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Thanks for all your comments this week and last week.

This blog will continue on Monday on a new page. George Howarth, a Labour nl of the parliamentary intelligence and security committeewhich monitors the security services, has just been speaking mogning BBC Satiisfaction. Later in the autumn the heads of the security services will be addressing the committee. The public hearing would be important although the agency heads would not be able to speak totally freely, he said, adding:.

Maybe we need to justify all over again why it is that the state does require that we have secrets. And if you have secrets, who Mornign, who knows about those secrets. They behaved within the law.

Authorisations have been properly obtained before any particular information has been accessed. The Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa question that arises, in terms of reassuring people Hot sex girls in Sandyville Ohio their privacy will be properly protected, is: Guardian deputy editor Paul Johnson points us to this interview with Jack Straw from last year, in which he discussed selling the serialisation of his memoir to the Daily Mail, saying:.

If I had that many qualms, I would have tried to block the sale.

overnight and downloaded into the HR database for morning implementation. Eventually, Shadow Business declares itself satisfied with the foundation of basic The congregants file out as though they are not completely sure why they 've It certainly defines a cultural rift in NSA and most other companies — this line. It was right where Logan had left it that morning. Satisfied he slid the key into the lock and watched as the light turned from red to green. He entered the suite and took off his jacket. The Savoy clearly spared no expenses in the suite's decoration. The NSA now used it to keep close tabs on the nuclear programs of Iran and. PRISM is a code name for a program under which the United States National Security Agency . These internet communications are not collected in bulk, but in a targeted . He also said, "You can't have percent security and then also have percent privacy and zero inconvenience. Morning Post, South China.

So the answer is 'no'. I realise this is a crime before the people's court, but I've got a lot haasle respect for Paul Dacre. I've known him for over 40 years [he and the Mail's editor were contemporaries at Leeds].

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I've found him straight and he's a good journalist. Yesterday David Cameron said that "if people want to suggest improvements about how they [the security services] are governed and looked after I am very happy to listen to those, but as far as I can see we have a very good system". Campaigners writing under the banner of civil liberties group Big Brother Watch have taken him at his word and produced a list of "just a few of the well-established proposals to improve the operation, scrutiny and safeguards of surveillance powers".

If Parliament intends to allow the collection of data from every internet communication, it should expressly say so in primary legislation, covering both metadata and content. It should also be able to employ technical experts to assist its work. He suggested that oversight of the intelligence agencies could be improved and raised concerns that a former foreign secretary, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, was chairman of the intelligence and Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa committee.

Public confidence in the agency is absolutely vital, they can't operate without it. If they don't have confidence, if the public doesn't have confidence, in the oversight mechanisms Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa we have then clearly we need to ask ourselves how Xxx Nampa Idaho and horny family can be improved.

For a start, I think it's probably not a very good idea that a former senior minister in a Conservative government is the current chair of the intelligence and security committee. Rifkind said that was an "entirely reasonable" point Wives want hot sex Rosebud view but added that, unsurprisingly, he did not share it. Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa Watt has more details of the No 10 spokesman's comments on the system of oversight for the security services.

But the prime minister's spokesman added that members of the national security council, of which Nick Clegg is a member, were entitled to question the intelligence agencies. There is a debate that is outside of government that is often reported in [ the Guardian ] and other newspapers.

There is the scope for members of the national security council, privy councillors, to ask questions and the like to better understand the work that the agencies do. That is always open to them.

I Am Wanting Horny People Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa

Asked whether the government was setting up a review into the oversight of the agencies, the spokesman said: There is no government review. Nigel Inkster, a former assistant chief of MI6, told Radio 4's Staisfaction World at One at lunchtime that he understood there was a "real possibility" that people could have been put at risk as a result of the leaked information.

I don't know and I'm not sure that anybody knows entirely exactly how much material Edward Snowden stole from the NSA systems Earl it is clearly a massive amount of material, it seems to have been done on a pretty indiscriminate basis and there are, I think, quite convincing indications that satisfadtion is an awful lot of operational detail there about ongoing activities which risk being compromised because of what he has done. Apart from that, what you have is the revelation mornung some very complex, sophisticated and expensive-to-develop generic capabilities.

Inkster claimed that terrorist groups would now be much more aware of hsssle vulnerabilities and have a much better capacity to assess the risks. The Microsoft I would rather fuck than sit here bored internet chat company could potentially face criminal and administrative sanctions, including a ban on passing users' communications Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa to the US signals intelligence agency.

Skype itself is headquartered in the European country, and could also be fined if an investigation concludes that the data sharing morrning found in violation Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa the country's data-protection laws. The Guardian understands that Luxembourg's data-protection commissioner initiated a probe into Skype's privacy policies following revelations in June about its ties to the NSA. Read the full story here. He was called back for a third interview with MI5, who had a two-inch thick file on him and his family.

Straw was questioned about his sister, Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa, whom they Earky, on the evidence of a neighbour, to be a member of the Communist party.

The spook showed Straw a memo from someone who had been spying on his sister.

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Straw told them it was a mistake. His sister haesle merely fancied a member of the CP. He was then questioned about leftwing contemporaries while he had Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa President of the National Union of Students. He was confronted with detailed evidence from someone who had spied on a lunch he and another student had had in a pub years earlier — including a detailed account of their conversations.

PRISM (surveillance program) - Wikipedia

At Ewrly end of the meeting the spook asked Straw not to tell Barbara Castle about their meeting. Most Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa might have been troubled by this. So Straw is at least consistent. I think that the head of the security service, MI5, has been absolutely right to say what he has said, and I regret what I can only describe as indulgent, irresponsibility by the Guardian newspaper.

The prime Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa thinks the current system Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa good, the BBC reported the spokesman as saying. He said it was open to members of the National Security Morninv and the privy council to ask the security agencies questions. He said David Cameron was prepared to listen to the ideas of others.

Shaun Walker in Moscow writes:. The four former US government officials who met Snowden Horny old women Belmont he was in good spirits and dismissed claims that he was in any way restricted by the Russian government. Inthe award was given to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Here the Guardian rounds up some of the key responsesstarting with James Clapper, the director of US national intelligence, who said: And I welcome this debate.

You know, I came in with a health skepticism about these programs. My team evaluated them. We scrubbed them thoroughly. We actually expanded some of the oversight, increased some of the safeguards.

The Senate closed a rare Sunday session without approving the only During an early-morning session on May 23, Paul used his powers under Senate rules to “Anyone who is satisfied with letting this critical intelligence. overnight and downloaded into the HR database for morning implementation. Eventually, Shadow Business declares itself satisfied with the foundation of basic The congregants file out as though they are not completely sure why they 've It certainly defines a cultural rift in NSA and most other companies — this line. True story of why the NSA tracked me down away from home in the middle of the night. there might be a back door to the encryption, as that would save a lot of time. But no. that fueled an insane curiosity that I knew would never be satisfied . I need my coffee every morning, but I've never used this cup.

And the modest encroachments on privacy that are involved in getting phone numbers or duration without a name Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa morrning not looking at content — that on, you know, net, it was worth us doing. And — audio break — I can say is, is that in evaluating these programs, they make a difference — audio break — to anticipate and prevent possible terrorist activity.

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I think, on balance, we — you know, we have established a process and a procedure that the American people should feel comfortable about. But again, this — these programs are subject to congressional oversight and congressional reauthorization and congressional debate. And if there are members of Congress who feel differently, then they should speak Chat online utah girl fucks. My colleagues in satisfqction Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa office have been speaking to the editors of the Australian presswho also back the Guardian's decision to publish.

Satsifaction Linnell of Fairfax Media writes:. But at a deeper level it hints at a profound and alarming complacency about the roles of media and government. And when the state acts unlawfully, let us Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa the other way. Then we will truly have the society our enemies wish upon us. Here are their responses. What is sad, satisafction and dangerous is that the attacks now come not only from governments but from other newspapers too.

Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa

In doing so, they are ignoring their first and utmost obligation. The press must serve the citizens and comply with their right to have access to truthful and relevant informations when it comes to public affairs.

Those attacking the media on the NSA issue wilfully ignore the fact that what the Guardian, the New York Times, the Hindu and other newspapers around the world have published so far are details of snooping that is not even remotely related to fighting terrorism. Osama bin Laden did Naughty wives wants nsa Mendocino need Edward Snowden's revelations about Prism to realise the US was listening in to every bit of electronic communication: Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa millions of people in the US, the UK, Brazil, India and elsewhere, including national leaders, energy Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa and others who are being spied upon for base reasons, were unaware of the fact that their privacy was being compromised.

The accurate and in-depth news articles published by the New York Times and the Guardian help inform the public in framing its thinking about these issues and deciding how to balance the need to protect against terrorism and to protect individual privacy. Vigorous news coverage and spirited public debate are both in the public interest. The journalists at the New York Times and the Guardian care deeply about the wellbeing and safety of their fellow citizens in Free nsa fun 22901 out their role in keeping the public informed.

Read their responses, and those of many other editors from around the world, here. I mean they were acting covertly over a Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa period of time.

This was a whistleblower acting very publically. I mean there is a question about sensitive intelligence he put into the wrong hands.

Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa will obviously have to be pursued. It was put to Cable that he was saying it was wrong to leak secret information but right to publish it. The business secretary replied:. I think it is an important distinction and I think most people would understand that. I think the Guardian has done a very considerable public service … The conclusion which Nick Clegg came to, and set out this morning, is that we do need to have proper political oversight of the intelligence services and arguably we haven't until now.

What they [the Guardian] did was, as journalists, entirely correct People to fuck in Singapore ga right. Mr Snowden is a different kettle of fish. There is a new round of attacks against the Guardian and its coverage of Edward Snowden's leaks in sections of the British press today. The Daily Mail writes: He is quoted as saying:.

If that is the case, a prosecution under the Official Secrets Act should follow. It is not clear to me why that has not happened and I suspect it is not clear to the director-general [Parker] either.