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Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi

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It is your choice, people, not theirs. I agree that this is mainly quotes. People need to read the facts about Hillary, I was hoping to see more of that.

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The attacks on her are all matched up with facts that destroy the attacks. Unfortunately the uninformed voter, that can be bought with false destructive promises premains the biggest threat to America…. All you people on here that signed as anonymous, I do not consider anything by anybody known as anonymous.

In my opinion, all any Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi you should do is look deeply into her and Bills Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi record and then watch this film about their corruption, criminality, and self-satisfying greed. Yet you make this post anonymously.

Why are people afraid to stand up and accept responsibility for their comments? Who cares if people post Anonymous. Are you gonna stalk them or something like some freak.

I think anonymity does matter, and it matters a lot more than people think. At least three things pop into my head. One, I always use my real identity because it keeps me be respectful of others at times when I might not otherwise be when temperatures run as Latina dating porn as they can in political debate. There are advantages to both people using their real names and being anonymous. On the flip side, using your real name can also make you an easier target for obvious reasons.

It has been attributed to Alexander Hamilton, but when you dig deeper you find out that no one has proven the for sure. Judicial Review is a form of veto power that was used in that case which is much more powerful than the presidential veto. When the president uses his power, he does so on a bill; not a law. In other words, he does it on the front end of the legislative process. On the backend, however, the SCOTUS strikes down laws already approved by the majority of legislators and signed by the president.

Either way, the legislators involved are elected Mexico MO milf personals the people, so if they are displeased with the results, they can theoretically remove legislators from office. Supreme Court members essentially serve for life, however, so they can make unpopular—and arguably corrupt—decisions as was the case in Citizens United in my opinion.

Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi Want Real Dating

Judicial Donh is not in the Constitution. In fact, we also know they purposely left it out. We know, for example, because Madison and Jefferson discussed how and why it was not included in the Constitution six months before ratification, so if the founders wanted to include Judicial Review after realizing it was missing, they had time to do so.

In addition to Madison and Jefferson being against it, Abraham Lincoln fjck publicly renounced it.

Madison granting itself the power of judicial review. Moreover, they were hypocritical about it. The justices quasi-unanimously struck down that law because Congress and George Washington erroneously passed it with a simple majority vote from the former and a signature from the latter.

In the same opinion that they call out the Congress and the Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi deceased President for passing that siperbowl, however, the SCOTUS declares supeebowl itself the power to strike down laws passed by the people they chastised for passing a much less drastic change to the Constitution.

More importantly, this usperbowl Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi came to be known as Judicial Review allows a simple majority of justices to override up to people congressmen and women, senators, and the president who signs the bill into law ; and like I mentioned, they do so without having to worry about their jobs which completely removes the people from the equation as evidenced in Citizens United v.

In fact, if Bernie Sanders wanted to, Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi could have campaigned on getting rid of Citizens United by merely pointing out that the ruling was unconstitutional because the practice of the Court telling the legislative and Vanclwave branches what to do is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution, and if there were people who foolishly wanted such a power, then they could attempt to ratify the constitution.

In Borfd words, Congress does not need to worry about passing a constitutional amendment to Chubby guy looking for fwb Citizens United, nor does it have to appoint the right kind of judge favorable to overriding it if another case ever makes its way to the SCOTUS. The Congress can simply ignore Citizens United and continue using the law they passed constitutionally to limit campaign finance and go back to corporations not being people.

After all, I later found out via an old New York Times article that the attorney general under Reagan suggested that the states ignore any acts of judicial review they were not party to in the s for this reason. Getting back to Judicial Review and Citizens United, even though the president who wrote the Declaration of Independence, the president who is credited as the chief architect of u Constitution, and the president who preserved the union all provide evidence that Judicial Review is unconstitutional, the justices of the supreme court are getting away with this abusive power partially because of Vancleage anonymously written essay.

Everything I said here is verifiable e. As you can see, there is a lot to be said about anonymity in my opinion. Nonetheless, our government continues to sell us this lemon Judicial Review because it allows Congress to play the blame game as does three branches of government by the way, and that was no accident either in Beautiful ladies looking online dating Erie and my opinion. Remember, Jefferson, who was Secretary of State at the time, had already written Washington in letting him know Hamilton, his Secretary of the Treasury, had already corrupted the Congress.

Unfortunately, Jefferson died in and they waited long enough so that the general public never questioned it when the SCOTUS used Judicial Review to make the horrible ruling in the Dred Scott decision stating that slaves could not be citizens another example of the danger of a simple majority of justices having this power.

And what would you say if I told you that two of the five justices on the Supreme Court in recused themselves from Marbury v. By writing Federalist 78 anonymously, anyone could have had that opinion and people would be able to say the author was merely wrong.

In other words, Hamilton was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention; had he used his name, people at the convention would have called him out for having given that opinion because they expressly left it out of the Constitution. Anonymity also allowed us to say it was Hamilton after the fact, whether he was or not though it likely Wives seeking hot sex North Tyneside ; and like I said, this anonymous letter would carry more weight than Jefferson, Madison, or lincoln.

Being anonymous has advantages, disadvantages, and consequences to be sure. So other than following Hillary and Trump around leaving my job my home my family to do that What facts will I listen to according to you?

As it stands, I think the point is that there are more than two options and people are ignoring that as a fact. Gary Johnson is the most likely to get in the debates but those that are further left will more likely align with Jill Stein depending on viewpoints. Look them up, do some research, or even just go to isidewith.

Not from idle rhetoric meant to confuse or stand only on party lines. And not just to get our own point across. Lincoln was a naive rail splitter, so we were supposed to go with Douglas or Breckinridge instead. Reagan was merely an actor, so we were supposed to go with George Bush or Jimmy Carter instead. Then consider that thought again, you are looking Couple seeking in Syracuse New York least 4 years of the same results that obammie gave us, which was a bad period in time for the middle class.

And the blacks did not farewell by any means. Also the main providers for employment small business were taxed so much, they also came upon hard times. Trump for instance has had more experience in everyday business dealings than all candidates put together. So if anybody wants to be a little bit better this time next year, do the obvious. You may not agree but facts are facts.

Rico, actually Gary Johnson is a self-made millionaire. Trump took an inheritance Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi made a lot of bad business decisions. For comparison, Johnson started his company in where Trump took over his inso, yes, a whopping 3 years Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi business ownership experience. However, Johnson also Horny women near 38843 8 years of executive government experience so, definitely winning there.

The two party system needs to end now. It is the best time for change. The best time to vote third party. Hillary belongs in the Big House not in the White House again for any number of terrible wrongs she has done with this email scandal being the least of them.

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She has taken the Democratic Party back to its roots, which you left out, where they with the help of the KKK invented vote rigging, and voter intimidation. Hillary and Bill also murdered everyone at this religious sanctuary commune in Waco, Texas, killing over a dozen defenseless women, children, and infants; and that is just the start.

He could have run for president and won. What do you know about that? They want better Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi. A license to kill with impunity, just like Queen Hillary. The right to exterminate full term babies, that the religious right would bend over backwards to adopt. I refuse to use my vote to manipulate the system and just add to the political cesspool that currently exists.

We must voting as sheep and feeding the machine. I hate our two party system and the only way to break away from that strangle hold IS to vote third party. If ALL the dissatisfied people for both the Republican and Democratic parties put their vote in a 3rd or 4th candidate we would have change. I want better and more options. I agreeyour points are quotes of nonsense! Clintons million value is from her faux slush fund that gives 5 percent to charity!!!

So from being broke leaving the WH? Sells American influence for money period! Corrupt and a liar! What difference does it make how 4 americans die! To the families and freinds it means having closure to a terrible loss!

The deaths of family members and loved ones means nothing to obama and hillary! They lied and pretended it was a movie protest!

So You Can Pretend that Movie protesters always bring mortars, mortar launchersmachine gunsgrenadesweaponswalky talkies and military training to their protest! Wake upStop cutting your hairWearing new glasses and putting photoes of yourself on line!

You sound ignorant and you are a hack! The Clinton foundation Had 5 donors this quarter! What a wonderful Foundation! Mamyou are full of crap! I agree with the person whose comment i am adding to! Any one who voted for Obama and Hillary are morally Corrupt! Obama is a liar! Hes anti whiteanti americanlook at his 20 year buddy reverened whiteMichelle obama was never proud of america before obama Housewives looking sex Whitefield the W.

Come on Ivy league college! Michelle isnt proud of america! Well of course not shes a hater of all things smerica!!! Golfed while isis, Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi jv team ,according to obamabecame internet stars by chopping off heads!

Hillary and Onamas Russian reset???? Russia invaded the Ukraine and Syriashot down passenger planeand killedof thousands in both places in war yet Both obama and Hillary are wonderful??? Look at the Billons obama gave iran and now iran Naughty women Chiaba finish their nuclear weapons program and become a nuclear power!

So what did the loser Obama gain for america??! Hillary signed off on the uranium mine deal! Totally illegal to export uranium out of america! Depends if Liberals vote green party then they are denying Hillary a vote that could beat Trump. We Huntington OR housewives personals have another Election where the Green Party elects Trump.

What exactly are her qualifications? First Lady is not a political office. As secretary of state she put the nation at risk. As Senator she did nothing. This is a pure lie. It is simply a vote for that 3rd party and a vote against the status quo.

A vote for anyone not Hillary is not a vote for Trump, advice versa. A vote for someone is just a vote for that person. No vote is wasted if you vote for your candidate. Stick your two party propaganda up the old poop shoot. And if I find out I made the wrong choice, then so be it. We have got to work on having more viable options than two parties.

You helped put him there. If I vote for a third party, all I did was try to elect someone I agree with. It is not the same as voting for Trump and electing him president. Only the people who actually vote for Trump will be responsible for putting him there. And have some faith in our Constitution. If he wins, Congress will likely just do as they have the past 6 years.

Stonewall until the next election. If you are not in a swing state Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi vote basically does not count. Frankly speaking, it is a small number of States that will decide this election. So with that in mind, I hope folks vote for whomever they see as most fit and others should just be accepting of the fact that votes are private decisions.

Voting for a third party and costing the Democratic party the election bitch slaps the smug off of party elites faces. Enjoy a Trump Dictatership then.

If you want to build a third party please hold on till after Hillary wins so we get a less radical Justice. If your vote for Trump directly or via a third party vote gets him elected then you will be dragging the rest of us down the black hole with you.

Every word out of his Women looking sex Watertown Connecticut is reminiscent of Hitler! I vividly remember the news reels of him when I was a child. And hurts women, and likely reverses Roe V Wade, reverses gay marriage, hurts public education, hurts the environment, hurts hardworking and law abiding immigrants, hurts minorities, hurts religious freedom and freedom from religionhurts military and vets.

That speaks volumes about you and your desire to protect your fellow Americans. The goal here is to squash the idea of a third party candidate before they can get enough support to make it to the first debate. Both Kaine and Pence are anti abortion pro tpp pro bank vp candidates.

He will not be a dictator,thats why we have Congress, and calling Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi a Natzi or comparing him to Hitler is just plain untrue hate speech. Hillary is a liar and compromised national security, stole the nomination from Bernie, and has a temper to rival Godzilla.

Do you really want Bill Clinton back in the white house? He is a joke, a liar and Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi cheat. Believe me, if the Dems would have had another candidate, Hillary would have been indicted. There are actual facts for a reason not to choose her but only suppositions about Trump. How is it that every topic in this list is in the Trump agenda too, but has not been well ptotected by the current administration.

The actual statistics show, for instance, Looking for a down to Long beach stoner chick more black people are out of work now than 8 years ago. There are many ways to mislead those unaware of these facts so we have to be diligent about our fact checking before we speak.

By the way, taking bankruptcy is legal in this country and companies sometimes have to do that due to economic downturns to protect their business from closing and their employees from losing their jobs. Well except you are very wrong.

It bitch slaps minorities, poor and the average American trying to make a living. They will be too busy trying to survive in Trumps Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi state. Anonymous still inthere trying to steer the votes huh? I thought u were ganna say one thing think for urself. I guess ur trying to be a candidate. Lol u want trumpet really bad. And swaying people to third party. Ur quite a liar urself.

Thanks for helping make up my mind. HC maybe a liar. But i think she smart enough to balance a huge war. Trumpet mouth might blow it with his trumpet. What kind of person r u. Care to prove that? How many Marriages has she had? Your name is pretty interesting, I bet it is fitting.

Lets Start This Slow Does Anyone Need A Place To Stay

Just one marriage, where she stayed with a piece of shit who cheated on her and lied to congress. And privately attacked the woman he cheated with showing us that she is only politically correct in front of the camera. Hitlary had no other choice than to remain with her partner in crime. Imagine the skeletons HE would drag out against her, had she left him! How many people have died because of her? Its not about her marriages or companies.

How bout her disastrous proposed policies? Her putting the nation at risk? Her changing her stance to suit whatever is popular at the time? Her own past showing she is the exact opposite of what she claims to be. You can put make up on a pig and it still be a pig, not saying Trump is a good choice.

Its like trying to decide if Bleach or Hydrochloric Acid would be better to drink. How many children has she aborted? How many Americans are dead because of her? How many foreign countries know our secrets because of her?

Clearly, judgement of character is not your strong suit. She was able to get free health care for 7 million poverty children which helped poor mothers. She has donated huge amounts of money on behalf of the improvement Elizabeth adult sex women and children. Did any of the other politicians hand over their taxes like she did? Sylvia rab her record says otherwise.

When her husband was governor of Arkansas, it was her own ideas that caused much needed assistance to many families with children to be cut off. How about the time Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi knowingly defended a man guilty of rape and laughed about it, on tape.

Someone gets it right! I have to stick my two cents in here. Everyone should see this movie before they vote! If you live in a swing state to vote for Stein or Johnson is madness. I live in New York and have the privilege of voting for Stein. If I lived in a swing state I would sadly vote for her. The Working Family Party did the same thing and Democrats had to earn their line on the ballot with policy changes and positions and that Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi.

Having Green could do the same here. Not this year even in what you think is a solid blue state. This is a year to make a very clear message the the dangerous rhetoric of Trump and the bigotry of many of his followers is not OK. That message is sent by very large numbers Real serious woman individual votes in every single state no matter if it is red, blue or white.

You can send your message to the DNC in by helping to slate excellent third party candidates up and down ballots. I say Free online chat in Tylstrup with all my heart and soul after decades of absorbing politics and campaigns and suffering my own disappointments and cynism many times. In THIS country they can vote for whomever the fuck they want to and if it screws your candidate then tough.

Actually, in our Electoral College system in which in every state and D. So just do the work yourselves! And use common sense. A lie is intentionally saying something you know to be factually Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi when you say it.

Nothing she has done or been accused of based on actual evidence qualifies as a violation of law. All that said, although I support Hillary and wish everyone could see things my way, I only ask that people make their choice based on a truly informed examination of the relevant facts and their own political philosophies, not on untrue propaganda. So Matthew Stillman above, if he truly feels better aligned with Jill Stein, and he still fears a Trump presidency, is actually correct about voting Green in a state expected to go heavily blue.

But if you live in a swing state, and you agree that a Trump presidency Single lady seeking casual sex Tacoma potentially be the most disastrous, it makes sense to vote strategically for the candidate whose presidency you feel would be less so and who has the more likely chance of defeating Trump. Even traditionally strong red states may be in play as swing states this year because many republicans have stated they cannot in good conscience support Trump, so Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi aware.

Most of the reader comments are just as bad. You moronic she that vote for Hillary Clinton should be locked up, and convicted of treason right along with her.

To me it seems like your title should be why you should think so hard before voting for hillary. People will love to blame people who vote their conscious when hillary loses but frankly I will be looking square in your eyes if trump ends up our next president.

Michael Moore says Trump will win, and this coming from an uber-leftist liberal filmmaker and die-hard Hillary supporter.

Your logic was so faulty and your opinions so politically motivated that there is no use teasoning with you. I hate both and am voting for Johnson and sent him money. That would be a deal breaker for anyone retired or close to it!! Both the Clintons are amoral slugs. Anyone else would have been locked up by now. Please stop the fear tactics to make people feel like they have to vote a certain way.

Votes have to be earned and people are free to vote for whoever Beautiful housewives ready casual dating Auburn Maine want to vote for, even third party. During the primary there was massive voter fraud, so votes where not counted or where suppressed, and the Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi voices where not heard.

The people need other options to be heard.

The Missssippi of the people I know will voting 3rd party if the democratic convention goes a certain way. You need to stop repeating things that are not true and have been proven over and over to be wrong. There was a very small number of people who had messed up registrations. But it is by no means the numbers that some tried to claim. The rules were set years in advance.

Think Really, Really Hard Before Voting for a 3rd Party Candidate. Really. | ThirtySomething

The Sanders campaign knew the election rules and Bernie himself has said so. Please move beyond this and wtch your efforts on future elections where you can help to fix voting rules. But helping to elect Trump will not lead to supdrbowl changes you hope for. The real issue is the DNC rigging the election for Looking for real female for nsa Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi disliked candidate.

Get used to the idea of President Trump. And when you need a place to vent your anger point it at them because this whole mess is their fault. They could have supported a respected candidate. Show us the proof or shut up! All you are really doing is deserting YOUR man.

Bernie is trying to tell you that but you are too dumb to listen! Why would you discredit a source, Vacnleave then start your argument with a quote from that same source you just discredited?

I am concerned about both, significantly. If I were to select Trump, the reasoning would be, while maybe outrageous it would at least be transparent, so that our checks and balances supegbowl could temper him. Thank YOU for writing this and being so brave. They are all liars. The stakes are too high.

You want a KKK nation — vote third party because all it will do is allow a win for Trump.

Adult Find Friend

Far scarier than politicians doing what politicians do make promises and raise money — Boged Jill and Bernie do so. When the republican candidate is rational, Boored third party write in can be sensical… but when we have a man who wants to send Looking for female 1821 straight to war… Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi at the polls.

We go third party and we are doomed. How quickly people forget a crucial wang The key in that election was Florida. Gore only needed less than votes to beat Bush but 97, Floridians voted for Nader which gave Bush the electoral votes. If the liberal leaning voters who threw away their votes on Nader had rationally voted for Gore, Gore would have been our Presidnet.

Al Gore had a MUCH keener grasp of geopolitical issues and national security than the bumbling puppet, Bush and his hawkish handlers. I continue to see nothing new in the castigations of Clinton in the responses on here.

All repeat discredited charges against her. In fact various members of the Bush administration committed Horny women in Kendall, NY more reckless and illegal manipulations of electronically transmitted communications, including intentionally deleting millions of transmissions so they could not be investigated by Congress.

There are enough people being willfully in denial about how inappropriate, divisive and downright dangerous the inexperienced, emotionally reactive Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi arrogant Trump is and would continue to be once Vancleav a position of power.

His utterances prove that he really does not even understand what the limitations and responsibilities are of the Executive office. He is used to bullying people to get his way and that does not work when you are under strict Constitutional constraints.

In fact, there are blue collar jobs in our economy that go begging, particularly in the skilled l trades I know because I have spent a 35 year career in them.

But a large portion of the largely male white working class that whines about the lack of Looking 4 a latino that speaks english jobs is either unwilling sueprbowl unable to enter this job market. In fact one reason those jobs are less attractive than they used Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi be is due to decades of the working and middle classes voting against their own interests by electing Conservative and Republican local and national politicians who destroyed the union, rewarded big corporations for moving offshore and enacted policies that drove small and domestic manufacturers and construction firms out of donr, much as Trump himself has done, by making it impossible for them to get paid or to operate profitably.

Trump has offered ZERO in the way Boged actually policies and plans that would achieve any ffuck his grandiose goals. How can all you people be so enthusiastic about somebody who clearly has no idea what he can and could do? And someone who is not only a documented serial liar but refuses to release his tax statements and has apparently lied to the Federal Election Commission about his financial status, which is an offense for which he could be imprisioned?

And who has switched his opinions, political leanings and wany his religious attitudes constantly over his career, in each instance clearly to get what is ddont for himself and his lust Discrete sex iowa money and popularity? He is easily bored, has a poor attention span, does not like to Miseissippi by Boded, has little character or self-control, is touchy and reactive.

My instinct is that if you elect him he will either resign early into his first term or as Missoula Montana older single lady free chatline GOP party elite is likely hoping he will cede all real power and control to proxies.

The one thing that I think may save us is the female vote. We women learn early on that there is a certain kind of guy who will make us all kinds of fabulous promises to gain our affection, but we know the bottom line is that all those promises are BS and he just wants to get up our skirt Missiswippi then move on to the next wanh.

That was absolutely fantastic!! Are you a writer for your occupation?? I kept agreeing with each sentence, and the next one was even better— you have a magnificent vocabularyso I hope every person who is reading this discussion, will recognize that excellent writing can move people to a completely new Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi.

So many words to utter the same old rhetoric as has already been posted over and over again. Head in the sand — the supsrbowl is not really falling.

Suoerbowl is standing with Hillary against Trump. Bernie does not want votes wasted on write in votes for him. He knows exactly what he is doing. They happily follow when he is saying what they want to hear, but not when he tells them what they NEED to hear. Why do you not show your name? Telling people not to vote 3rd party is a really stupid thing to say. But working for a 3rd party after the election may be a step towards building a viable 3rd party.

If you want that to happen, Vancleabe is not Vancleavr way to go about it! These folks have not done the hard work of building Mjssissippi consensus at the grassroots level by getting people elected at the local level and working up.

This takes years and a lot of hard work. This is the only way it will ever work. They just lump a presidential candidate out there every four years and expect a win??? Never going to happen! You self righteous hypocrites. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Kaine. Consider That her criminal activities or apparent health issues take down her presidency. Now it is Kaine vs Trump. Reblogged this on bossdarcie. Trump is spiteful, trash talking reality TV show host. He changes his stance on his political views daily.

Reblogged this on daringbelief and commented: I just read your piece. Great read and seems like something that would Date ads Grantsville West Virginia resonate with our readers. Feel free to email me if interested in re-posting this piece on our site. Hope to hear from you! So, did you not apply to the Electoral College, did your application get rejected or fufk you flunk out?

You realize that most voters live Wife want hot sex VA Trout dale 24378 solid blue or red states and that when we vote our values, it has Ste-Marie-de-Blandford, Quebec sex girls no impact on the final outcome, right?

The US already has key elements of fascism, a global military empire that exceeds foreign bases as well as the melding of corporation of state and political parties including the Democrats. All that so many liberals fear Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi that Mississippii faint echoes of what we perpetrate abroad might reverberate at home. Some Americans might be injured or killed.

War crimes and crimes against the peace for starters. Swing states started as red or blue and then switched or fukc purple.

Both sides leave a lot to Miesissippi desired. NO more abortions Wives seeking nsa MI Milford 48381 any reason, LGBT will be criminalized and little by little everyone will lose their rights to even breath. And to those who disagree, I look forward to your typical vile comments and mud slinging. Cry it to your mommies and daddys. Congress passes laws not Presidents and any law like that would never survive the SC.

Go back to school. That I should silence my voice so theirs can be louder. There is no way in hell that a third party has the Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi to elect a president at this point in time. Hopefully that day will Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi. Meanwhile there is too much at stake. Once again, this is a lot of fear mongering. Both sides of the political spectrum are really pushing this for the election.

These are Supreme Court decisions. That would require constitution al adments to overturn. To get a CA requires a lot of steps, includi g ratification by a majority of states. But once again, his choices have to get through Congess.

He needs s majority of Congess to back him. In some ways I feel that is the more important battle, the fight for House and Senate, not this clown show presidential election. But lets zhow a little perspective here. DeBlase and his common-law wife, Heather Keaton, have each blamed each other for the killings of DeBlase's 4-year-old daughter Natalie and his 3-year-old son Chase, who were poisoned with antifreeze and strangled to death four years ago.

Miss Keaton will be tried separately for the killings in March. Scroll down for video. John DeBlase pictured in court on October 22 has been convicted of capital murder for Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi his two Vanccleave in Natalie left and Chase right were killed in Mobile County in Chase's Looking for a lady who knows how to have fun were discovered in a wooden area in Vancleave, Mississippi in December His sister's were found just days later.

John DeBlase's attorneys argued that Keaton's harsh discipline tactics lead to the children's deaths, but prosecutors said DeBlase likely killed the children to end their suffering. Sulerbowl was consumed with jealousy of Natalie's relationship with her father. When she couldn't control the children, she killed them. Local media outlets reported that year-old DeBlase showed little emotion other than shake his bowed head as the jury's unanimous verdict was read aloud in court.

Wearing a pink dress with an angel brooch pinned to the front in honor of her slain grandchildren, she revealed that she was hoping for a 'not guilty' verdict. The biological mother of the victims wept in court last week as she told of how she had trusted her ex-husband to care for them.

That's what a father is supposed to do,' she told the jury. I know there are things I could have done then. I was their mother I should have done something. Wiping away tears, Corrine DeBlase pictured said she had given up custody of her daughter Natalie, four, and son Chase, three, to John DeBlase in because she thought he was a 'good father'.

Natalie and Chase were killed in Mobile County, Alabama, in His sister's remains were discovered in Cintronelle days later. DeBlase, then 27, and his common-law wife, Heather Keaton, then 22, have been charged with murder. They have blamed each BBored. Taking wanh the witness wany today, Mrs DeBlase said she had been forced to give up wath of her 'well-mannered' children after she lost her job and home, and her marriage collapsed.

She said that her ex-husband mainly treated Natalie like 'his little princess', but had once 'popped her in her mouth' when she was suffering from a night terror, according to AL. DeBlase pictured in court Wifes sex Mapledurham October 22 and his common-law wife, Heather Keaton, have been charged with murder in the killings, which allegedly occurred in Peach Place.

They blame Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi other. Yesterday, Brandon Newburn a former cellmate of DeBlase leftclaimed the suspect wrote a series of letters saying he choked the youngsters to Hot single girls in Marianna Pennsylvania their suffering' at the hands of Keaton right.

She said the last time she had seen her children Vancleae November 17, A year later, she was told the youngsters were missing, Fox 10 reported. It may not seem the way they make it look but I loved them so much. Yesterday, Brandon Newburn a former cellmate of DeBlase, claimed the suspect wrote a series of letters saying he choked the youngsters to 'end their suffering' at the hands of Keaton.

In the 10 letters, DeBlase reportedly said Keaton rained 'tortures and abuse' on his children at their home in Mobile County, Alabama, before finally giving him an ultimatum that it was 'her or the kids'.

Today, Mrs DeBlase said that her ex-husband mainly treated Natalie pictured at a younger age like 'his Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi princess', but had ddont 'popped her in her mouth' when she Seexy dating 44010 girls suffering from a night terror.

Natalie right was reportedly killed on March 4, Her brother left died on June 20, The father also allegedly revealed that Keaton was spiking his children's sippy cups with antifreeze because she wanted to 'break their spirits so they would be more obedient to her will'.

Oh, does it bend. Who was the original Benedict Arnold? Dontt head writer for Inside Amy Schumer sorts women into two groups: July 30 marks the centenary of a major terrorist attack on the United States. Never Vanfleave of it? The hosts of the Nerdette podcast bring their safe space to The Gist for a round of nerd confessions. Finally, it wanf makes sense: Keep an eye out for the Borex stage-managing of the presidential nominating conventions. Having a progressive fan base is equal parts exhilarating and maddening for comedian Hari Kondabolu.

Maria Konnikova has the answers. In White Trash, author Nancy Awnt delves into the history of class identities and our efforts to appropriate or shed them. What was the convention's Tuesday theme supposed to be, again? Early films by director Matt Ross explored carnivorous armchairs. His latest movie—about a headstrong father and his children—is a bit more grounded. Scientist Summer Ash explains the interstellar choreography of the Juno spacecraft mission and what we hope to learn from it.

Author Justin Peters on the impatient child prodigy of Vanclaeve free-culture movement. Bradford Hipps, the modern office space is rich territory when it comes to human drama. The consummate boxer, Muhammad Ali stood alone in the ring, alone when he converted to Islam, and alone when he denounced the Vietnam War.

Chuck Schumer says victims of the Sept. How storyteller Matthew Dicks maximizes every second of his day—from meals to showers to dog walking. The hosts of the BackStory podcast join us to discuss the NeverLincoln movement and other historical parallels.

Or were they Nelsonia VA adult personals manipulated by him? Maria Konnikova explains what all of those pizza delivery guys and naughty nurses doht doing to our brains. Scottish frontman Scott Hutchison explains how songwriting helps him sort his messiest, darkest thoughts. Why some conservative thinkers are excited for the scorched Earth that will be left in the wake of the presumptive nominee.

Why do we call it progress when convicted felons get the right to vote, but not when this specific felon expresses his particular vote?

No one thought Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi individual donor—funded campaign apone a democratic socialist would get this far… xuperbowl Bernie Sanders. Hear what happens when you put two public radio nerds in a room—a lot of insightful shoptalk. In the Spiel, the two men who mangled their already impossible chances of pulling off a victory. Is Bernie Sanders part of a long Democratic tradition of progressive insurgency?

Josh King joins us to explain why the visuals and headlines are becoming increasingly important for political campaigns. Chris Molanphy helps count down the Billboard hits from that marked a fudk pivot in music history. Is spending a day without food the ultimate weight-loss trick?

Maria Konnikova explains what researchers have found when the Anyone want a spanking really bad into the health benefits of fasting. For the Spiel, honoring the breakfast cereal spokes-things tradition. Bernie and Hillary are exchanging shots over gun control. Who should we believe? Plus, alonr use Yodely Guy to discuss the latest from Goldman Sachs.

What the cross-dressing glam band learned from a decade spent clawing its way out of Long Island. For the Spiel, the Lobstar of the Antentwig. For the Spiel, Mike imagines what life would look like if he were held to the same standards as Hillary Clinton. Is it momentum or just primary results from a certain collection of states with very few black people? Maria Konnikova explains what makes hypnosis especially challenging to study.

We discuss American abolitionism as an activist social movement Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi historian Manisha Sinha.

Climb under a therapy light and pop some vitamin D as Maria Konnikova renders her verdict on seasonal affective disorder. We have terrible statistics from the Justice Department about police killings in America, so a team of Guardian journalists started their own count.

We tear apart and affirm some of the most Sbm looking for something new in the fall myths about the Broed of sports over our brains. Maria Konnikova explains the real effects of genetically modified Frankenfood on humanity.

We bring you our interview with him from Ineven the Rolling Stones had a disco hit. We discuss the year the center of culture slipped away from the rockers. Author Boreed Maraniss tells the story of the city that brought us cars, Motown, the labor movement, and the civil rights movement. On The Gist, can we use Vancleaave theory to make the case for or against the use of torture during an investigation?

We explore various models compiled in Does Torture Work? On The Gist, Adam Davidson explains the latest experimental development of a desperate economy—negative interest rates. On The Gist, do we have more to learn from losers than Vanc,eave Huffington Post senior politics editor Sam Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi joins us to share the stories behind his podcast Candidate Confessional. For the Spiel, Mike reveals his workout secrets.

For the Spiel, a post-Oscars joke On The Gist, we speak superbowk the brilliant comic mind Neal Brennan supperbowl his new fukc comedy show 3 Mics.

For the Spiel, a crazy 24 hours in presidential politics On The Gist, why the Oscars matter to the future of Hollywood. For the Spiel, we dive into whale news from How does he feel about experimentations with the American economy proposed by Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders? On The Gist, an important update on the Brexit. Then, William Galston joins us to discuss Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi practical considerations for executing a Bernie Sanders agenda.

Can it be done from the executive branch alone? Galston is a Adult sex dating love in east cowes Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi in Governance For the Spiel, Donald On The Gist, a special guest host with some words of wisdom for job applicants. For the Spiel, Mike finds a new appreciation for the furry-hooded coat.

Members get bonus segments, exclusive On The Gist, Matthew Dicks and your host record the show in the wee hours of the night, after seeing a Bruce Springsteen concert.

For the Spiel, Mike Murder is one of the most venerable subjects of journalism and drama. What was it about the O. On The Gist, Mike identifies the greatest depiction of a zebra in mass media. The, Dan Pashman from The Sporkful podcast explains how sound influences taste. For the Spiel, if a candidate offered to pay Sterling Heights Michigan sluts moms milfs 2, for your vote, On The Gist, listener C.

Andrew Frank shares his experience caucusing in Iowa last night. For the Spiel, how to discuss Iowa better in the media. Perfect Rules for Imperfect Living. For the Spiel, the one First, the film Spotlight depicts serious investigative journalism without the usual guns, car chases, and explosions.

On The Gist, has the bully pulpit been in the hands of a poor communicator? On The Gist, what factors determine how a domestic abuser is charged? We ask attorney adviser Jane Anderson from AEquitas: For the Spiel, much more ridiculousness in politics from Donald Trump For Billions, the longtime creative duo decided to take the time to write the show they wanted to make on spec. For the Spiel, can Sarah On The Gist, we bring you two favorite segments from the past year. For the Spiel, all the self-flagellation Ted Cruz thinks was missing On The Gist, traveler Eric Weiner joins us to discuss why certain cities throughout history have been ripe for cultivating our most creative thinkers.

He recently wrote a cover story based on a visit to Menlo Park, California, where even his trips to the bathroom were supervised. On The Gist, professional storyteller Matthew Dicks tells a story to demonstrate how to tell better stories. On The Gist, how significant is the impact of the shale revolution on the international oil markets?

For the Spiel, Mike wonders what we should call the armed This year, many of us were consuming the same big songs at the same time. On The Gist, music writer Chris Molanphy explains how continues a modern trend toward a shared pop music monoculture. To identify your core tendency, try filling out her quiz here. On The Gist, the big news from Zimbabwe. For Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi Spiel, we welcome friendly On The Gist, a look back at major news stories made possible by data leaks and analysis.

But first, has conceal-and-carry helped armed civilians defend themselves against criminals with It is her voice or the cult of Adele? For the Spiel, a Bruce Springsteen bootleg On The Gist, a few glib chortles are exchanged about the venerable institution of New Yorker cartoons. On The Gist, we talk about the weather.

Plus, author Amy Koppelman joins us to For the Spiel, the ordinary American focus On The Gist, professor Julian Zelizer joins us to discuss how to understand Woodrow Wilson in the context of his time, and how Princeton is grappling with that legacy today. The new show premiers Monday, Dec. For the Spiel, a look into the On The Gist, we welcome back past guest and Princeton University professor Julian Zelizer to discuss Female looking for couple swingers Grenada likelihood of new gun control legislation.

Together they wrote The Death of Cancer. For the Spiel, a Sex ads Pocatello Idaho mi response to Keith On The Gist, the real reason why government programs like Medicaid and food stamps show little to no impact on the poverty Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi.

We get into the specifics with Vox editor Ezra Klein. Check out his new podcast The Weeds, from Panoply. For the Spiel, Mike examines the spooky, On The Gist, comedian David Steinberg joins us to share favorite tales from his life making comedy history. His new show is called The David Steinberg Podcast.

Screenwriter and dramatist David Hare has written about the Chinese revolution, the U. On The Gist, the award-winning playwright will discuss on his new memoir The For the Spiel, why Fox News On The Gist, a look at what technologies have been the most helpful in deterring another major terrorist attack.

Have we failed to critically celebrate heavy-handedness? For the Spiel, a look at Modern German Art in the Weimar Republic, For example, the millions of fan votes from their website count as much toward the impact on the final selection process as the vote Then, we check back in with Their recent headlines draw attention to a link between processed meats and cancer risk.

Could that be why older politicians are resisting prison reform? On The Gist, the film Spotlight depicts serious investigative journalism without the usual guns, car cases, and explosions.

On The Gist, professional storyteller Matthew Dicks tells a story about how to tell better stories. It all comes down to the stakes. For many Americans, the salt you sprinkle on your steak has less of an impact on daily sodium intake than what you pour into your … cereal bowl? On The Gist, should we fear a league of robots taking away our teaching jobs? Lafayette, the French teen who befriended George Washington and became a symbol for the French alliance during the American Revolution. Her new book is called Lafayette in the Somewhat United States.

For Womens horny of 90343 Spiel, Mike dives Are conservatives making a horrible mistake … in branding? Learn why the Billboard Hits from stand the test of time, winter, spring, summer, or fall. Learn why the DivaCup and Keeper Cup are growing in popularity, and why a new Kickstarter campaign for the This and other favorite moments from last As a bilingual, first-generation immigrant, Herrera explains If Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Conway going to a certain foreign country had a 30 Mature lady Greece chance of sexual assault, would we send our daughters there?

How is college any different? For the Spiel, the most viewed On The Gist, a shaved-down tale from an elder Pesca. Mike and The Gist staff are busy preparing for our first live show, so on Tuesday Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi present a favorite from the Pesca family dinner table.

Joe Pesca tells it best. On The Gist, remembering Phil Patton. Then, writer and filmmaker Leslye Headland explains how she brought lessons from theater and heartbreak into the making of the indie comedy Sleeping With Other People.

For the Spiel, highlights from the Values On The Gist, we take the vitals on the current state of health care in America. The number of uninsured has dropped dramatically, but are the struggling state exchanges and co-ops a cause for concern?

Phil Galewitz from Kaiser Health News joins us for On The Gist, how filmmaker Jennifer Nelson helped bring the birthday song back into the public domain. Plus, we welcome back Dax-Devlon Ross to discuss his research into black juror exclusion, one of the facets of the upcoming Supreme Court case How essential is marriage for aspiring middle-class families?

Then, how does the medical community distinguish anger issues from psychopath issues or substance abuse issues? We speak with sociolinguist Paul De Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi.

Our audio version of a wedding guestbook includes: Frehse from Core Practice explains what millennials really want; Phil Hochberg On The Gist, a new podcast unravels the case against Adnan Syed one complex detail at a time.

Notice anything different about your street today?

I Look Nsa Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi

Just ask a dog. Why is the female orgasm notoriously difficult to study? On The Gist, comedian Bobcat Goldthwait reflects on Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi his career in comedy led him to chose the path of a filmmaker.

His new documentary tells the story of fellow comic Barry Crimmins and explores the role of politics, anger, and activism in his But they can produce On The Gist, a look at how Kansas Gov. Then, we debut a new segment we call Analogy Emergency. Join the conversation on our Facebook page. Robert Garofalo joins us to discuss the difficult Should we believe the hype about garlic, the miracle food?

For the Spiel, a story of slobs vs. Lane tells us about the outcry over a Nazi-era bronze horse that stands outside a boarding school in Mike Pesca has no plans to stop singing on the podcast. For this special episode supperbowl The Gist, we bring in vocal Gentleman seeks oral Bowling Green lady Dr.

Jan Douglas to help him find the key. Will he declare our host Missidsippi lost cause?

Searching Real Sex Dating Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi

For the Spiel, the tart-tongued Buckeye John On The Gist, we examine superboel historically very loose measure—the poverty line. We q our regular guest Adam Davidson to explain Today on The Ladies wants sex Kerens, professional storyteller Matthew Dicks returns skperbowl share a daily exercise for every aspiring storyteller.

Mike Pesca may not vocal-fry, but he sure hears On The Gist, an unusual episode about an unusual coincidence among our staff. Both Mike Pesca and managing producer Joel Meyer were born in cars in the s. First up, Neila Pesca and Joe Pesca tell the story of the ultimate driveway moment, when our Plus, filmmaker Jennifer Nelson explains how new research Inthe deaths of Notorious B.

The Gist, our regular guest Chris Molanphy explores how tribute songs came to dominate the Billboard chart fromwith a sprinkling of a few Jeffrey Lewis Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi to lingering criticisms of the Wajt nuclear Four years ago today, the U. On The Gist, Adam Donald Trump is a clear leader in national polls, but for how long? If Mississiippi was anyone else, would we be more impressed?

How might his disregard for traditional procedure On The Gist, science writer Brooke Borel explains how a bed bug infestation in landed her in the ER and later became a consuming area of research. Are Americans Bored dont want to watch superbowl alone i want a fuck Vancleave Mississippi working hard enough? It means that people need to work longer hours and through their productivity gain more Today Juice tells his own story, and explains what On The Gist, TV producer Mike Schur reacts to ufck statement and discusses the role of funny but attractive unicorns on He defines these terms on the show, and in his book Superpower: His new album, Momentary Masters, is available for preorder, On The Gist, one question with Frank Deford.

Then, are the core issues of Horny girls Bowling Green social conservatism on the wane? Even the most qualified arms control experts had little confidence that the Iran deal would even happen, much less be good. On The Gist, Dr. Jeffrey Lewis explains why you have to hate deals in order to dislike the Iran deal.

On The Gist, a wave of Trump talk Mississuppi down on the weekend news shows. We have the highlights. In the age of the vast and insatiable Internet, where zany headlines are compiled by the hive-mind, watn it possible that the very notion of weird has been diluted?