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Wow Jeanie what a lovely place to visit. I'm sure all the flowers looked gorgeous in person.

Nexter visiting through your pictures. I particularly liked the caterpillar. That would be such a cute idea in a home garden as a smaller version. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it!

- CiCi's Corner F

That does look like a neat place to visit. I always like seeing raised beds, makes me want them. Hope Gaylord lady empty nester looking for only summer at the lake is wonderful! Hello Jeanie, Gaylord looks like a cute town. I love the photos of the garden, Beautiful flowers. The children's garden looks cute, I like the caterpillar, crayons and sundial.

I am always looking for plants to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

It's always fun to discover something new about a local place. I think you could get some lovely watercolors from that garden.

Gaylord lady empty nester looking for only

newter What a lovely place. It Gaylord lady empty nester looking for only me want to go to our Botanical Gardens and yes take my watercolors! I'm with you about the children's garden. How cool is that giant caterpillar? I think putting in gardens like that always makes a place welcoming.

I'm not sure about the alpine theme-that looks a little dated to me, but if it works and attracts people to help the economy and distinguish the town, it's a good thing. Happy new week-almost August-wow, where is the summer going to? What a beautiful garden!

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I like the sundial part, would love to try it out - I'm so glad that things like this are still out there. The idea of a grassy ground rmpty of thyme is very attractive, I was actually thinking of doing that in my back garden because I want to get rid of all my "lawn".

I need to get into that more and start working on it. Yes, 'progress' is everywhere!

That garden is really beautiful though, what a lovely place to wander around. Enjoy your vacation, hugs, Valerie. I love the garden and the things in it. The crayons are awesome! The first flower pic is Spiderwort plant. Love the blooms on them and them bloom for a long time.

Is that a bat house in the garden too?

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Love seeing this garden. Of eempty the Master Gardeners were involved. How special to be still discovering new things for a place you thought you had seen it all. How great to find this wonderful garden with all the different areas. Some times towns change for the better and sometime not, but your little town looks great.

They were smart to change it up. The garden reminds me a little bit of parts of the garden at Riverbanks Zoo. Sometimes progress is good, and sometimes not so good. So glad you discovered that garden. It's a gem with all the various areas. What beautiful flowers and great, lush color.

Ready Sex Hookers Gaylord lady empty nester looking for only

Good Heavens that is quite a change, do you know why or when the buildings were altered? It could make for an interesting blog post maybe. I would love to visit those gardens, and I just know I wouldn't be able to resist making some noise on the washboard and bin — what a fun idea.

Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing it. lacy

Well, Jeanie, I have to say that the opening photo of Gaylord Gaylord lady empty nester looking for only like something from Pleasantville! But I loved the garden s - pretty, imaginative, nicely executed and great fun. The caterpillar must have taken ages You realise, of course, that many Brits labour under the illusion that no one else gardens?! I was just thinking about how we changed our home from it's last state of being when we bought it in ' I've also talked to older folks who remember visiting the elderly lady back in the 40s and 50s when our house was just a square little thing.

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It made me wonder what this house would look like when we are gone. I wonder what our garden will look like, or will it even be there! Well Jeanie, it's August.

That Gaylorx back to school for me on August 24 for meetings. Sounds like a wonderful and beautiful find.

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That art fair sounds like the ones our area does: You are so right Jeanie, boy do things change! What lovely and Gaylord lady empty nester looking for only garden you discovered. I too love the hummingbird garden and such a lovely area devoted for children. This is just so sweet with the crayons and the adorable caterpillar.

What a great find and thanks for sharing the gardens How fun that the garden has things to engage kids! It looks like a wonderful place for families and hummingbirds lookng enjoy together. Looks like a sweet spot.

Gaylord lady empty nester looking for only I Ready Sex Dating

Love the crayon markers. Mailed the book Monday morning. I hope you'll enjoy! What a lovely garden to discover! I bet you'll go back there another season. You should take your paints and have a fun day painting and show us what you created. I hope you are having a great summer. It has passed so Would love to meet for anything. We have had a two day reprieve from the oppressive humidity and it has onlh Gaylord lady empty nester looking for only a gift.

Jeanie, what a delightful garden that you discovered. Please take your paints and I will be waiting to see a gorgeous watercolor!

Be sure to link this to Gardens Galore next Monday, August 7! That is so pretty! What an unexpected find. I love that it is kid-friendly, too, and that might draw more families into visiting. It's nice to see the Master Gardeners fog work.

They put in so many hours, and so much hard labor, and it really shows in this garden. Like others, I love the caterpillar, and I loved seeing so many flowers that we have, too. One of my friends just put in some raised-bed gardens at her place.

Gaylord Texan Family Blogger Event #Summerfest was simply a blast for us all. Essential Oils · Organic · Women's Interest . Her family lives in a small town just north of Fort Worth, TX where she works at home and tends to her 8- year-old As an empty-nester, this still looks like something I'd enjoy!. Just another Real Estate Tomato Greenhouse Sites site. SEARCH FOR HOMES . Why Relocating to Denver is Ideal for Empty Nesters. The kids are out of. Residents got a good look at the SunRail . Female bears that gave birth to cubs that weighed only An empty nest can be a bittersweet.

She's having mobility problems, and she decided that the raised beds would make it possible for her to keep gardening as the years go by. For someone who's 85 years old, I'm thinking that's a whole lot of admirable positivity! Such an enchanting garden.

Love that hummingbird step. Aahh, the daisies are sweet and remind me of my mom.

A Gaylord Christmas Family Weekend - CiCi's Corner F

Have a very nice weekend, Jeanie. Thank you for taking me along. The daisies remind me of Brit. It is her favorite flower. Such a happy little flower she says.

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