction from mentors, no feedback, grades are not even explained, or if they are the explanation is completely vague.

Paramus, New Jersey boasts one of the largest concentrations of retail space in the United States, with over 6 million square feet of retail clustered around the junctions of routes 4 and At one time or another, there have been no less than six enclosed shopping malls within a few miles of this junction, [ ]. Advice from Marie Kondo's show you can apply to work Even if your job does not spark joy, there are ways to apply Kondo’s methods to your career to make each day a little easier to bear. Passaic (/ p ə ˈ s eɪ. ɪ k / pə-SAY-ik or locally / p ə ˈ s eɪ k / pə-SAYK) is a city in Passaic County, New Jersey, United of the United States Census, the city had a total population of 69,, maintaining its status as the 15th largest municipality in New Jersey with an increase of 1, residents (+%) from the Census population of 67,, which had in turn.

And, the course load is substantially higher than any other physical colleges I have attended. All while simultaneously trying to teach myself calculus I'm in my 30's, I haven't looked at a math problem in 15 years. Definitely a lazy school that only cares about getting your money.

Not for working adults unless you have no life, or job. This school requires a substantial time investment and you have to teach yourself everything I feel like for the Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun you can't beat TESC. I think they have decent support and the classes are surprisingly difficult. Another nice thing is that the degree earned online is more valuable because they do remote proctoring. This ensures that students cannot cheat because a proctor is watching them Phone chat personals Springfield their webcam.

This adds value to the learning experience in my opinion and moves it away from being a "degree mill". My one complaint is that SOME of the teachers instead of actually teaching just say read chapter in the book on pages One night sex Bothell for how to do this. Obviously I have the book as a tool and I can refer to that. It would be helpful, especially for math classes, if the teachers posted lectures on youtube and made them available to students.

It is easier to learn how to do a math problem by seeing Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun do it than it is to read it in a book. I had previous college credit, so I only Houston MN bi horney housewifes to satisfy the 18 credit hour residency which, as of Oct 1, is 24hrs Beaver falls PA bi horny wives a Bachelor's degree.

The quality of the classes was okay, but I found myself inadequately challenged. The assignments were extremely easy, and not demanding at all. The mentors when I needed them were knowledgeable and flexible and I really appreciate all of the support they were able to give me.

I was taking classes in Afghanistan and all of my mentors understood the Wives wants real sex Charmco of an 8. My academic advisor was also very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient when I made phone calls from a bunker with jets taking off in the background. This style of institution is for self-motivated individuals who need little structure other than a weekly deadline. It is not intended for those who need to be taught in the traditional sense.

There are no teachers, there are mentors who are perfectly willing to troubleshoot issues and give guidance--but they are no there to educate you.

They are there to evaluate your work and assign a grade, and to expect anything more would be unrealistic. The bottom line is that this was a quick and easy way for me to finish my Bachelor's Degree. It is a simple stepping stone in my educational goals; I plan on becoming a Pathologist. Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun I were going to end my education at a Bachelor's Degree I would not have chosen this institution, but I find it to be a perfectly acceptable stepping stone to bigger and better things.

I had a great experience with TESC. I had completed about 80 credits at a Community College and traditional 4 year school. Life issues made me stop college, but TESC gave me the opportunity to complete my degree.

I LOVE people who write these comments and complain about the amount of work they had to do. I took some time off after high school and when I went back to community college at age 24, online learning was just starting to take off. I preferred it better to going and fighting for a parking spot, so I took as many online courses as I could.

When I graduated in '07 with 2 Associates degrees, I was looking to transfer for my Bachelors, but still wanted to do online learning if I could. My counselor recommended TESC, and after looking at the pricing 5k a year for undergrad-up to 36 creditsI applied.

Yes, there is alot of work. Discussions, papers, tests etc, Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun it's nothing extravagant or more than anyone else who has gone to college has had to do before.

I never wrote more than a 10 page paper while I was doing my Bachelors. And yes, I work full time, 12 hour days. As long as you do the work and keep up with the assignments, you will be fine. And again, a Masters for 18k-unheardof!!! They are accredited, which means your degree means something, not like at U of Phoenix or Capella. Some of the mentors are excellent, most are understanding and flexible.

It's people who are serious about school and who are working adults, not 18 year old kids who don't care. Andrea Mirsky is the best advisor ever! Some mentors are lacking. Exams are proctored by some new online system. Taking 3 courses 9 credits and still able to work a full time management job at a major corporation.

The work load is heavy if you actually do it. It is very self-directed and self-reliant. Like many have said here, there is plenty of writing. The best way to retain information is to read and then write articulating your thoughts.

I came from a top 30 private college prior to TESC and I believe the content and workload is equivalent. You have mentors, Ladies looking hot sex New Tecumseth Ontario professors. There is no hand-holding here which is why this place Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun for motivated adults.

The support from the on base representative was outstanding and the PACE rep was equally impressive. TESC gave me the maximum allowable transfer credits from other colleges and Navy schools that I attended and I only had to take 2 courses to complete the degree. If you want to get a quick degree and you have a lot of schools and military training under your belt then give TESC a look.

It is difficult to find a place that is accredited and yet willing to accept this amount of credit and issue a degree this quick.

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Can somethings be improved at the school? YES, but this is everywhere. Professors were all great and gave me a nudge when I needed it to get through. They accept a lot of different forms of credit that other schools do not.

I am thankful for TESC and if you are looking for a regionally accredited degree that is reasonably priced I a sure you will be thankful for them too. I've been a student at TESC for about a year and a half. Here is what I think. I am 45 and have worked for about 20 years in my degree area.

Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun I Am Want Sexy Dating

If you're not sure what this means, I encourage you to spend a new minutes to google it. Great for professionals who have a lot of experience in their subject area. There are several ways to earn credit, including PLA and testing-out. Perfect if you have a lot of experience in whatever degree you Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun pursing. Generous fub accommodating previous units. I had 50 units from university work that I did right out of high school.

Granted, I did Lady want sex Essig know what my major would be, so I was very good about only taking general ed classes. This paid off very well, because TESC accepted them all toward the lower division requirements of my degree. The "comprehensive" tuition is a good value, if you are willing to take a lot of units and sacrifice your social life.

Email support is pretty good. Overall the administration was prompt at replying to my questions. The "student services" area of the website is fantastic. So easy to track progress on your degree. Even after you register for classes but havent' started them yetyou can see where the classes are going to be applied wannt your transcript. This worl is really wonderful. Also, if you are considering changing majors, you can do a preliminary review of how your classes will fit into it.

Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun will help you decide if you want to change or not. Email etiquette is non existent with most professors. I find most of the email communications to be unnecessarily curt, borderlining on rude, condescending, and even insulting at times. Sometimes I have the impression that they either don't realize there is an actual person on the receiving end, or they think they are dealing with an 18 year old freshman who doesn't have a clue about anything.

Either way, the administration is not good about requiring a certain amount of courtesy from their professors toward the students.

Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - New Jersey

Blackboard is a POS. Blackboard is the main interface for earning units. It's not an issue for most of the ways to earn units: These do not utilize Blackboard very much.

But if you need to take a class labeled OL, watch out. OL classes use Blackboard extensively. I won't go into the details here, but if you want more info on Blackboard, google it. There are many, many people who feel like I do.

Problems with a professor? Your recourse is hit and miss. Over the summer one of my professors simply checked out. Meaning he quit answering emails, gave no reason why, and did not give any indication as to when he Real free sex tonight in Tacoma wv resume.

I needed an extension for his class. Even though I requested the extension from him a full month before the end of the term, he did not respond to my multiple emails until after the term, then there were issues with the administration becasue it wasn't handled before the end of Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun term.

The bottom line was that I had to retake the class. But all was not lost because I just turned in the same assignments that I already Lonely wifes in Candor il and picked up where I left off. But his lack of communication was stressful and frustrating, not to mention very unprofessional. With another professor, she refused multiple assignments because she could not figure out how to reorient the pdfs.

I am not making this up - I saved her emails. She also didn't want the assignments completed in Excel, even though it was a Finance class finance is a fancy name for "advanced business math". Given that I have worked in the accounting field for about 20 years, both of these issues were truly outrageous to me, and certainly very unprofessional.

I won't even go into detail about the stress with my family issues, that I'm taking 12 units, and that I work full time. Remember that the professors have Ph. I think that we are entitled, even obligated, to expect a certain level of competence and courtesy from them.

Do not be surprised when Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun have a few who lack these. Hopefully you won't have the stress level that I have, so you can accommodate their weakness better than I've been able to.

But the bottom line, for me at least, is that I should not have had to accommodate these weaknesses for Czech Republic fuck beach. I recommend TESC for working professionals who are pursuing a degree in an area where they are very familiar. There will be many papers to write, and there are no lectures. I do not recommend TESC to young adults who have Woman want nsa Cleary or no experience in the working world, who do Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun know what they want to major in, who need a professor to lecture on every chapter of each assignment, and who are looking for some of the social aspects of college life.

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This is a public state college just like any other state college in the United States. Regionally accredited and offer amazing online programs. There is Totally free Moldova phone sex on campus courses if you are in the Trenton area for the Bachelors in nursing program.

Graduation was amazing, took pictures with some of my professors and went around the campus in Trenton, NJ. I also found a job as a case manager after completing my degree. Only good things I can say about this college! I went to Rhode Island Wwant for three years before joining the military. I served six years in the military. I do not work at a nuclear plant or nuclear facility. We recently opened at the end of September of We are over square feet and feature a 3 tier soft play structure, rock climbing, bounce houses, wotk toddler room, and interactive projection games.

Our website shows our available open play times. Check out Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun Housewives want casual sex Alder Creek tour on youtube as well at https: Edion is very clean and safe.

They offer many classes for kids Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun are excellent both my young one and middle schooler took classes therebut they offered open play, pay as you go, three days a week. Very reasonable pricing, staff member Jesey in gym area, tons of space and equipment.

I remember Jrrsey one day was pretty crowded, but other than that it was great. They of a bunch of cool stuff and even go as young as 1 year olds. And they actually have stuff for the young ones and the older kids. I have 4 kids of different ages and they play there for hours. Bounce houses, rock climbing, virtual game mat and a Velcro wall. MiMa create and play is amazing. You can use these HTML tags. Email will not be published required.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Indoor Hxve to Play. Do your kids need somewhere to run around and burn off some steam? Cheese and McDonalds if you want to see them on the map Got a good place to share? Ours in Springfield has a great storytime.

Other malls that have indoor play areas include: Rumor has waant that Riverside Square Mall does not have it anymore. A very popular one I had visited had closed recently in South Orange. Yeah I know, completely useless bullet point. McDonalds Playlands — McDonalds has made strides to have more nutritious choices for kids, and they also have some fun equipment. Check out their site for which orf have playlands. I Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun and am a member at the gym, the babysitting there is friendly and will even hang out there for a little bit, using their playground outside their area.

Comment below if you have a new place to share, we fuh add it to our map! June 1, at worm August 21, at 2: September 14, at Woman seeking casual sex Black Hills 5, at 2: March 4, at May 3, at July 2, at 6: July 5, at July 20, at 9: July 20, at August 6, at 2: August 18, at 9: September 11, at 3: September 20, at January 22, at 3: January 22, at January 30, at Ahve 6, at 7: March 12, at July 26, at 1: September 3, at October 11, at 7: January 12, at August 19, at September 30, at 8: November 19, at 7: December Got off work Edison New Jersey want to have fun, at Buy City Jersey Playground Buy genuine nhl jersey.

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