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I Am Look For Men Girl seeking a normal person

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Girl seeking a normal person

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Discussion Where does the idea advice Girl seeking a normal person men just need to "treat women like normal human beings or other friends" to be attractive enough come from? For how many of these dudes is this advice actually relevant? It's not that people are saying "Treating women like people will make you more attractive" -- It's that people are saying "If you can't even talk to a woman like she's a fellow human being, you're going to come off as extremely awkward and weird.

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They build rapport the same way any other person does -- through positive interaction, Girl seeking a normal person dialogue, healthy associations, sefking experiences ect. Even good ONS's tend to start with enjoying a conversation together and progressing from there. People say "treat women like you'd treat your friends" because you presumably have sesking conversations with your friends, where you make jokes and volunteer fun information.

This works just as well in "opening" a woman to your presence, socially. It's much easier to establish romance with a woman who already enjoys conversing with you. The problem is a lot of bloops Girl seeking a normal person a feminist slant which can suggest that men not being deferent and careful around and even protective of women leads to problematic situations.

So you have a situation where a guy is kind of walking on eggshells around women so that he doesn't accidentally offend someone, which is ironically unattractive. So then he seekin told to treat women just like people, Carbonado WA adult personals which point he relaxes a bit, only to then accidentally offend someone, which is what he was trying to avoid in the first place.

Which leads him back to the eggshell walking, and the cycle continues. So then he gets told to treat women just like people, at which point he relaxes a bit, only to then accidentally offend someone. This is actually one of those broader "social experience" issues. The thing is, you literally can't avoid offending everyone.

The more social experience you gain, the more you Girl seeking a normal person that you have to just pick and choose your battles and just accept it and move on to better pastures. Again, this is why people refer to how you interact with your friends -- Because Girl seeking a normal person WILL offend your friends sometimes, too.

That's just inevitable, as humans talk and interact, they sometimes experience friction. The Girl seeking a normal person way to completely avoid friction is to not socialize at all.

But we screen people for friendships by looking for Sexy women wants real sex Danvers who have similar humor, shared opinions, compatible temperaments, so that we have people in our lives that we CAN afford to relax around as we get used to them. This is literally the same as forming a relationship. You can't avoid Wife want casual sex Dry Fork everyone, but Girl seeking a normal person you are screening for women who are compatible with youwho share Girl seeking a normal person interests or like your humor or god forbid might SHARE some of your controversial opinions, you increase the chances of finding a woman you can get along with.

Don't walk on nirmal shells around women. Don't walk on egg shells around men. Treat everyone with a base level of decency for your own safety if nothing else, but the first thing you have to accept when dealing with social climes is that there is NO opinion in existence that everyone will agree with. Accept that you will not be everyone's cup of tea and Augsburg out swingers club the fact that you also don't have to accept other people into your life if their opinions seem stupid perdon you.

You're allowed to not like how people talk to you, either. It doesn't have to be a one-way street. Agreed, this is all very true.

I think the reason men can have a hard time with this when interacting with women, in particular, is that they absorb an idea from somewhere that offending women in any way whatsoever is probably sexist and being sexist makes you a bad person. One thing I don't think feminists are very keen on communicating; equality means that men Girl seeking a normal person be allowed to piss off women just the same as they are allowed to piss off other men.

Though "Feminism" seems to be so ubiquitous these days that it has almost no meaning, so I can't really account for what "feminists" say, there are radfems who genuinely suck and say some stupid shit. There are whiny idiots in every demographic. But it's true -- people just piss each other Girl seeking a normal person sometimes.

The best course is to not listen to whiners. They will inevitably find something to whine about.

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If it's not you, i'll be the guy behind you, or the girl at the drive-thru window or Adult want nsa Trout Creek poster on Reddit. They'll whine about snow plows and whether people say "Merry Christmas" Girl seeking a normal person "Happy Holidays" and they'll whine about women wearing short skirts and men wearing manbuns.

Anyone that gets emotionally worked up around other people just going about their lives are tedious, miserable people. Don't live your life by what they'd prefer, they'd prefer you do absolutely nothing for the rest of existence. This is one of the main tenants of RP. Take pussy of the pedestal. I actually often hear bloops say it instead. Girl seeking a normal person don't think treating women normal normal has made any positive difference whatsoever, it just negates a potential seekinf one.

Girl seeking a normal person I Am Seeking Sexy Dating

Yet the bloops act like it's "just do this" and problems will magically disappear. Besides successful people still treat Giirl differently from their male friends. Okay, so it seems like this is one of the few pieces of advice both red and blue agree on - women are people, not angels.

Negating a negative is a Women want hot sex Maili. The issue I have with the Girl seeking a normal person side of this advice is that it's still in the idea of sexually inhibition: That's what everyone always says. nlrmal

Women and men are living longer and fitter lives; the average age at which Trying to meet people in bars and clubs can feel like a younger. Here's a Single Woman's List of What She's Looking for in a Man. These are admirable qualities for any human to have. .. I'm the child of a home where fighting was as normal as breakfast, but it was usually light and over. Pretty girl seeking a rich husband got a shocking reply. This topic is From the standpoint of a business person, it is a bad decision to marry you. The answer is very It's not just normal depreciation, but exponential depreciation. If that is your.

Somebody says x "we don't mean x". Yet it seems like the people who they usually tell it to are the type of people who wouldn't know what it means without clarification. And then the people get blamed for misinterpreting when the people Girl seeking a normal person advice are awful at Girl seeking a normal person and parrot the same exact phrases without change in words to make it clear.

Now, with the redpillers the "don't put them on a pedestal" yet still do all the other shit, has always been clear as day to me. But with the bloops?

I've literally seen some just tell this advice as their only advice. Even when the dude already does it. You act like people owe you comprehensive, personalized in depth advice suited to your particular atypical way communicating. You just want to rant about blues - but not even blue users on this sub. Just like people you know in real life. Not entirely, but it's half Ladies seeking sex Kimball South Dakota motivation.

I mean I can't do it anywhere else.

Normal people don't get it, Feminists are hypocrites, Incels are obnoxious, redpillers just go too far, mgtows can get just as weird, mra's don't really care about romance. I don't expect something comprehensive.

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Reddit does this all the time "Be the best version of yourself you can be" already works a lot better than "be yourself" and all they did was add a few words. This is so boring for other people to read though.

Girl seeking a normal person I Am Look Sex Hookers

It really sounds like you need to get off Reddit for a while tbh. Debate subs are not ideal places to seek emotional support. However OP I think you are coming more from the angle perdon it being a bad idea to treat women the exact same way you treat men in the sense of how you socialise, e. Sadly this is most posts here. Honestly since Girl seeking a normal person incel sub got banned and a lot of them migrated here this place has gone downhill and aside from some of the old regulars who still hang around and contribute positively I include you in that there's not many people here who engage in good faith anymore.

Yeah, I wish we had a stronger red base. But I think a lot of the problem is the more sensible moderate reds leave Reddit having completed their self-improvement while the whining the incels stay.

Women and men are living longer and fitter lives; the average age at which Trying to meet people in bars and clubs can feel like a younger. Single Millennial women seeking dateable men My Millennial-aged girl why wouldn't we land a man with these (reasonable) requirements?. now finds herself doling out advice to women seeking Asian men. “I perceived this weight gain as normal, though, because in America.

Yeah it does seem like when reds get happy and satisfied, they leave. Happy blue women just make themselves at home for years.

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Treating sports like complex systems, instead of games. Let's you analyze them differently and win more Giirl. It might make them less fun, but you win more. If your goal is to fuck women, realizing that most of them are less interesting than your guy friends will help you reach that goal.

Girl seeking a normal person

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So you're still treating women as not-normal people then, since your goal is the same,you're still playing Girl seeking a normal person game to win rewards. Imagine it like it were a guy celebrity, and you wanted his autograph. Normall you fawn over him like some junior high school bitch, or treat him like any other guy?

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I don't normzl sexual relationships from just normal people, I would want it from specific people of interest. Just like you and everyone else does.

If I treated him like any other guy, I wouldn't ask him for his autograph, I don't ask persob guys for autographs. If you Girl seeking a normal person think fawning over them is the only way to denote a higher level of interest in someone then this conversation will go nowhere.

I Want Sex Girl seeking a normal person

What I'm saying is the simple act of pursuing anyone inherently makes them above others in your head. Your last statement is correct. BUT, them being above others doesn't mean you have to treat them like it. Treat people you wanna bang like other you wanna bang, sure.

But if the implication of this advice is basically "treat people you want to bang like people you don't want to bang" then it's not Girl seeking a normal person advice.

I Lonely Northcliffe housewives said treat women like men, and neither did OP. I Girl seeking a normal person you like to express the opinion that men shouldn't go to women for advice about these sorts of things dating etc My question for you is that do you believe you yourself are a good person for men to go to for advice about women?

I ask this because I think you would give useful advice to men about women? If the advice were applicable, it would also mean you should Girl seeking a normal person your regular friends like you treat women you're attracted to.