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October 3, 2016 Garage Door Ideas

Decorate with Garage Trellis Style

Garage trellis – A trellis is very useful to support vines and other sprawling plants, but you do not need to be a gardener to incorporate a trellis in your decor. You can buy a trellis in a garden center or watch one at thrift stores and garage sales, use it strictly for decorative purposes. You can put a decorative trellis indoors or outdoors as a lovely garden crafts, and you will never have to worry about watering plants.

Amazing Garage Trellis

Amazing Garage Trellis

Measure your wall to ensure that you purchase a garage trellis that will fit on it. Get a trellis with a shape that appeals to you. Dry your trellis with a damp cloth to remove dust or dirt. Put your trellis on top of a dust sheet in a well-ventilated area, such as outdoors or in a garage with an open door. Use a water-based primer, or a plastic primer, if your trellis is made of plastic. You can brush it on with a brush or use a spray primer. Let the primer dry. Spray-paint your trellis with acrylic paint in the color of your choice. For even coverage, keeping paint can about 8 inches above the trellis and sweep the can from side to side while spraying. Allow to dry and apply a second layer, if needed. Cover your dry, freshly painted trellis with a clear acrylic sealer to protect the paint job.

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Image of: Amazing Garage Trellis

Hang your garage trellis on the wall. Can nailed a wooden trellis or screwed directly to the wall, but if your trellis is plastic, you can insert a nail or two halfway into the wall and hang your trellis on the nails as you would hang a picture frame. Hot-glue some silk vines and flowers on the trellis. Have them start at the floor as if they grew up through the carpets, or place a vase or flower pot in the bottom of the trellis and make it look like vines growing up out of it. Let them scattered randomly, and weave some in and out of the slats. Provide other decorative items for your trellis, or around it, to complete the look. Hang some wax fruit such as grapes or strawberries, ornamental gardening gloves or hand tools, like a trowel or clip on some seed packets.

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